Leader: Hajj a ‘model’ uniting all Muslims together

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Leader: Hajj a 'model' uniting all Muslims together

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Saturday described the Hajj as a “model” demonstrating Islamic principles and uniting all Muslims together in the worship of God.

In his annual Hajj message, Ayatollah Khamenei also described as a “crime against humanity” the US-sponsored blueprint on the Middle East conflict, calling on Hajj pilgrims and everyone in the world to oppose it.

“The ploy of the ‘deal of the century,’ which is being plotted by the oppressive America and its treasonous cohorts is a crime against humanity, not just the Palestinian nation,” Ayatollah Khamenei said in the message which was read at a rally held by Iranian pilgrims in the plain of Arafat near Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca.

“We are inviting everyone to actively participate in defeating the enemy’s ploy and deception and believe that with the power and strength from God, this and all other ploys of the imperialist front is doomed to failure vis-a-vis the efforts and faith of the resistance front,” he added.

The “deal of the century,” a backchannel plan to allegedly reach a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, is reported to recognize Israeli occupation of Palestine in exchange for economic incentives. The plan has widely been rejected by the Palestinians.

Ayatollah Khamenei described Palestine as one of the most important issues of the Muslim world regardless of sect, race, or language.

“The greatest injustice of recent centuries has occurred in Palestine. In this painful drama, all that a nation had – their land, homes, farms, belongings, dignity, and identity – has been confiscated,” the Leader said.

“With God’s assistance, this nation has not surrendered to defeat, has not given up, and today, they are fighting evermore passionately and more bravely than yesterday, but the ultimate outcome requires assistance from all Muslims.”

The White House has yet to unveil US President Donald Trump’s full Middle East plan that is led by Trump’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Unlike his predecessors, Trump has not endorsed the Palestinian demand for statehood or the long-standing “two-state-solution.”

Kushner has so far presented a $50-billion economic revival plan for the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

The Palestinian leadership has broken off diplomatic ties with the White House, accusing Trump’s administration of bias toward Israel. Washington has not said when it will present the full peace plan.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s message came as millions of Muslims poured onto the plain southeast of the holy city of Mecca to mark the Day of Arafat on the second day of the annual Hajj congregation.

The Leader said the pilgrimage presents an opportunity for oppressed Muslim nations to “spread awareness” and denounce oppression and the rule of “arrogant world powers.”

Every year, the Leader issues a message on the occasion, giving guidelines on the need to uphold the rite of Bara’ah, or the “disavowal of the infidels” and unite Muslims around the key messages of Islam.

“The ritual of Bara’ah, which means shunning all forms of cruelty, oppression, vulgarity and corruption of the tyrants of the time, and rising against bullying and extortion of the haughty of the eras, is one of the great advantages of Hajj, and an opportunity for oppressed Muslim nations,” the Leader said.

“Today, renouncing shirk [polytheism] and kufr [disbelief] of the arrogant powers headed by America means rejecting the killing of the oppressed, and waging wars. It means condemning the centers of terrorism such as Daesh and the American Blackwater. It means the Islamic Ummah’s cries at the infanticidal Zionist regime and its backers and sponsors,” he said.

The ritual of Bara’ah, Ayatollah Khamenei further said, is an opportunity to “condemn the warmongering of America and its associates in the sensitive West Asian and North African regions, where they have brought the pain and suffering of nations to the breaking point, and yet they impose grave tragedies on them each and every day. It means shunning racism and discrimination based on geography, race, and the color of skin. It means repudiating the arrogant and vicious behavior of aggressive and seditious powers vis-a-vis the dignified, noble and just behavior which Islam invites everyone to embrace.”

Each and every able-bodied Muslim, male or female, is required to complete the religious trip to the holy city of Mecca at least once in their lifetime if they have sufficient financial capacity to do so.

Press TV and Reuters contributed to this story.


Source : Iran Daily

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