IRGC cmdr says enemy not aware of Iran’s full extend of power

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IRGC cmdr says enemy not aware of Iran’s full extend of power

The IRGC commander Major General Hussein Salami said today’s Revolutionary Guards are ready more than ever to defend the revolution and Islamic Iran, and the enemies will see Iran’s true power in battle field.

Major General Hussein Salami, after visiting Fars Island and assessing the situation and readiness of the units and fighters stationed in Bushehr on Thursday, said in a speech that Iran’s military power had been repeatedly tested and enemies know only a small part of the reality of our defense capability, although they know that the military and security power of the Islamic Republic of Iran is invincible, IRNA reported.

Top military commander went on to say that the deterrent power of Islamic Iran is built based on overcoming great enemies and by the grace of God we are ready to uphold the national security, territorial boundaries and independence and territorial integrity every day and our people are also confident that the military personnel have the enemies under their surveillance around the clock.

General Salami reiterated that we have developed and expanded our equipment and power based on the strategy of overcoming the transnational arrogant powers and have displayed parts of it in various fields and some operational dimensions.

Our enemies have seen both the technological capability of our equipment and the will and determination of our warriors to defend the values ​​of the Islamic Revolution; we are a tested power in the region and therefore will see our true power in the battle field, he added.


Source : Iran-Daily

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