Saudi Arabia’s doors open for all pilgrims, asserts Khaled

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MAKKAH — The Kingdom is not responsible for the obstacles put up by the Qatari government to impede its citizens willing to perform Haj.

“We are not responsible for what others do. We are only responsible for what we do,” Emir of Makkah and Chairman of the Central Haj Committee, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, said at a press conference after completing a tour of the holy sites on Sunday.

He reiterated that the Kingdom’s doors are open to receive pilgrims from anywhere in the world. “We warmly welcome them and treat them equally,” he added.

Qatari Haj pilgrims can register their details, browse packages and pay for them at:

Pilgrims “are here for Haj and worship. Let them dedicate themselves to worship and leave the other things. They’ll be welcomed and served by Saudis,” the emir said.

The emir revealed that as many as 1,641,358 pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom from outside for the pilgrimage this year and are being served by a cadre of more than 350,000 people from the government and the private sector.

Prince Khaled reaffirmed that whoever casts doubts on the services being provided by Saudi Arabia to the pilgrims has political motives, intent purely to disparage the Kingdom.

“They know very well deep inside their hearts that all their claims are untrue. They also know very well what Saudi Arabia provides every Haj season,” he said.

He said the Kingdom spends billions to make the Haj season a success, adding: “We are proud to serve the pilgrims and ensure their comfort.”

Prince Khaled said that he has directed the officials serving the pilgrims that they should always wear a smile on their face when dealing with pilgrims.

He said billions of riyals are spent on projects in the holy sites every year. These include water and electricity projects.

Meanwhile, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal handed over the Kaaba kiswa (dress) to the custodian of the House of Allah. A new kiswa will adorn the Kaaba on Dhul Hijja 9 (Aug. 10).


Source : Saudi Gazette

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