MGIMO branch opens in Tashkent

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On December 9, Tashkent will host the opening ceremony of the Tashkent branch of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), the university’s first overseas branch.

The signing of the agreement on opening the branch was overseen by the Presidents of Uzbekistan and Russia, Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Vladimir Putin in October 2018.

On September, classes were already started at MGIMO branch with programs in Business IT and Law at the partner University of the World Economy and Diplomacy. The MGIMO lyceum was also opened in Tashkent.

During this time, in a short timeframe, the branch building was erected.

The grand opening of the branch will be the culmination of the MGIMO Days in Tashkent. The ceremony will be attended by high government officials of Uzbekistan, the MGIMO rector, Anatoly Torkunov.


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Uzbekistan set to supply KamAZ trucks to Afghanistan

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Uzbekistan plans to launch supplies of off-road KamAZ trucks to Afghanistan. Specialized exhibition of Uzbekistan’s military-industrial complex was recently held at the Termez Cargo international logistics center, created to enhance trade ties with Afghanistan, where Uzautotrailer, which assembles Kamaz, presented its products at the exhibition.

two models of an off-road tented off-road van – KamAZ 43118 6×6 and KamAZ 4326 4×4 were showcased at the exhibition stands of the company. These trucks are intended for transportation of military personnel, goods, with a total weight not exceeding 10,000 kg, and towing trailers with an allowable weight of up to 12,000 kg.


Source : Tashkent Times

Uzbekistan naturalizes athletes in a bid to beat previous Olympic medals record

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The Russian pentathlon athletes Alexander Savkin and Alise Fakhrutdinova took up the Uzbek sport nationality, the Uzbekistan Federation of Modern Pentathlon said in a statement. The Executive Committee of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) has allowed the two athletes to represent Uzbekistan in international competitions.

The naturalization of Russian athletes was reportedly the result of the Cooperation Memorandum signed between the Federation of Modern Pentathlon Federation of Uzbekistan and Russia on February 16 this year.

Savkin and Fakhrutdinova are on their way to Novogorsk for a training camp. They are preparing for the Modern Pentathlon World Cup in Budapest from September 2-8.

The modern pentathlon is an Olympic sport that comprises five different events; fencing (one-touch épée), freestyle swimming (200 m), equestrian show jumping (15 jumps), and a final combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running (3200 m).

Recently, a number of foreign athletes have obtained the Uzbek nationality: cyclist Olga Zabelinskaya, swimmer Yana Obvintseva and Yana Alborova, and Mexican sabre fencer Paola Pliego.

In 2016 Rio Games Uzbekistan left with a total of 13 medals (4 gold, 2 silver, and 7 bronze), signifying the nation’s most successful outcome in Olympic history, fielding a team of 70 athletes, 47 men and 23 women, across 15 sports at the Games.

The new Uzbekistan authorities are striving to field the maximum number of licenses for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and they are taking it personal, in the best Soviet traditions when politics and sports were intertwined, to improve by all means and at all cost the previous medals record achieved during the reign of the late president Islam Karimov.

Athletes will pocket 100 million soums, or US$ 12,000 just for obtaining the Olympic license, with the authorities expected to give away the whopping US$ 150,000, 100,000 and 75,000 cheques for Olympic gold, silver and bronze, respectively.


Source : Tashkent Times

Mirziyoyev’s new Air Force 1 unveiled

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The new Air Force 1 of the Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a Boeing-787 Dreamliner was unveiled by the expert of Buyuk Kelajak NGO, Rakhmad Sobirov on his Facebook page.

Mirziyoyevs Air Force 1

Earlier, the Airbus A340-300 Bourkhan aircraft, owned by the Uzbek-born Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov, was leased for the President’s long-haul flights.

Mirziyoyevs Air Force 1 2

In addition, in August last year, the presidential press service showcased the presidential helicopter – Airbus Helicopters H175.


Source : Tashkent Times

US$ 553 million modernization project to be launched at Bukhara oil refinery

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US$ 553 million modernization project has been launched at the Bukhara oil refinery. The refinery, founded in 1997, will be technologically upgraded for the first time in 22 years, the Uzbekneftegaz said.

After the project completion, the refinery will be able to annually process 2.5 million tons of oil and gas condensate, due to which production of 1.2 million tons of Euro-5 gasoline, 200 thousand tons of jet fuel, 750 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 30 thousand tons fuel oil will be achieved.

The modernization and reconstruction will be conducted in three phases:

The phase I, designed for 2019, involves replacing the catalyst with a high-end gas oil hydrotreatment unit, which will ensure 20% of Euro 4 and 5 and 80% of Euro 3 diesel fuel.

The phase II, until the end of 2022, provides for the modernization and reconstruction of existing production lines with the installation of additional equipment aimed at improving product quality. This phase will increase in the production of high-octane gasoline AI-91, AI-93, AI-95 of Euro 3, Euro 5, and the production of 100% diesel fuel of Euro 5 are ensured.

The last phase, until 2025, provides for the construction of new plants and increasing the processing of raw materials from 79% to 95%, and increasing the yield of light oil products from 77% to 91%.

The phases II and III will be conducted without stopping the existing production processes.

Currently, the possibility of attracting direct investments of the company for the implementation of the project is being studied.


Source : Tashkent Times

Uzbekistan’s nuclear waste to be processed in Russia

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The spent fuel of the future nuclear plant in Uzbekistan, will be processed in Russia, and radioactive waste will be stored in Uzbekistan, Uzatom said.

