Redeem your SQ KrisFlyer miles for Scoot, Tigerair flights

Redeem your SQ KrisFlyer miles for Scoot, Tigerair flightsRedeem your KrisFlyer miles for ScootBiz, and earn miles here from later this year


Travellers can now swap their Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles for travel vouchers on Scoot and Singapore-based Tigerair, with redemptions available from just 3,200 KrisFlyer miles.

That’s enough for a S$30 voucher with either airline, while 5,300 miles nets a S$50 voucher. For S$100 worth of travel and to get the best bang for your KrisFlyer buck, simply redeem 10,500 miles.

The vouchers can be used to pay for your fares, ancillary services, convenience fees and booking charge fees, although not other costs such as airport and government fees and taxes, carrier surcharges and call centre fees, which still need to be paid the old-fashioned way.

KrisFlyer members will also be able to earn miles on Scoot and Tigerair (Singapore) flights from later this year, although Tigerair Australia – an affiliate of the Singapore business and now owned by Virgin Australia – isn’t part of the ‘earn and burn’ deal.

Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson told Australian Business Traveller earlier this year that the arrangements won’t extend to earning KrisFlyer tier miles or status benefits such as lounge access, as “I don’t want to have any complexity arising from recognition of status tiers or giving free (tier) benefits.”

When asked if Scoot would later consider a closer integration with KrisFlyer, Wilson affirmed that the airline was “never going down that horrible slippery slope, because then you start having Golds wanting something extra, then Silvers and PPS Club members want something extra and it just doesn’t stop.”

Virgin Australia Velocity members can’t redeem their points for Scoot or Tigerair flights – either in Australia or with Tigerair Singapore – although can convert their points into KrisFlyer miles and then redeem them for a travel voucher with either Singapore-based airline.


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Virgin Australia boosts points, status credits on Singapore Airlines

Virgin Australia boosts points, status credits on Singapore Airlines

Members of Virgin Australia’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program can now earn points and status credits on the lowest-priced Singapore Airlines fares.

However, the number of Velocity points needed to redeem a ‘free’Singapore Airlines flight between Australia and Singapore has increased.

Here’s a breakdown of both changes and how they’ll affect you.

Earn more Velocity points, status credits on SQ

The cheapest Singapore Airlines tickets – sold under the Super Deal and Sweet Deal banners – previously earned no Velocity points or status credits.

Effective immediately, the Velocity earning rates on SQ-coded flights mirror those awarded to Singapore Airlines’ own KrisFlyer members.

Super Deal fares in the T and V categories, also known as ‘fare buckets’, now earn 0.1 Velocity points per mile, while Sweet Deal fares (in the N and Q buckets) earn 0.5 points per mile.

(The same earning rates are also now available on SilkAir flights with an MI code.)

Passengers travelling from Sydney to Singapore could earn an abysmal391 Velocity points on a Super Deal fare, while the same flight on a Sweet Deal fare would yield 1,956 Velocity points.

In both cases, 30 Velocity status credits would be awarded, which is probably the better part of the deal.

Spend more Velocity points for some Singapore Airlines flights

Changes have also been made to the cost of Singapore Airlines redemption flights with Velocity, with Australia to Singapore seeing an increase while further afield now requires fewer points.

Using your Velocity points to a hop a Singapore Airlines (SQ) flight from Brisbane to Singapore will now cost 80,000 points in business class and 37,500 points in economy.

(For Brisbane residents, there’s also a daily Etihad flight to Singaporeand Abu Dhabi from Brisbane, which can be booked for 57,800 in business and 28,900 in economy on the EY or VA code if travelling only to Singapore.)

However, if travelling onwards to London, the overall cost has decreased to 175,000 points in business class and 75,000 points in economy.

That said, flights from Brisbane to London with Virgin Australia’s other partner Etihad are available for 125,000 in business and 62,500 in economy – a respectable saving.

The full Velocity table for all Singapore Airlines flights is below:


Booking tips and tricks

If you’re booking a flight directly with Singapore Airlines, the airline’s website helps to identify which fare class you’ve selected during the booking stage. Here’s where to look:

You can match this letter to Velocity’s Singapore Airlines table to estimate how many points you’ll earn on your travels:

The new earning rates are made sweeter when travelling with Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, but on a Virgin Australia flight number – the cheaper T, V and Q class fares now earn 0.5 points per mile, along with the same 30 status credits and any applicable points bonuses:

While the changes work out well for travellers on corporate-sponsored fares, you’d best do your homework if making your own arrangements – Virgin Australia codeshares can often be more expensive than buying the flight directly from Singapore Airlines.

On a quick trip from Sydney to Singapore in May, we were able to find flights for $804.26 return with Singapore Airlines (V class), although booking those exact flights under the VA code priced out at $1,195.66 in S class – quite a price difference if the goal is to increase the earn rate to just 0.5 points per mile.


Source : Australian Business Traveller