New Masters join top-notch Qumra lineup

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February 19 2018 01:50 AM


Renowned British costume designer Sandy Powell and famous American film director Bennett Miller have been confirmed as Masters in the fourth edition of the Doha Film Institute’s (DFI) Qumra, scheduled to be held from March 9 to 14.
The two join Venice Golden Lion winning Russian director and writer Andrey Zvyagintsev, Cannes Palme d’Or winning Thai filmmaker and visual artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and the only documentary director to win the Berlinale Golden Bear Italian director Gianfranco Rosi for the 2018 edition of the one-of-its-kind dedicated industry forum that focuses on first and second time filmmakers.
The Qumra Masters will share their insights with emerging filmmakers, provide feedback on projects in consultation sessions, and discuss their own inspiring creative journeys in daily Masterclasses. Qumra 2018 will provide 34 projects from 25 countries access to Masterclasses and networking opportunities for first and second-time filmmakers, driving Qumra’s mission to expand support for the development of emerging filmmakers from Qatar, the Arab region and around the world.
Announcing the line-up of Qumra Masters at Berlinale, DFI CEO Fatma al-Remaihi said: “We are honoured to be hosting five of the most celebrated contributors to contemporary world cinema.”
“All creative visionaries in film, their presence in Doha and interaction with Qumra delegates will incredibly benefit emerging filmmakers, and inspire them to take their works to the next level. With the masterful crafts of Powell (OBE) and Miller, the Qumra Masters will push the conversation and learning in exciting new directions this year,” she added.
Filmmaker and DFI artistic adviser Elia Suleiman said: “Powell’s adeptness at transporting audiences into directors’ environments makes her a modern legend in design while Miller possesses a powerful ability to dissect social constructs by skilfully tapping into the psyche of his protagonists.”
“Their contribution to film is evident in their long list of critical and awards acclaim, and we look forward to the depth of understanding and possibilities that their participation will bring to Qumra delegates,” Suleiman noted.
This year, over six days, the Qumra delegates will take part in bespoke industry sessions designed to progress their projects and prepare them for international markets, in addition to the Masterclasses and mentoring sessions by the Qumra Masters. There are 14 Qumra projects by Qatar-based talent, including nine films by Qatari nationals. While six Qatar-based projects are works-in-progress, the others are in development stage.
In all, 16 projects are in development, 13 projects are works-in-progress, and five are in picture lock. There are 13 fictions and 10 documentary features and 11 shorts. Of the 34 projects, 23 are recipients of the DFI’s Grants programme, two are supported through the Qatari Film Fund and all others are shorts by either Qatari nationals or residents.


Source :  Gulf Times

Tamuq hosts open house for aspirants

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February 19 2018 01:35 AM


Texas A&M University at Qatar (Tamuq) has welcomed potential master’s students for its annual Graduate Studies Open House at the Texas A&M Engineering Building in Education City.
The event aimed to answer questions for prospective students about Tamuq’s master’s degrees in chemical engineering: the Master of Science and Master of Engineering.
Attendees learned about Texas A&M at Qatar’s graduate programme offerings, degree eligibility requirements and the resources offered, including financial aid opportunities and flexible schedules. Potential graduate students interacted with current graduate students and some who have recently graduated with their master’s degrees.
Faculty and administrators gave information on the programme as well as part-time employment options for full-time students through teaching and research assistantships. The organisers also emphasised that Texas A&M at Qatar’s flexible class schedules allow part-time studies for those students who are employed full time in industry or government.
Speaking to the prospective students, Tamuq dean Dr Cesar O Malave said: “At Texas A&M at Qatar, we are cultivating a new generation of engineering leaders and researchers who will have — and are already having — a direct impact on the State of Qatar’s growth and development. As a graduate student in chemical engineering at Texas A&M at Qatar, you’ll be involved in responsive research that is tackling Qatar’s Grand Challenges, and contribute to Qatar’s goal of being a knowledge-based economy.”
Graduate students Tala Katbeh, Byanne Malluhi, Bara Anaya and Husnain Manzoor talked with prospective students about the programme and their experiences as master’s students at Texas A&M at Qatar.
A panel discussion, ‘Outlook for R&D in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Why Pursue Post-graduate Studies? Aligning Industry and Academia for the Future of Work’, featured Dr Marwan K Kraisheh from Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute; Jabir al-Ghayathin, accounting manager, Oryx GTL; Nabila Adam Mohamed, winner of an Oryx GTL Student Award for the Advancement of Post-graduate Studies in Qatar; Muaz Salem, who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Tamuq; and Dr Ioannis G Economou, associate dean for academic affairs and professor of chemical engineering, Texas A&M at Qatar.
Dr Patrick Linke, executive director of graduate studies and chair of the Chemical Engineering Programme at Tamuq, said: “Studying beyond a BS degree is a great opportunity to further deepen knowledge and develop new skills. It allows students to engage in cutting-edge research with leading experts in their chosen field of specialisation and to personally contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Graduate studies also can enhance career progression and open broader career options. The graduate studies Open House allows prospective graduate students to learn about our programmes, resources and campus life at Texas A&M at Qatar.”
Applications for the Master of Science (MS) and Master of Engineering (MEng) programmes are being accepted for the fall 2018 semester and will remain open until May 15.
For information about the Tamuq Graduate Studies programme, visit or call 44230135.