In the course of spent fuel reprocessing in Russia, all valuable nuclear material will be recovered, and the remainder will be solidified by evaporation and pressing, and then will be returned to Uzbekistan.

According to Uzatom, this mechanism is envisaged by a number of international treaies to which Uzbekistan and Russia are parties: Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (July 1, 1968), the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (October 26, 1979), the The Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management (September 5, 1997).

In accordance with the Uzbek-Russian agreement on the construction of a nuclear power plant, signed in the fall of 2018, issues in the field of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RW) management will be regulated by separate agreements and contracts, the agency noted. “Each country must store its radioactive waste on its territory,” the statement said.

It is expected that the SNF and RW management strategy will be prepared and approved in the near future taking into account the international experience.


Source : Tashkent Times

Uzbekistan Hotel’s starting bid cut due to lack of bidders

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2019-07-31 12:08:46

The initial price of the government’s share in the Uzbekistan Hotel put up for sale was cut by 10% due to lack of bids, the State Assets Management Agency said.

Now the state owns 80.13% in the landmark hotel. Initially, the government was planning to sell its share for US$ 33 million, now it is reduced to 29.7 million dollars.

The state share is sold with the condition that the owner will preserve the core business activity (hotel services) for a period of 10 years, refurbishing the hotel without altering the facade and attracting the best management practices.

Uzbekistan Hotel is one of the Tashkent’s landmark buildings. The 4 star hotel is located in the centre of Tashkent near Amir Temur Square. The Uzbekistan Hotel is a mix of European and Uzbek architectural styles, one of the most attractive and prestigious buildings in Tashkent situated in the business center of the city,


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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles considering launching three models in Uzbekistan

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The Italian-American Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is considering launching three models in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan 24 channel reported citing the FCA vice president, Youssef Hadjas.

“Against the background of the Uzbekistan authorities’ efforts aimed at diversifying and upgrade the technological level of their auto industry, the FCA is interested in establishing industrial cooperation by creating a car manufacturing unit in Uzbekistan,” said Youssef Hadjas.

He suggested using the Tofas project model implemented by FCA in Turkey as a guideline for creating a joint venture in Uzbekistan

According to him, Uzbekistan is considered as the preferred destination for setting up of a second unit for manufacturing of Fiat Tipo, Fiorino and Doblo models.

In addition, Tofas plans to begin production of crossovers in 2021 and is working on the development of a pickup model, which in the future couldn also be produced in Uzbekistan.

FCA is an Italian-American multinational corporation, and is the world’s eighth largest auto maker. The group was established in October 2014 by merging Fiat and Chrysler into a new holding company. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ main headquarters are located in the Netherlands.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev signs decree reforming oil & gas sector

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On July 9, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures for stable provision of the economy and households with energy resources, financial rehabilitation and improvement of the management system of the oil and gas industry.”

The document underscored the inefficiency of exploration, investment projects and pricing, as well as an outdated and non-transparent management system in the oil and gas sector, due to which the economy and the households are not being fully provided with energy resources.

The decree has approved the Uzbekistan’s Oil and Gas Sector Development Concept until 2030, prpeared jointly with foreign consulting companies and financial institutions, and the Republican Working Committee on the implementation of the concept headed by Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov.

A project office is to be created within the Ministry of Energy which will be in charge of coordinating the reforms in the oil and gas sector.

The decree approved proposals to improve the management system and organizational structure of Uzbekneftegaz, prepared with the technical assistance of the Asian Development Bank.

Uzburguneftegaz, Uzneftegazqazibchiqarsih, Uzneftmahsulot and Uzneftegazmash will be merged into Uzbekneftegaz, thus reducing redundant intermediaries in the holding’s management system. The oil and gas producing, as well as gas processing entities shall also be transformed into structural units (authority, plant) of Uzbekneftegaz.

Uztransgaz is being withdrawn from Uzbekneftegaz. Hududgastaminot JSC is to be established on the basis of Uztransgaz’s territorial gas supply branches to operate gas distribution networks and supply natural and liquefied gas to households and social facilities. Uztransgaz shall become the only operator for the purchase of natural gas from mining companies for further transportation, including export and import, as well as for sale to consumers connected to main gas pipelines, while Hududgastaminot – for consumers connected to gas distribution networks.

It is planned to transfer step-by-step the gas supply facilities to private operators for operating gas distribution networks, as well as the sale of natural gas to consumers under public-private partnership terms.

Until 2022, all categories of natural gas consumers should be covered by an automated meter reading system.

Non-core assets of Uzbekneftegaz and its member enterprises will be sold out. Their stakes in markets, trade and livestock complexes will be transferred to local authorities.

1381 gas stations owned by Uzneftemahsulot are to be sold through auctions. Until October 1, the government should submit proposals on hiring to executive positions at Uzbekneftegaz, Uztransgaz and Hududgaztaminot of managers with work experience in big foreign companies or international companies.

The decree provides for the attraction, before 2025, of investors to Uzbekneftegaz and Uztransgaz through the initial and secondary public offering on domestic and international stock markets, while maintaining the state’s share in authorized capital of at least 51%.

The implementation of the concept is expected to increase gas production up to 41.1 BCM in 2021 and to 42.3 billion in 2024, as well as attract investments for geological exploration and production of at least US$ 1.2 billion by 2020 and 1.8 billion – by 2024. The production of petroleum products is planned to increase by 2.1 times – up to 3.2 million tons per year by 2024, liquefied gas – up to 1.5 million tons.

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