Using mobile phones causes more than half of fatal accidents in Qatar

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 15 Jul 2018 – 17:22

Using mobile phones causes more than half of fatal accidents in Qatar

A motorist using mobile phone while driving.

Doha: Use of mobile phones during driving causes more than half of the fatal accidents in Qatar, General Directorate of Traffic said today.

The directorate said statistics indicated that engaging in mobile phone caused 44.1 percent of the minor injuries, 52.2 percent of the serious injuries and 51.6 percent of the deaths, of the total traffic accidents recorded recently.

Under the ongoing “Accident-free summer” traffic awareness campaign, launched by the Ministry of Interior last week, the General Directorate of Traffic continues its initiative with a new theme this week under the slogan “a phone call could cost you your life”.

Head of traffic at South Security Department, Maj Muhammad bin Jassim Al-Thani, said the use of mobile phone comes second among the most common violations that cause traffic accidents, after over speeding, which ranks first.

He said that using mobile phone or other devices would affect concentration and will distract the mind, which will reflect on the performance of the driver of the vehicle and could cause deviation from the track or delay his reaction. It could also reduce the speed of the vehicle to less than normal and also the possibility of crossing traffic signals.

He added that this slogan comes in accordance with the provisions of Article (55) of the Traffic Law No. (19) / 2007, which obligates the driver of the motor vehicle not to use the mobile phone or any other device in any way that requires the use of hands for carrying or operation while driving. The law has stipulated a fine of QR 500 on the phone user while driving, using his hand, as well as on those who are engaged in watching any visible material from a television or other devices, with the objective of preserving lives and property.

In 2016 the number of violations of the use of the phone during driving was 10,654 violations, 12,651 violations in 2010 and 27,735 violations in 2015. However it has significantly decreased with 4,078 violations in the first half of this year.

The directorate called on motorists to focus on the road while driving, and not to be preoccupied with telephone or other device, as it increases the rate of traffic accidents significantly and increases the rates of deaths and injuries.


Source :  The Peninsula Qatar

HMC Nesma’ak assisted more than 2.2mn patients

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June 12 2018 12:07 AM


Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Centre for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement’s (CPESE) customer service programme – Nesma’ak – has assisted more than 2.2mn patients since it was established in June 2016, it was announced yesterday. In a press statement, HMC noted that Nesma’ak’s assistance included answering more than 900,000 way-finding requests, arranging more than 500,000 appointments for patient care, and replying to more than 200,000 general inquiries.
“As the main provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare for Qatar, and one of the leading hospital providers in the Middle East, HMC’s aim is to provide the safest, most effective, and most compassionate care to every one of our patients,” said Nasser al-Naimi, deputy chief quality officer, Patient Experience, and co-director for HMC’s Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute.
He noted that caring for all of HMC’s patients is a complex undertaking due to the continuous growth and diversification of the country’s population.  “We aim to treat each and every patient with dignity and respect. They are reassured, educated, listened to, and addressed as an equal partner in their care. We aim to help patients navigate our healthcare system by providing them with the information
they need,” al-Naimi added.
With more than 275 patient experienced staff working across HMC facilities, CPESE is the driving force for engaging with patients and improving their experience while being cared for at HMC facilities. Al-Naimi explained that Nesma’ak was introduced as a key department within CPESE to support and improve the patient experience.
Last year, approximately 150 Nesma’ak staff were distributed across 12 hospitals and dozens of facilities, which welcomed, guided and supported more than 1.7mn outpatients and more than 325,000 inpatients cared for by HMC.
“Nesma’ak staff members who are stationed across HMC are always eager to meet and greet hospital visitors with a cheerful smile. Our team members who answer the calls received at our dedicated call centre ensure every patient inquiry and concern is heard and fully addressed,” al-Naimi said.
Stressing CPESE’s aim, al-Naimi cited his team is focused on patient experience, patient engagement, patient education, and staff engagement.
He said in addition to managing a busy call centre and information desks located across HMC’s network of hospitals, CPESE also manages a mobile library for patients. The CPESE team works with locally-based embassies to gather books published in various languages to cater to HMC’s diverse patient population.
“Another highlight of our service is collaboration with Qatar Post, which is being used to provide patients with more convenient access to everything from renewed health cards to certain medical supplies and medicines,” al-Naimi said. “We also developed a number of tools that are helping our staff improve the patient experience,” he pointed out.
“These include hospital walk-around initiative designed to assess patient experience and a Nesma’ak patient experience app, which now replaced manual data entry and allows for the immediate recording of patient feedback, comments, and complaints.”
Nesma’ak patient help desks can be found close to the main entrances of most HMC hospitals with satellite desks also located throughout the various hospitals and facilities. Patients can reach Nesma’ak on 16060, seven days a week, or via e-mail at


