US$ 553 million modernization project to be launched at Bukhara oil refinery

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US$ 553 million modernization project has been launched at the Bukhara oil refinery. The refinery, founded in 1997, will be technologically upgraded for the first time in 22 years, the Uzbekneftegaz said.

After the project completion, the refinery will be able to annually process 2.5 million tons of oil and gas condensate, due to which production of 1.2 million tons of Euro-5 gasoline, 200 thousand tons of jet fuel, 750 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 30 thousand tons fuel oil will be achieved.

The modernization and reconstruction will be conducted in three phases:

The phase I, designed for 2019, involves replacing the catalyst with a high-end gas oil hydrotreatment unit, which will ensure 20% of Euro 4 and 5 and 80% of Euro 3 diesel fuel.

The phase II, until the end of 2022, provides for the modernization and reconstruction of existing production lines with the installation of additional equipment aimed at improving product quality. This phase will increase in the production of high-octane gasoline AI-91, AI-93, AI-95 of Euro 3, Euro 5, and the production of 100% diesel fuel of Euro 5 are ensured.

The last phase, until 2025, provides for the construction of new plants and increasing the processing of raw materials from 79% to 95%, and increasing the yield of light oil products from 77% to 91%.

The phases II and III will be conducted without stopping the existing production processes.

Currently, the possibility of attracting direct investments of the company for the implementation of the project is being studied.


Source : Tashkent Times

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