Iraqi authorities refer mother of three to judiciary over terrorism links

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Baghdad ( Iraqi authorities has referred a mother of three to the judiciary over affiliation with extremist groups, a government agency said in a statement on Friday.

The Iraqi border crossings authority said a mother and three of her children were referred to judicial authorities having been returned home by Syrian authorities. It referred to a statement by the Iraqi embassy in Damascus which pointed to the woman’s arrest by Syrian authorities over suspicions she had links with terrorist groups.

The authority said the woman was sent back aboard a Syrian flight before she was taken by police at the Baghdad International Airport preparing for referral to concerned judicial bodies.

Iraqi prisons host hundreds of wives and children of foreign fighters who had been killed or sentenced for fighting alongside Islamic State militants.

Iraq said late 2017 it regained control over all territories occupied by the terrorist group in 2014.


Source : Iraqi News

KSA not involved in leak of Bezos’ private texts


Adel Al-Jubeir
WHASHINGTON — Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir denied that the Kingdom was involved in the leak of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ private text messages and photos to the National Enquirer tabloid.

“Absolutely not,” Jubeir said, when asked by “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan about potential Saudi involvement.

“This sounds to me like a soap opera. I’ve been watching it on television and reading about it in the paper. This is something between the two parties. We have nothing to do with it.”

In an extraordinary public statement posted to Medium on Thursday, Bezos said an investigation he directed into how the Enquirer obtained private messages he exchanged with Lauren Sanchez, with whom he was reported to be having an affair, had angered David Pecker, CEO of American Media, Inc., which owns the Enquirer.

“Maybe some of our citizens read The National Enquirer when they’re in the United States,” Jubeir told Brennan.

“Other citizens watch the soap opera unfold on television but that’s it.” — Agencies


Source : Saudi Gazette

Air transport to and from Tokyo disrupted by cold snap


A cold snap hit Tokyo and vicinity Saturday, causing cancellations of more than 100 flights to and from the Japanese capital despite lower-than-expected snow totals.

One centimeter of snow was observed as of noon in downtown Tokyo where temperatures fell below zero due to a cold air mass. The weather agency initially forecast an up to 5-cm snowfall but later said heavy snow was not expected in Tokyo and its adjacent prefectures of Kanagawa and Saitama.

But the Japan Meteorological Agency still warned about icy road conditions as low temperatures will continue at least through Sunday morning.

Japan Airlines Co and All Nippon Airways Co canceled more than 100 flights as of noon Saturday into and out of Haneda and Narita airports servicing Tokyo.

At Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, the operator repeatedly closed one of its runways to clear it of snow. Snowfall of up to 2 cm was observed in parts of Chiba.

Cold weather continued to hit Hokkaido, the country’s northernmost main island, on Saturday with the mercury dropping below minus 20 C at many locations, including Rikubetsu, where the temperature was recorded at minus 31.8 C, according to the agency.


Source : Japan Today
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