Family of dead teen appeal to hit-and-run driver

2:19 PM Monday Jan 16, 2017

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The family of a teenager who died in a hit-and-run in West Auckland have spoken to media this afternoon.

Police addressed the media first saying neighbours have reported hearing a car speeding down the street around the time Jacob would have been hit.

An officer at the scene said the driver would know “without doubt” that they have hit somebody.

It was possible that the driver had taken their vehicle to a friend to get fixed and fabricated a story to explain the damage.

Police confirmed Jacob died at the scene after initially being found unconscious.

The incident was “around midnight on Saturday night,” police said.

Jacobs’s mother Esther tearfully read her statement. Her voice broke as she told the crowd that her son loved life.

“This person hit Jacob…they don’t know what they’ve taken away from us.

“They don’t know how much of an awesome person he was.

“Jacob loved life. He loved life and he took every opportunity that he got.

“He loved his skateboard. He had lots of friends and was very charismatic. He got along with everyone.’

“Why couldn’t you stop? That was our baby.”

His sister Jasmin Pakura took over from Esther and emotionally finished the statement.

Jacob’s father Jason Pakura was also with the family as they read their statement.

Members of Jacob’s family – including his mother – cried and hugged each other at the scene where their son and brother’s life came to an end.

Another family member used the press conference to speak to the driver.

“When you hit him, you didn’t just hit Jacob – you hit his whole family. You took away everything.

“You took away his future, you took away memories. You took away everything that this boy loved.

“Please give our family some closure and come forward.”

Bunches of brightly coloured flowers have been placed around a power pole. Handpicked agapanthus and hydrangea posies wilt in the bright sunshine.

The family joined friends and loved ones at the site while they waited for the site to be blessed.

A group of Jacob’s friends turned up before the press conference. They called him one of the bros.

“He was something else that kid. No one really understands that.”

Jacob died after he was hit by a car while skateboarding on Rua Road, in New Lynn, near his home on Saturday night.

The 16-year-old was found unconscious by members of the public who tried to help him as they waited for emergency services.

He died some time later.

Police are still appealing for the driver of the vehicle to come forward.

Source : New Zealand Herald

‘I have my wife to thank’

'I have my wife to thank'


A self-proclaimed “westie” from Auckland has come forward to claim the largest ever individual Powerball prize of $33 million.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was driving to work and heard on the radio that the prize was still unclaimed, and realised he’d bought a ticket from the shop that sold the winning ticket.

“I live out in West Auckland, but I’d bought a couple of tickets from different places for the Must Be Won draw – and I bought one from One Step Ahead in Ponsonby.

“When I heard it was still unclaimed, I thought, ‘you know, it could be me’. But I still went straight to the gym before checking my tickets. I thought, ‘well if I’ve just won $33 million I might not be able to concentrate on getting my exercise done afterwards’, I guess I didn’t really think it would be me.I

“I had a couple of tickets and when I checked the first one, it won $33 and I thought ‘that’s pretty good, it’s not $33 million, but it’s pretty good’.

“Then I checked the numbers on the other ticket and pretty quickly saw that I had most of the numbers.”

In the Powerball Must Be Won draw on Saturday, despite there being two Lotto First Division winning tickets and 35 Lotto Second Division winning tickets, only one ticket had the right Powerball number, and that number turned out to be worth $33 million.

“I have my wife to thank – four is her lucky number, which is why I chose it as the Powerball number on this ticket.”

While One Step Ahead in Ponsonby has been buzzing over the last couple of days with the news that the big winner was sold there, the man with the winning ticket is still coming to terms with how lucky he is.

“I went into One Step Ahead during the week and was joking with the guy behind the counter about the $22 million Big Wednesday prize and how good to would be to win even a share of that. He wished me good luck, and then I was on my way.”

When asked how he was feeling about the win, the man said he was trying to remain “cool, calm and collected” and then conceded that he was actually “stressed on the inside, but trying to remain calm”.

While the money is expected to appear in his bank account overnight, the man is still thinking about how he might start to spend it.

“The first thing I want to do is help out friends and family. And maybe my wife would like a new car? We’ve only ever bought secondhand cars before. I can’t get my head around the fact that we can afford a new car now.

