SBT dá margem para golpistas agirem


Também tem isso Por parte das emissoras também deveria haver cuidado em algumas das suas ações. Por exemplo: o SBT, mesmo sem qualquer culpa no caso citado, erra ao prometer cachê de R$ 3.000 para “produtor sem sair de casa”, inclusive com direito a anúncio em seu site. O que também não deixa de ser uma transgressão.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

No bail for accused heroin trafficker after $26,000 bust

March 14, 2015 – 6:18PM

   Matthew Raggatt

Reporter at The Canberra Times

A Dunlop man has been refused bail after being charged with trafficking $26,000 worth of heroin.

Police described the alleged actions of Van Dam Hoang as those of a middle- to higher-level supplier in the ACT.

Mr Hoang, 42, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Saturday with dark bruises below his left eye, on his right check and around his right eye, after the injuries – hich police attributed to the time of arrest – led to his bail hearing on Friday being stood down to allow medical attention.

He was charged with three counts of trafficking heroin after police surveillance on three dates between February 26 and March 12, as well as one charge of resisting arrest. The defendant attempted to punch a plain clothes police officer and continued to “violently resist” after police again identified themselves, before he was taken to the ground and handcuffed, the statement of facts said.

Court documents said police observed Mr Hoang exchange heroin for cash on February 26 and March 5 in Weetangera. He was arrested after police allegedly saw him supply drugs to another man in the same street on Thursday. The defendant allegedly supplied 128 grams of heroin in total, with the amount increasing on each occasion.

A search of the Mazda vehicle the defendant had driven found $3250 cash and another $6500 was found in a Hawker property where he had been seen in December, the documents said.

” … his ability to source the amounts of heroin seized by police indicates that the defendant operates above the level of street dealer, and is at the mid- to upper-level of heroin supply in the ACT,” the documents stated.

On Saturday the police informant, Constable Christopher Watson, told the court an investigation into the defendant’s relationship with any organised syndicate was ongoing and police feared the defendant would reoffend to recoup the lost money.

Constable Watson said police were also concerned Mr Hoang may be able to interfere with evidence and obstruct the investigation if released.

A lawyer for Mr Hoang said his client had lived in the ACT for 20 years and owned a house here for nine years, and any risk of interference with the investigation was “speculative”.

Magistrate Peter Dingwall refused bail, adjourning the matter to Wednesday.


Source : The Canberra Times

Man arrested following string of Auckland robberies

10:50 AM Tuesday Nov 5, 2013

Photo / File

A Mt Roskill man is set to appear in court this afternoon following a string of robberies across New Lynn and wider Auckland.

The 28-year-old has been charged with a series of aggravated robberies which took place across New Lynn at Radius Pharmacy, Hells Pizza, Midwest Pharmacy and Subway.

He has also been charged in relation to aggravated robberies at Burger Fuel in Mt Eden, and at the ANZ Bank in the Royal Oak Mall.

The Mt Roskill man will appear in the Waitakere District Court this afternoon facing eight counts of aggravated robbery, four of assault with a weapon, and one each of robbery, demands with menace, threats to kill, unlawful taking, aggravated assault and theft ex-car.

Waitakere Detective Sergeant Steve Salton said the arrest should bring relief to local shop owners and their staff.

“We know that many of the people who were working when this man did these robberies were badly shaken, and understandably so.

“We hope that this news will go some way to making them feel safe again in their work.

“We’d also like to thank the public and the media for their help in helping us to solve these cases, the tips that we received from the community after we released photos of the offender helped us to catch this man.”

The robberies were previously linked to an aggravated robbery at New Lynn Subway in early September where three men confronted a staff member at the back door of the shop and a knife was held to his throat, however the link had since been discounted, police said.


The New Zealand Herald

French tourist ‘pistol-whipped’ in Napier assault

10:48 AM Sunday Oct 20, 2013

File photo / NZ Herald

Two French tourists have been left shaken after they were “pistol-whipped” in an attack in Napier last night.

