Prefeituras da Paraíba inscrevem para concursos com 206 vagas abertas

Pelo menos quatro prefeituras estão recebendo inscrições.
Salários oferecidos variam de R$ 788 a R$ 10 mil.

Bandeira do estado da Paraíba

Provas serão agendadas no ato da inscrição (Foto: Divulgação)

Prazos de inscrição vão a té dia 22
(Foto: Divulgação)

Pelo menos quatro prefeituras da Paraíba estão inscrevendo para concursos públicos que reúnem 206 vagas em cargos de todos os níveis de escolaridade.

Os salários chegam a R$ 10 mil oferecido pela prefeitura do Congo, no Cariri. Além das vagas abertas, a Prefeitura de Triunfo vai selecionar profissionais para a formação de cadastro de reserva – ou seja, os candidatos aprovados são chamados conforme a abertura de vagas durante a validade do concurso.

Prefeitura do Congo
Estão abertas até o dia 15 as inscrições para o concurso público da prefeitura de Congo. Ao todo, são oferecidas 42 vagas, nos níveis fundamental, médio, técnico e superior. Os salários variam de R$ 788 a R$ 10.000 e as jornadas de trabalho vão de 20 até 40 horas semanais. Os valores das inscrições são de R$ 58 (nível fundamental incompleto), de R$ 68 (nível médio), R$ 78 (nível técnico) e R$ 98 (nível superior). Os valores precisam ser pagos via boleto bancário.

Prefeitura de Dona Inês
A Prefeitura de Dona Inês, no Agreste, inscreve até o dia 22 para o concurso público que prevê 88 vagas em cargos de níveis fundamental, médio e superior. A carga horária é de 20 a 40 horas por semana, com salários que variam entre R$ 788 e R$ 6.700. Do total de vagas, 5% são reservadas aos candidatos portadores de necessidades especiais.

As inscrições são realizadas, exclusivamente, pela internet, por meio do site da organizadora do concurso. A taxas de inscrição são de R$ 60, para o nível fundamental; R$ 80, para o nível médio; e R$ 100, para o nível superior.

São José de Lagoa Tapada
A prefeitura de São José de Lagoa Tapada, no Sertão paraibano, está recevendo inscrições para seu concurso público com 39 vagas nos níveis fundamental incompleto e completo, médio e superior. Os salários variam de R$ 788 a R$ 5.000 mais gratificação e as inscrições seguem abertas até dia 31. Veja mais detalhes.

Prefeitura de Triunfo
A Prefeitura Municipal de Triunfo, está com inscrições abertas até o dia 13 e a previsão é de que as provas sejam realizadas no dia 10 de janeiro. Ao todo são 37 vagas em vários níveis de escolaridade e os salários variam entre R$ 788 e R$ 2,3 mil. O edital do concurso pode ser conferido aqui. As inscrições podem ser feitas pela internet, no site da empresa organizadora do concurso.



Budget-buy Cedrick setting Spain alight

Budget-buy Cedrick setting Spain alight


In these days of exorbitant transfer fees, it comes as a surprise to find that there are still bargains to be had. Real Betis can vouch for that, having picked up one of the revelations of the Spanish league season so far for the princely sum of €1.20.

The player in question is the Congo-born Cedrick, who showed what he is capable of when the Andalusian side travelled to the Santiago Bernabeu to take on Real Madrid earlier in the season. Fast, impish and a devilish dribbler, Cedrick left defensive rock Sergio Ramos floundering and served notice of the threat he poses opposition defenders.

In conversation with, the young wide man, who has just made the step up to the top flight after three seasons in Spain’s second tier, said: “When you play against a team like Real Madrid you try to do your very best. And because they’re such a big side who are known all over the world, then the impact you make always tends to be that bit bigger. I’m very happy right now. I feel comfortable and I hope I continue to feel like that for a long time.”

Laying down roots
To watch the 21-year-old, who stands less than 5ft 7ins tall, in action it is hard to believe that he has spent a mere three months in the Spanish elite. Yet Cedrick has settled down quickly at Betis, wasting no time in winning the affections of his team-mates, thanks in no small part to his gift for singing flamenco.

