Corrected: Iraq rejects Israeli participation in Gulf maritime security

Flag of Iraq.svg

*The word (stranger) was replaced by (Western)

Baghdad ( Iraq has voiced opposition to a suggested Israeli role in a proposed U.S.-led coalition to secure maritime movement in the Arab Gulf.

Foreign Minister Mohamed Al- al-Hakim tweeted that “Iraq rejects the participation of the Zionist entity in any military force designed to secure the passage of ships in the Arab Gulf”.

According to the minister, “Gulf countries, combined are able to secure ship movement”.

The minister added that “Iraq is seeking deescalation in the region through quiet negotiations, and the presence of Western forces will increase tensions”.

The United States has called for the formation of a military coalition to secure shipping through the Strati of Hormuz after tensions on the backdrop of Iran’s confiscation of a UK ship there for allegedly violating maritime rules.

Israel foreign minister Yisrael Katz was quoted recently saying Israel would take part in the efforts.


Source : Iraqi News

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