The couple, both aged 22, were in their van in a carpark on Whakarire Ave at the end of Westshore Beach when they were approached by a man and woman, described as Maori, who asked for a cigarette lighter at about 10.45pm.

The woman then pulled out a pistol and the man a baseball bat.

A scuffle ensued, and the male tourist was pistol-whipped, Hawke’s Bay police said.

He suffered injuries to his eye and cheek, while his girlfriend was unharmed.

The French couple eventually scared the attackers away by sounding the van’s horn in an attempt to alert nearby residents.

The attackers made off and the tourists called police from a house close by.

Police have called for the public’s help in identifying the pair, who were driving a silver Subaru Legacy or similar type of vehicle.

“We’re very keen to hear from anyone who may know anything about this attack and who was involved,” Detective Mike Signal said.

“This was a cowardly and despicable act on two innocent tourists who were enjoying a visit to Hawke’s Bay.”

Mr Signal said the young backpackers were “understandably very shaken by their ordeal”.

They had arrived in New Zealand in September for a working holiday, they speak little English and police are using interpreters to help interview them.

Anyone who has information about the attack is asked to contact Detective John McGregor at Napier Police on 06 8310 700 or anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


The New Zealand Herald

Couple found dead in Napier motel

10:06 AM Friday Oct 18, 2013

The scene at Deco City Motor Lodge on Kennedy Road in Napier. Photo / Hawkes Bay Today

The scene at Deco City Motor Lodge on Kennedy Road in Napier. Photo / Hawkes Bay Today

The son and daughter-in-law of an elderly couple found dead in their Napier motel room are said to be holding up “as well as can be expected” given the circumstances.

The couple, aged 73 and 74, are Chinese but have lived in Auckland for many years and were visiting Hawke’s Bay as part of a tour of New Zealand with their adult son and his wife.

Deco City Motor Lodge owner Clinton Green told Hawke’s Bay Today the son and his wife were still staying at the motel and Victim Support had been in contact.

They were holding up “as well as can be expected” given the circumstances but he did not want to comment further “for the family – and they’re still here – and so I won’t be making any comment”.

When told police could not yet confirm what direction their investigation was taking, he said: “I’d have to back that up. I think they’re going along the right track. Any comments that could jeopardise something further … I don’t want to do that.”

Police were called to the motel about 9.45pm on Wednesday.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave de Lange said today there was no indication at this stage how the couple died and post mortems would be carried out today.

“At this stage we are keeping an open mind as to how these deaths have occurred. There is a scene examination currently underway and police are speaking to the couple’s son and his wife, as well as other people who were at the motel.

“It may take some time to establish the cause of death and until we get further information from the post mortem, including toxicology test results, we cannot confirm what direction this investigation will take,” Mr de Lange said.


The New Zealand Herald

Lundy plans visits to graves

5:30 AM Saturday Oct 12, 2013

Mark Lundy wasn't too fussed about what he would be eating at his first meal after being freed from jail, afriend said. Photo / Jessica Williamson

Mark Lundy wasn’t too fussed about what he would be eating at his first meal after being freed from jail, a friend said. Photo / Jessica Williamson

Mark Lundy plans to visit the graves of his murdered wife and daughter – as well as of his father, who died while he was in jail, says a family spokesman.

He also wants to get up to speed with technology such as smartphones and broadband now he is out of jail for the first time in more than 12 years.

Lundy, who was freed from Rangipo Prison yesterday, arrived at his bail address – the location of which has been suppressed – just before 6pm to mixed reactions.

After calmly getting out of the car, he gave a woman a long hug before walking inside the house.

A person living at that address spoke briefly to journalists, asking for privacy while acknowledging some neighbours “might be upset, but we can’t help that”.

At the same time, a neighbour from across the street yelled, “I’m furious, f****n furious”, to which the man replied, “Read the decision”, referring to the Privy Council ruling quashing Lundy’s two murder convictions and referring the case back for retrial.