Taking up the story, he said with a smile: “The new players in the team had to go through the usual initiation stuff. We were told we had to do a song, so I picked one by Camaron (a famous flamenco singer) because I knew they’d think, ‘He’s a foreigner and he won’t like flamenco. He won’t have a clue’. But the fact is, I do like it and I sang pretty well.”

My dream is to play for Congo one day. I’ve made my debut for the U-21s and I hope to do so soon for the senior team.

Cedrick on his international ambitions


While it might seem strange that a Congolese should be well versed in the ways of a typically Spanish art form, Cedrick is far from a stranger to the country, having spent nearly half his life there after moving with part of his family at the age of 12. “We came from Africa in search of a better life,” he said. “I found the language hard to start with but I gradually got to grips with it.”

Football did the rest. The young Cedrick joined a youth team called Santa Marta and after catching the eye with his speed and skill on the ball he signed for Atletico Madrid within a few short months. “I spent some wonderful, unforgettable years there,” explained the player, who continued his apprenticeship with a loan spell at Numancia before eventually signing for the Soria club.

The contract he put his signature to included an unusual but important clause: should a first division club come in for him, he would be free to leave for a nominal fee. And so when Betis came calling they paid no more than the cost of a loaf of bread.

New goals
A lover of Latin music and a keen reader, Cedrick also has a good sense of humour, a point he proved by posting a photo of himself dressed as a bullfighter on one of his social network accounts. He also prefers to focus on what the future might hold rather than his past, which was troubled at times.

“There are countries in Africa with many problems and a lot of poverty,” he explained. “I didn’t have an easy childhood there, though I choose not to think about it too much because I want to focus on positive things. It was tough to get out, but I’m very happy I put the work in and made the sacrifice to get where I am now.”

The youngster has in no way forgotten about his roots, however: “I haven’t been back to Congosince I left but I’ll definitely be returning soon. I really feel like going back and seeing the members of my family who stayed behind.”

His desire to represent the African nation at full international level is an indication of how strong those ties are: “My dream is to play for Congo one day. I’ve made my debut for the U-21s and I hope to do so soon for the senior team.”

A muscle problem prevented him from appearing in the country’s make-or-break 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ qualifier with Niger earlier this month, a game that ended in a draw, dashingCongo’s hopes of reaching the final round.

Despite that setback, Cedrick is already thinking ahead: “I’m still young and I think I’ll have the chance to play for my country in many competitions. And if we make it to the World Cup one day, we’ll enjoy it as much as we can.”

In football as in life, there is no question of Cedrick looking any other way than forward.

Gana bate Zâmbia e vai à fase final

Gana bate Zâmbia e vai à fase final

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A seleção de Gana deu mais um importante passo para participar de sua terceira Copa do Mundo da FIFA consecutiva. Na tarde desta sexta-feira, o time venceu a Zâmbia por 2 a 1, confirmou a liderança do Grupo D e se classificou para a fase final das eliminatórias africanas do Brasil 2014.

No Estádio Baba Yara, em Kumasi (Gana), Waris, aos 21 minutos do primeiro tempo, fez a festa da torcida local ao inaugurar o marcador, ampliado pelo meia Kwadwo Asamoah, da Juventus, aos 16 da etapa complementar. Nathan Sinkala diminuiu a vantagem aos 27, mas a reação visitante parou por aí.

A Zâmbia, inclusive, era a única seleção capaz de ultrapassar os ganeses nesta chave, pois tinha apenas um ponto de diferença para eles antes do jogo. Agora, Gana esperará a definição da última etapa da competição, em que dez times disputarão cinco vagas para o Mundial.

Atualmente, Costa do Marfim, Congo, Nigéria, Egito, Argélia, Líbia e Senegal vão liderando os seus respectivos grupos e mantendo vivos os sonhos de representar o continente africano daqui a menos de um ano.