Source :  Gulf-Times

Domasco hosts event for GAC fleet customers

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June 12 2018 12:12 AM


Doha Marketing Services Company (Domasco), exclusive distributor of GAC in Qatar, held an event for fleet customers, showcasing GAC fleet products and value added facilities recently at the Marriot Marquis City Center Doha Hotel. Some of these offerings include guaranteed buy-back, in-house finance, service contracts and extended warranty.
“GAC Motor has consistently introduced products that combine state-of-the-art technology and innovation which has resulted in strong sales performance in Qatar,” Domasco managing director Faisal Sharif said. “As we bring to market new GAC models, we anticipate demand to increase from fleet owners who are looking to bring down the life cycle costs of their asset. We are pleased with the response from the market and are committed to growing our fleet sales over the next couple of years,” he added.
GAC Motor develops and manufactures premium quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories and plans to introduce at least one new car model each year to offer customers a greater choice of products.


Source :  Gulf Times

QFC staff celebrates Garangao at Ehsan

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June 12 2018 12:09 AM


The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) has celebrated Garangao at the Centre for Empowerment and Elderly Care (Ehsan) as part of its ‘Road to Humanity’ Ramadan campaign. The visit comes as part of the Ramadan campaign’s ‘One Family’ initiative, which features a series of workshops that aim to engage and empower members of the Qatar community, the QFC has said in a statement.
As part of the visit, a number of QFC employees and their families visited Ehsan, where they read stories to the elderly residents and shared Garangao gifts. “The evening’s celebrations instilled a sense of family belonging, as it stimulated and uplifted the spirits of all those gathered,” the statement noted.
Sarah al-Dorani, acting chief Marketing and Corporate Communications officer, QFC Authority, said: “The QFC’s ‘One Family’ initiative recognises that together we are all one community, and it is our responsibility to help others, share our talents for a stronger, enlightened society.
“It has been an enriching experience for the QFC staff to share in this local traditional celebration with the elderly. QFC employees and the residents of the centre immensely enjoyed spending time together and collectively embracing the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.”
Jaber Mohamed al-Marri, director of the Information and Communication department, Ehsan, expressed his colleagues’ appreciation to members of the Qatar Financial Centre for their efforts, contributions to the community and solidarity with the needy.
Al-Marri highlighted that the recurring visits of QFC members to Ehsan centre to join the elderly in different activities have brought joy to the centre and its members. He also welcomed the QFC’s initiative and expressed his desire to pursue co-operation, which will reflect positively on the services provided to the elderly.
The Ehsan official stressed that co-operation would increase the quality and efficiency of services and contribute to the integration of elderly people into society, which is in line with the centre’s mission to empower and care for the elderly and to provide them with a safe and decent living environment.
Finally, he called on other institutions and companies to follow in the footsteps of the QFC and communicate with parents at Ehsan during the holy month of Ramadan, which will reflect positively on their psychological well-being and bring them joy.


Source :  Gulf Times

Sidra Medicine signs MoU with HBKU on training research students

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04 Jun 2018 – 8:59

Sidra Medicine signs MoU with HBKU on training research students

The Peninsula

Doha: Sidra Medicine, member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) to train research students in the college of science and engineering of the university.

The MoU is the latest partnership signed by Sidra as part of the external training program recently launched by the medical center to provide training opportunities for students of different specialization under the supervision of the education and development team.

The college of science and engineering students at HBKU will gain professional experience from training in the research center at Sidra Medicine.

Sidra Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Peter Morris said promoting the cooperation with HBKU will lead to further enhance research talent, build research capacities in the country, increase the youth’s interest in scientific research and support the future leaders in the science field in Qatar.

Dean of college of science and engineering, Dr. Mounir Hamdi, said the external training program between the university and the medical center will provide the chance to exchange resources and technologies which play a vital role in strengthening the capability of the Qatari community to reach the latest cutting-edge medical solutions.

Source :  The Peninsula Qatar

Traffic Department seizes many vehicles for speed limit violations

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04 Jun 2018 – 9:19

Traffic Department seizes many vehicles for speed limit violations

Image used for representation only. Credit: Twitter/MOI_Qatar

By Sidi Mohamed | The Peninsula

DOHA: The Traffic Department seized a number of vehicles for violating speed limits related traffic rules recently, said Colonel Mohammed Radhi Al Hajri, Director of Media and Traffic Awareness Department.

