Iran reports 12-pertcent increase in DRI pellets output

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Iran reports 12-pertcent increase in DRI pellets output

Iron mills across Iran managed to increase their output of direct-reduced iron (DRI), pellets that can be melted to make steel, in the past four months.

A report by the IRNA published on Monday showed that DRI output in 19 major mills across Iran had reached 9,236,687 tons between late March and late July, an increase of 12 percent compared to the similar period in 2018.

The report said that the highest surge in production, around 50 percent, had been recorded in Sefid Dasht Steel, located in central Iran, while production in Mianeh Steel, located in the northwest, was down by 37 percent.

It said seven out of the 19 iron mills were among industrial units that had resumed production after around a decade of closure.

Iran is among the 10 leading steel producers of the world with an annual capacity of 35 million tons. The government seeks to increase output to 55 million tons by 2025 despite sanctions imposed by the US.

Iranian steel mills produced around 25 million tons of steel ingots in the 12-month period ending in March, of which some 30 percent was exported, according to official government data.

Officials say US sanctions, enacted in November, have failed to curb iron ore and steel production in Iran this year.

Another report published on Monday detailed output figures for products meant to convert iron ore to metallic iron.

The report by IRNA said production of iron concentrate in Iran had increased by three percent between late March and late July to top 15,103,165 tons.

It said output for iron ore pellets decreased slightly by one percent in the same period to stand at 14,403,672 tons while sized ore production was down 37 percent on 1,662,958 tons.


Source : Iran Daily

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