The neighbour later said she was “absolutely sickened and shocked” Lundy had been bailed to the address, adding that others in the street shared her views.

She said she had rung the council and police but was told there was nothing they could do to reverse the decision to bail Lundy to the address.

At the bail hearing in Wellington, Justice Ronald Young set bail conditions that Lundy reside at an address that the judge suppressed, and that he report to police once a week.

He also ordered Lundy not to contact any witnesses from the initial trial.

He did not impose any limits on where Lundy could travel, which means he is able to visit his home town of Palmerston North.

A spokesman for Lundy told the Weekend Herald the freed man was looking forward to his first night out of jail since being arrested in 2001, but faced some difficulties in the transition from prison life.

“He’s got a big smile on his face and we’ve got him in some nice clothes. He’s free, which is a nice feeling for him, and now he can get on with what he needs to get on with. It’s going to take some time to adjust.”

While Lundy had used cellphones and email before, technology had taken a huge leap forward while Lundy was inside.

“Just little things like learning how to send a text on a smartphone, or using the internet. Broadband is so different to the old dial-up, it’s not like it is now.”

But there are more serious issues at hand. Lundy will need to prepare for his retrial with his legal team, and the spokesman told the Weekend Herald he wants to visit the graves of his wife and daughter – and of his father, who died while his son was in prison but believed in his innocence.

“It won’t be for a while; we just need to settle down. And we certainly won’t be telling anyone when.”

And after 12 years of prison food, Lundy wasn’t too fussed about his first meal last night – but there were suggestions it would be “something home-cooked”, probably porkbelly.

Lundy was released following the bail hearing in the High Court, which in turn followed the unanimous ruling of five members of the Privy Council in London on Monday.

Outside court, nephew Steven Jones said his family were “ecstatic, over the moon” with the decision. “I came into it cautiously optimistic, but until they made the actual decision, I didn’t really know what was going to happen.”

He said it had been tough waiting for his release. “But we always supported him, never wavered, so I’m glad today’s come.”

Christine Lundy’s family reacted angrily to news of the release.

Her brother, Glenn Weggery, said: “I’m just over it. I’ve given up. There’s nothing I can do. Nothing we say has any effect,” he told 3News.

Meanwhile, an expert says Lundy may be entitled to a $500,000 life insurance payout from his wife’s death – which the Crown argued was a motivating factor in the alleged murder – should he be acquitted at a retrial.

It is not known if any of her family have already received the money but if they have, the matter could go to court, where the insurance company could be ordered to pay the sum twice, said life insurance lawyer Michael Burrowes.

“Just speaking generally, if he’s acquitted, if there’s a finding at the retrial that he did not commit the murders, then it appears he is entitled to the policy proceeds.”

“He would fill in a death claim form and supply proof of death, and the insurance company would carry out some basic checks to make sure there was no non-disclosure or mis-statement at the time the policy was taken out. Subject to those basic checks, if he’s the policy owner, he should receive payment of the sum insured”.

There was not likely to be a situation like David Bain’s compensation bid where, despite his being found not guilty of murdering his parents and siblings, the Government is yet to pay him compensation for serving 13 years in prison.

The Government required a higher standard of proof to pay compensation than insurance companies needed to pay compensation, Mr Burrowes said.

“If [the insurer] declined the claim, [Lundy] would, generally speaking, take it to court and have to satisfy the judge that on the balance of probabilities their failure to pay the claim was wrongful.”


The New Zealand Herald

Three deadly early morning crashes

A 16-year-old boy was killed when the stolen Subaru he was driving slammed into a house in south Auckland this morning.

It was the second of three fatal crashes today, with two people killed in crashes in Warkworth and Whangarei this morning.

Police said the car driven by the 16-year-old failed to negotiate a corner before crashing at speed into the house in Otara about 4.20am.

The house, on the corner of Franklyne Rd and Alexander Cres, suffered extensive damage, collapsing onto the car. Nobody was home at the time.