He said that using of mobile phone during driving is one of the main causes of most traffic accidents because it divert the attention of motorists.

“Now the problem is that mobile phones are used for various purposes other than making calls and it creates more chances to divert the attentions of motorists,” said Al Hajri.  “A motorist who drives over 200km/hr is transferred to the Public Prosecution directly.

The worst traffic accident this year was three days before holy Ramadan when three youths died in an accident, and the reason was speeding and not fastening seat belt,” he added.

He pointed this out while speaking on Saturday night at a symposium organised by the General Directorate of Traffic  at Al Khor as part of Ramadan awareness campaign and attended by a number of traffic officers and members of the Central Municipal Council (CMC).  Colonel Al Hajri said that parents would ask the Department to release vehicles which help the youths to continue violations.

“During an inspection drive on a secondary school, we discovered that 90 percent of the students drive their vehicles without driving licenses. Also many parents in the presence of their children drive their vehicles without respecting the legal speed which encourages their sons to do the same,” he added.

Related to speed hump which is requested by residents to reduce speed, he said that not all streets are supposed to have industrial speed humps and any requests in this regard are studied from all sides to see if they will hinder traffic or not.

“There are two  ways to create these humps; the first is built at the expense of the state and the second is built at the expense of individuals under the supervision of Department and there are random speed humps some of them established on vital roads and when the department found that they hinder traffic and we immediately removed them.”


Source :  The Peninsula QATAR

Number of properties sold in Qatar up 47 percent in

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04 Jun 2018 – 20:11

Number of properties sold in Qatar up 47 percent in April

A view of Doha from above (Reuters)


Doha: The number of properties sold in Qatar increased by 47.2 percent in April 2018 compared to March, while it is up 53.5 percent compared to the same month of 2017, and the value of sold properties during the month of April rose by 15.1 percent compared to the same month of 2017.

This came in the 52th issue of ‘Qatar; Monthly Statistics bulletin’, a series of statistical newsletters released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics on a monthly basis, in which the most important statistical changes occurred in the country during April 2018 are highlighted in addition to extracts from the results of the 2015 Census.

The demographic statistics in the bulletin showed that the total population of Qatar has increased from 2.68 million during April 2017 to almost 2.71 million at end of April 2018, an annual increase of 1.0 percent.

With regard to Vital Statistics, a total number of 2049 live births has been registered during April 2018, a 3.6 percent drop compared to March 2018. However, this decrease was offset by a rise in the total Qatari live births by 4.8 percent compared to last month. On the other hand, 205 deaths were recorded during the same period, an increase of 5.1 percent compared to March 2017. However, this increase was offset by a decrease of 4.7 percent in Qatari deaths.

April 2018 has experienced a decrease in marriage and divorce contracts, and the total number of marriage contracts was 330, whereas the total no of divorces reached 95 cases; namely, one divorce for every 4 marriages.

As for Social Security statements, the month of April 2018 has witnessed a significant decline in number of social security beneficiaries, reaching 13584 individuals, whereas the total value of Social Security has exceeded 77.9 million Qatari Riyal during the same month.

The bulletin showed that the total electricity utilization during April 2018 was 2611.5 GWh attaining a monthly increase of 11.1 percent as compared with last month, while recording an annual drop of 18.2 percent compared to April 2017. The bulletin also showed that the total water consumption has reached 39201.8 Thousand m3 during the same month attaining a monthly increase of 2.5 percent as compared with last month, while recording an annual drop of 10.6 percent compared to April 2017.

As for the data of buildings permits issued, the total number of permits reached 662 permits during April 2018, recording a monthly decrease of 7.0 percent.

Concerning traffic accidents cases, a total of 532 traffic cases were recorded during April 2018, showing a monthly decrease of 8.7 percent compared to March 2018. Light injuries are accounted for the vast majority of traffic accidents in April 2018, with 89 percent, followed by severe injuries by 9 percent. However, 11 deaths were also recorded, equivalent to only 2 percent of total traffic accidents.

The bulletin also highlighted that 5283 new vehicles were registered during April 2018. The figure showed a monthly decrease of 16.6 percent and an annual decline of 19.9 percent, and the number of licenses for new drivers increased by 3.2 percent compared to April 2017.

Total Broad Money Supply (M2) recorded about QR 585.9 billion during April 2018, an annual increase of 11.6 percent compared with April 2017. On the other hand, cash equivalents; including deposits, attained for QR 794.3 billion during April 2018. The figure has recorded an annual increase of 1.7 percent compared to April 2017, when deposits recorded approximately QR 780.9 billion.

Source :  The Peninsula Qatar