Source :  Gulf Times

Award-winning filmmaker shares experiences at NU-Q

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February 19 2018 01:34 AM

Award-winning photographer and filmmaker, Julia Leeb, sharing her experiences with the NU-Q community.

Julia Leeb, a filmmaker and photographer who has worked in some of the most dangerous and remote places in the world, has shared her experiences at a Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) Community Meeting.
The only way to know the truth is to see it with your own eyes; this is what Leeb shared with a roomful of media and communication students, along with faculty and staff from NU-Q, during the meeting.
From documenting political upheaval in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan to capturing everyday life in North Korea and Sudan, Leeb says she has “lived her life discovering others”.
“Ms Leeb’s work is both courageous and inspiring,” said Everette E Dennis, dean and CEO, NU-Q. “Her projects are examples of how film and photography can be a window into an entirely new world and consequently bring positive change to people’s lives, which is what many of our students plan to achieve.”
Leeb also produces virtual reality and 360-degree content about remote regions, including Transnistria in Moldova and the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. In 2014, the photographs from her visits to North Korea were published in her book, North Korea: Anonymous Country.
“What I love most about my work is the power it has to give back,” Leeb said. “By capturing the struggles and hardship of others, I am making a difference by raising awareness about important, untouched issues, which can drive people to take action and help those in need.
“Never underestimate the power of a picture.”
On choosing her stories and news angles, Leeb says she stays away from sensational news and chooses to cover undocumented stories that give viewers a real taste of how people live their daily lives. This, she says, makes her projects unique and her stories effective.
“I identify stories that are not trending,” explained Leeb. “I go to places where media coverage is low or non-existent and where most people would be scared to go. And now, through 360-degree technology, I can bring other people’s reality to life so anyone around the world can see what it is like, without being manipulated.”
During a question-and-answer period, students asked about the challenges she faced as a woman in hostile environments and as an outsider trying to connect with complete strangers.
“Despite all the challenges, it’s an extremely rewarding job because I get to meet with and learn from so many wonderful people,” said Leeb. “They are my motivation, and their strength and perseverance is what keeps me going and wanting to explore more.”
Leeb advised students to “create various forms of your story. Use different mediums to create a better picture, and always be as transparent and honest as you can.”
During her visit to NU-Q, Leeb also attended classes to discuss content creation and innovation, as well as share some of her personal experiences and what she has learned travelling the world, and screened some of her films.
Elle magazine had listed Leeb as one of the top 80 international characters and Refinery29 named her as one of the most inspiring women in Germany.

Source :  Gulf Times

Olympic Museum building to open next year

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19 Feb 2018 – 15:26

Olympic Museum building to open next year

The Peninsula Online

Doha: The new building of the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum will officially open next year, Arabic daily Al Sharq reported.

Ahead of its opening, the museum is reaching out to residents through temporary shows in venues around Doha. Themes centre around the cultural phenomenon of sport and include the Olympic Games, as well local and international games that occur in Qatar.

This museum will demonstrate to the world that sport and Qatar are intrinsically linked. It will be packed full of interactive exhibits, inspiring objects and unique activity areas that generate a spirit of participation.

As well as promoting the positive value of sport, it will showcase the origins, development and significance of sports culture within Qatar and beyond.

The museum showcases its collection in other parts of the world to create discussion and arranges global conferences on topical issues, such as doping and women in sport. It recently held a competition for amateur sports photographers and helped set up Run the World – a sports festival for the Qatari youth.

Ministry launches smart device to impound cars at home

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19 Feb 2018 – 13:18

Ministry launches smart device to impound cars at home

The Peninsula Online

Doha: Motorists in Qatar will be able to keep impounded vehicles at their own premises instead of leaving it at police-designated impounding yards, Traffic department announced during a conference held in Doha today.

The ‘Analyze the Traffic Situation During 2017’ conference was held at the General Directorate of Traffic.

‘Smart Impound’ enables tracking and locating the vehicle during house impound to ensure compliance with the specified duration of the penalty.

Captain Riad Ahmed Mohamed said at the conference that “the device is activated after two hours of installation and set up of the impound duration and action will be taken in case if the vehicle is moved with the device in it.”

Previously people had to take the impounded vehicle to police yard in Industrial Area for keeping these vehicles for the duration of punishment. The duration varies depending on the offence.

“The option to impound the vehicle at the house of the perpetrator is not for all traffic violations,” he added.

Text messages will be sent to the offender and the device will be installed in the car by specialists from the Traffic department.