The driver was killed, while two other occupants in the car were taken to Middlemore Hospital in serious but stable conditions.

Police said the Subaru had been stolen, but police were not in pursuit at the time. It was not yet known if alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Police said the boy’s name would not be released until next of kin were notified.

Emergency services were still working to extract the vehicle from the house.

Fire Service northern communications shift manager Jaron Phillips said the house was searched and at least two people were found to be trapped in the vehicle.

One was removed and treated by ambulance staff while the body of the driver remained in the car.

“The car’s gone into the house, actually under the house, and then the house has come down on top of the car,” Mr Phillips said.

“The body of the driver is still in the vehicle, and the car will actually have to be pulled out from under the house. We’re just looking at equipment in terms of being able to remove the car.”

Mr Phillips said firefighters had stabilised the badly damaged house with timber cribbing.

Both roads have been closed and the police serious crash unit is investigating.

The crash came just over an hour after a man in his 20s was killed in a collision with a tree south of Warkworth.

Police said the car’s sole occupant died at the scene on State Highway 1, near Valerie Close, about 3am.

Firefighters searched the area to make sure no one else had been thrown from the car in the crash.

Police said the cause of the crash was unknown and the Waitemata police serious crash unit was investigating.

The investigation would take at least several weeks to complete and would consider all possible factors including speed, alcohol and weather conditions.

SH1 was closed in both directions for several hours, with diversions along SH16, but has since reopened.

However, the highway has been closed further north after a fatal crash in Whangarei later this morning.

Police said two cars collided on the Western Hills Drive stretch of SH1 in Kensington about 7.40am.

Northland police spokeswoman Sarah Kennett said one person died in the crash.

A second person was believed to have suffered minor injuries.

Diversions were in place at Percy St and Kensington Ave, with traffic being diverted onto Kamo Rd.

Police have advised motorists to avoid the area if possible, as the road was expected to be closed for some time.


The New Zealand Herald

Anger erupts in court over killer’s sentence

Photo / File


Angry scenes erupted in court today after a murderer who slashed a young mother’s throat was told he could be out of jail in just 10 years.

Mental health outpatient Paul Gottermeyer had already been sentenced to life imprisonment for what a judge described as a “horrible attack of the utmost gravity”.

On July 11 last year he knifed the woman to death in her Christchurch home before her 3-year-old daughter found her lying in a pool of blood.

“Mummy did bleed everywhere …. and mummy scream,” she told police.

The girl now suffers night terrors as she relives the ordeal.

It wasn’t until today at the High Court in Christchurch that the 30-year old market gardener from Kaiapoi was told that his minimum non-parole period will be 10 years.

In reaching his decision, Justice John Fogarty said: “I know it’s not going to be popular with the family.”

The public gallery, with about 30 family members and friends of the murdered 24-year-old, were disgusted by the decision.

“It’s an injustice,” shouted one woman.

“If that was your daughter…” said another.

The disbelief soon turned to anger directed at Gottermeyer standing in the dock.

“You’re a murderer!” shouted one woman.

“You dirty, filthy rotten bastard, I hope you die,” screamed another.

Security cleared the court while further outbursts were directed at defence counsel Tony Greig.

Women wailed and the family hugged outside court.

Justice Fogarty reached his conclusion based on the expert opinion of three consultant forensic psychiatrists.

Gottermeyer was an outpatient at Hillmorton psychiatric hospital and all of the experts concluded that he had been suffering from severe depression.

But they said it was difficult to say how severe his depression was at the time of the killing, or how much blame for what happened could be apportioned to his depression.

Canterbury DHB consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Helen Austin said it was impossible to say whether Gottermeyer would have killed if he wasn’t depressed.

“Depression is one of many factors that played a part. Human behaviour is very complex and driven by many different factors,” she said.

“Depression is an incredibly common mental illness … and on the other hand, homicide is a very rare event.”

Dr David Chaplow agreed.

