Airbus opens state-of-the-art commercial pilot and maintenance training centre near Delhi

Airbus India Training Centre Infographic

Airbus has inaugurated a world class training centre for commercial pilots and maintenance engineers in the National Capital Region of Delhi, as part of its continuing efforts to support the exponential growth of the civil aviation sector in the country.

Airbus forecast a need for more than 25,000 new pilots in India over the next 20 years to keep pace with the current double-digit growth in its commercial aviation industry.

The training centre incorporates an A320 flight simulator for full-flight simulation, along with programmes on aircraft procedure training, computer-based classroom training, and standard pilot transition training, including an ‘Upgrade to Command’ course aimed at improving skills and maturity of co-pilots as they transition to commandership. The facility will complement Airbus India’s training centre in Bengaluru which has trained more than 4,500 maintenance engineers since its inception in 2007.

“Providing a robust training infrastructure to support our customers’ businesses is a priority for us. One pillar of our customer services mission is proximity to the customer, and another one is safety. In that respect, having a training centre located in the country is proof of our commitment towards both,” said Anand E. Stanley, President and Managing Director, Airbus India & South Asia.

Globally, Airbus has a comprehensive and highly customised training programme, aimed at pilots, maintenance crew and engineers. Its training facility in India is another testament to the company’s focus on making the most advanced training technologies accessible to the subcontinent while creating highly skilled workforce in line with the government’s ‘Skill India’ initiative.

“The new training centre in India is part of our worldwide development plan to address the growing demand for pilots. Over 500,000 new pilots will be required worldwide over the next 20 years. Our increasing footprint also aims at providing service closer to airline customers.” Michael Chemouny, Head of Training Services, Airbus Commercial Aircraft.


Source : Airbus WEBSITE

Int’l coalition: 5,200 American soldiers stationed in Iraq

Flag of Iraq.svg

Baghdad ( – The U.S.-led international coalition said on Wednesday that the average number of American troops currently deployed in Iraq amounts to 5,200 members, adding that their mission is to train Iraqi security forces and hone their combat skills.

Speaking to the Russia Today TV channel, Col. Sean Ryan, the spokesman for the coalition fighting Islamic State terror group, said that the American troops in Iraq are mainly tasked with providing logistic support and training for the Iraqi troops to help them in the fight against IS militants.

Ryan further pointed out that the international coalition will withdraw its troops from Iraq if requested by the Iraqi government.

“There are no U.S. bases in Iraq, only trainers and advisers,” Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Iraq Joey Hood told reporters on Tuesday.

The U.S. official said the “Iraqi security forces are not ready until now, to maintain security without the help of foreign forces”.


Source : Iraqi News