We are satisfied with Qatar 2022 preparations: FIFA President

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19 Feb 2018 – 15:05

We are satisfied with Qatar 2022 preparations: FIFA President

(FILE PHOTO) FIFA President Gianni Infantino. Reuters

The Peninsula Online

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said yesterday that Qatar World Cup 2022 will be great and they are satisfied with the ongoing preparations.

“We are confident that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be up to expectations,” he added during a news conference in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

Despite the illegal blockade imposed by the three Gulf states on Qatar, the work in the world cup 2022 stadiums continues at an accelerated pace.

Earlier this month, Infantino had called for concerted efforts by all Gulf countries to make World Cup Qatar 2022 a success, adding that the tournament is for all countries in the region, not only Qatar.

Source :  The Peninsula Qatar

Orbital Road reduces travel time by 50%

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February 16 2018 10:00 PM

A major link of the Orbital Highway was opened recently to traffic

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal), in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior (MoI), held an awareness campaign about Orbital Road, which reduces travel time by roughly 50% from the south to the centre and the north of the country.

The roads lanes currently bear approximately 8,000 vehicles per hour and facilitate smooth traffic. It has become one of the safest routes in the country, thanks to its seven lanes (five of which are currently open) and the separate lanes of trucks and cars, the hard shoulders and lights along the whole highway unlike the old road which comprised only two lanes for heavy and light vehicles alike.
For a distance of over 125km, the Orbital Road is meeting a number of key highways that feed several residential and business areas.
The Orbital Road connects at Bu Jood Interchange with G-Ring Road, a key highway which opened recently ushering in a radical change in the traffic scenario in the country. Such connectivity creates a streamlined traffic for all movements coming to and from the north and Doha, Hamad International Airport (HIA) as well as Industrial Area and Mesaieed in the south.
Also, the people residing in Al Wakra, Al Wukair and south Doha can use G-Ring Road to join the Orbital Road, then head for Al Khor and Lusail in the north or Dukhan in the west through a seamless traffic.
Salwa Road is another vital artery that is meeting with the Orbital Road at Interchange 24 (Mesaieed Interchange). Travellers from the areas such as Industrial Area, or housing areas of Ain Khalid, Umm Al Senee, Al Waab or Al Murra could travel on the Orbital Road towards Mesaieed in the south or Al Khor in the north or Dukhan in the West, avoiding traffic in Doha or 22 February Street.

The Orbital Road is branched into two major routes, one towards Lusail which intersects with Al Shamal Road at Al Mazrooah Interchange, and another one towards Al Khor, which intersects with Al Shamal Road at Umm Asmira Interchange.
Therefore, travellers coming from Umm Slal and Al Kheesa can enjoy a journey to Mesaieed crossing over Dukhan Road and Mall of Qatar, then continue to Salwa Road with no need to commute within Doha or on the Doha Expressway.
Travellers from Al Khor can go straight to Dukan Road through the Orbital Road through the outskirts of Al Sheehaniya. They can continue to Salwa Road to reach areas in the souhern Doha and Hamad International Airport via G-Ring Road in addition to the southern parts of Qatar like Al Wakra , Al Wukair and Mesaieed.
The opening of the Khuwaitim Interchange this month to involve five lanes on the dual carriageway of the Orbital Road for a distance of 6.5km will help connect Khuwaitim Interchange with Birkat Al Awamer Interchnage. The opening will double the road capacity and ensure flawless traffic movement.
The opening also includes two lanes of the main bridge along with the four loops and the right turns of the junction to and from the Orbital Road carriageway. The new junction will emerge as a key access point to link the traffic to and from the Hamad Port, Mesaieed Road, G-Ring Road, Salwa Road and Dukhan Road towards Al Shamal Road and Al Khor.
Khuwaitim interchange has a significant location as it provides free flowing traffic for the trucks heading for Mesaieed besides Al Afja Area where there are some waste treatment plants. There is also a direct connection with Al Afja area and expansion of the road leading to four lanes in each direction.
It is hoped that the new junction will help reduce travelling time considerably. The road to Al Afja area has been widened to five lanes that would lead to better road capacity besides improving its safety.
The last year featured the opening of more than 125km of the Orbital Road, stretching from the Hamad Port Interchange to Al Shamal Road along with some junctions. The 14km-long Hamad Port Road was opened to connect Hamad Port and G-Ring Road, and include four lanes in each direction, easing the movement of trucks between Hamad Port and Industrial Area, and enhancing the movement of goods between the port and all areas of the country.
Hamad Port Road is expected to reduce travel time by more than 15% especially since the road capacity is more than 8,000 vehicles per hour in each direction.
The new road extends from Umm Al Howl Interchange on Mesaieed Road to G-Ring Road and it connects with the East Industrial Street through a tunnel at the East Street 33 Interchange. This interchange was formerly known as Al Watan Roundabout, which was rebuilt recently to form a free-flowing road between Hamad Port and Hamad International Airport until Salwa Road.


Source :  Gulf Times