However, defence witness Philip Brinded, associate professor of psychiatry, concluded “but for the depression the homicide may not have occurred”.

“I believe the symptoms of depression and the way depression changes a person’s thinking was an important contributing factor to this particularly tragic event.”

The Crown suggested a starting point for a minimum non-parole period was 17 years.

But Justice Fogarty said that sentence “simply cannot be imposed justly” in this case.

Given that Gottermeyer had a previously unblemished record, he believed it was unlikely that he would offend again if his depression was addressed.

“This is conduct out of character. I’m assuming you will recover from your depression over the minimum term of imprisonment,” the judge said.

Gottermeyer left home at 7am on July 11 last year with a large kitchen knife and drove to the woman’s house.

He was let inside where he knocked her to the ground, and stabbed her 12 times in the head, hands, chest, and back, before slashing her throat.

When he was arrested, he said the girl had not seen the attack. He said he closed the kitchen door and left water, biscuits, and a mandarin for the girl before driving home.

The woman’s body was found when her partner came home later that morning to check why she had not arrived at work. He found the daughter crying and upset.

Gottermeyer’s victim and her daughter have been granted permanent name suppression.



The New Zealand Herald

Double murderer sentenced to life

Carmen and Ivan Maheno. Photo / Supplied

A man who killed his uncle and aunt at their Far North home has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 18 years.

Edwin Harvey Maheno, 39, had previously pleaded guilty to murdering Ivan Maheno and his wife Carmen Maheno at Pamapuria on May 19.

He appeared in the High Court at Whangarei for sentencing this morning.

At a previous court appearance it was revealed Maheno snapped over an accusation he had left coffee granules in a sugar bowl.

Edwin Maheno and his relatives had shared the house he grew up in, and inherited from his grandmother in 2009.

On the morning of May 19 the defendant overheard a conversation between the victims regarding his inability to stick to domestic chores.

Ivan Maheno and his nephew argued, Carmen Maheno joining in and verbally abusing the defendant.

Edwin Maheno was so incensed by the insults, Judge Davis continued, that he loaded his .22 rifle, pointed it at Ivan Maheno and shot him in the head, despite profuse apologies from the victim, followed by a shot to the right cheek.

Carmen Maheno ran to investigate, and struggled with the defendant, who punched her in the head, struck her in the abdomen with the rifle barrel then in the head with the butt as she crouched on the floor.

There was a second struggle as the defendant tried to reload the rifle.

When Carmen Maheno heard another round enter the chamber she ran towards a neighbouring farm fence, the defendant chasing her and shooting her in the back of the head, then in the buttocks.

Edwin Maheno then drove away from the house, with the rifle, telling an uncle he met at the bottom of the driveway that he had fatally shot the victims.


The New Zealand Herald

Third man arrested over farm worker’s death

12:42 PM Monday Sep 16, 2013

Justin Conrad McFarlane's 1992 Mitsubishi GTO two-door red sedan car was found extensively burnt. Photo / Rebecca Ryan

Justin Conrad McFarlane’s 1992 Mitsubishi GTO two-door red sedan car was found extensively burnt. Photo / Rebecca Ryan

A third man has been arrested by police investigating the death of North Otago farm worker Justin McFarlane.

A 23-year-old from Oamaru was arrested last night on a murder charge and is due to appear in the Dunedin District Court today.

He was found late yesterday in a Nissan Skyline which has been seized for forensic examination.

It’s the third arrest in the investigation.

A 22-year-old Oamaru farmhand appeared before Dunedin District Court this morning. He received interim name suppression and was remanded in custody to appear before the High Court at Timaru on October 1.

Steven Kenneth Boskell, 18, of Palmerston, appeared before Dunedin District Court on Friday and was also remanded in custody to appear before the High Court at Timaru on the same date.

Mr McFarlane’s body was found in his home in the rural community of Elderslie early last Wednesday.

A scene examination of the property, on Pine Hill Rd, is due to finish in the next couple of days.


The New Zealand Herald