Teachers forced to clean streets, overhaul school in Tashkent

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Female teachers were forced to sweep school yard, while their male collegues were “asked” to perform repair works and to paint at the Tashkent’s school # 202 Tuesday, the Telegram From You channel said.

In spite of the summer school break, the female teachers are cleaning the garbage and small wood around the school every day. And male teachers are busy with painting walls, ceilings and desks …

Forced labour is implicitly encouraged by the central authorities due to their not being able or refusal to hire more municipal staff for cleaning and to finance repair works.

It is meaningless to prosecute local authorities for allowing forced labour, since they are simply struggling to execute instructions from central authorities, despite impracticality of tasks assigned due to lack of funds or manpower.

Forced labour is still rampant in Uzbekistan in the budget-financed organizations. Due to high unemployment rates, people risk losing jobs should their refuse to concede to forced labour.


Source : The Tashkent Times

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