“I think it will take a while for it to seem real that I’ve actually won this money.”

This is the largest individual Powerball prize ever won and the second largest individual prize across all of Lotto New Zealand’s games. The largest ever individual prize was a Big Wednesday First Division prize worth $36.9 million, won by a family from Masterton in 2009.

In a Powerball Must Be Won draw, if there are no First Division winners, the prize pool rolls down to the next division where there are winners. In this case the prize rolled down to Powerball Second Division, where there was one winner.

Last week a ticket sold in Christchurch won $22.6 million with Big Wednesday. The winner of that prize is yet to come forward.

Lotto New Zealand was established in 1987 to raise funds for community benefit. Thanks to Lotto players, over $200 million in profit was able to be returned to the community last year via the Lottery Grants Board.



The New Zealand Herald

Woman dead, man hurt

Last updated 09:17 12/09/2013

Titirangi crime scene

The scene of a homicide on Takahe Road in Titirangi, West Auckland.

Homicide house in West Auckland

The house in West Auckland where a woman was found dead and a man seriously injured.

Neighbours of the couple attacked in their West Auckland home last night understand friction between family members may have caused the incident.

A woman was found dead in a Titirangi house and a man taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries after a serious assault.

Police were alerted to the incident in Takahe Rd about 7.50pm yesterday and quickly confirmed it was a homicide investigation.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she was “in disbelief” when she heard what happened.

She said she did not know the family who lived next door, but said it was not a random attack.

After an hour-long manhunt last night, a male suspect was located near the scene and this morning Senior Sergeant Grant Tetzlaff said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Police would not confirm the man in custody was the son of the victims.

A homicide investigation has been launched and the site had been guarded overnight. A scene examination will start this morning.

The male victim’s condition was listed as “serious but stable” this morning.

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Boy, 15, dies after school rugby attack

Teenager Stephen Dudley was fatally injured at this Kelston field. Photo / Richard Robinson

Teenager Stephen Dudley was fatally injured at this Kelston field. Photo / Richard Robinson

A 15-year-old boy died after a violent incident at a school rugby training session in West Auckland yesterday.

The Herald was told Stephen Dudley was “rushed” by several teenagers about 5pm after training for a Kelston Boys High School junior team.

He was knocked unconscious and taken to Auckland City Hospital, but died a short time later.

A teenager who saw the incident said there was a fight after training involving Stephen and two other boys.

“It was meant to be a one-on-one fight but one of the boy’s brothers came in,” he said.

“He shoulder-charged him on the jaw and then both the brothers started punching him.”

He said the brothers threw seven or eight punches before Stephen fell to the ground.

“We thought he was going to get back up but he just lay on the ground … We tried CPR on him but he didn’t get up.”

Another witness also described the fight.

“They were about to have a scrap but the older brother ran in and shouldered him in the jaw,” he told the Herald.

“He dropped and when he got up they started hard out punching him. He walked away, but after that he just fell to the ground.”

Neither of the witnesses knew why the fight started.

Stephen was a flanker for the school’s 2C team, which trained at the Kelston Deaf Education Centre yesterday afternoon.

Emergency services were called to the field after the attack, and police started a homicide investigation soon after.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott said it was too early to comment on the specifics of the teenager’s death.

Officers were last night interviewing Stephen’s teammates at the Henderson police station.

Stephen’s family had been told of his death and were distraught, Mr Scott said.

The chairman of the Kelston Boys’ board, Jonothan Tommy, said the incident was hugely distressing for the school community. “It is a terrible thing to happen. A terrible thing.”

An assembly will be held at the school at 9am today in honour of Stephen.

A school sports Facebook page said the 1st XV would wear black armbands for their game this weekend against Sacred Heart College.

Last night, tributes were flowing for Stephen on social media websites. A Facebook tribute page had nearly 5000 supporters.

Archibald Rd resident George Rawlinson, who lives across the road from the field, said he heard a loud yell about 5pm

Shortly afterwards, police arrived at the scene.

additional reporting: Nicholas Jones

By Matthew Theunissen

The New Zealand Herald- 07 June 2013