ISIPO CEO: Exports by Iran’s industrial units fetched $4b in a year

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ISIPO CEO: Exports by Iran’s industrial units fetched $4b in a year


A total of 1,100 units operating in industrial parks across Iran exported products worth $4 billion in the year to March 2019, said the head of the board of directors of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO).

Speaking on Saturday, Mohsen Salehinia added Iran has attracted $2 billion in foreign investments for developing the country’s industrial parks, IRNA Persian Service reported.

He noted that this amount of investment has been made by 210 foreign investors.

Salehinia put the total number of units located in the Iranian industrial parks at 43,650, of which 33,800 are operational and close to 9,800 are inactive.

Also a deputy industry, mine and trade minister, Salehinia added these units have created jobs for 710 individuals.

Salehinia said of the active units, close to 40 percent are operating at half capacity, 30 percent are using between 50 percent and 70 percent of their capacity and 30 percent more than 70 percent.

He noted that a plan is being carried out to activate 1,350 of the 9,800 inactive units, adding 200 units have so far become operational under this project which is expected to be fully implemented by March 2020.

In addition, Salehinia said, 78,800 contracts have been signed with the applicants seeking to build units in the country’s industrial parks, of which 44,000 have led to the establishment of units that are currently operational.

“As per these contracts, 34,000 units are under construction. In addition, land is being allocated for building 18,000 units.”

He put the total number of the industrial parks and zones in Iran at 811, adding of this figure 500 are parks and 310 are industrial areas.

“A total of 37,000 hectares of land have been allocated for the construction of industrial units.”

He said 17 percent of the units in Iranian industrial parks are operating in the field of producing foodstuff, 22 percent are involved in chemical industries, 12 percent in the field of nonmetal and mining industries, seven percent in cellulose industries, five percent in textile manufacturing, four percent in generation of electricity and production of electronic devices, 27 percent in metal industries and six percent engaged in services sector.

Salehinia noted that so far, 57,000 small-scale power plants have been built in the country’s industrial units.

He said plans are underway to create 438 industrial parks in rural areas of Iran.

“Currently, 60 export management firms have been set up. These companies have formed a number of export consortiums.”


Source : Iran Daily

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