Croatian smart benches placed at one of Greece’s oldest educational institutions

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by croatiaweek


10 January 2019 – Croatian smart bench firm Include has started 2019 like it ended 2018, by placing more of their products around the globe.

The company confirmed on Wednesday that one of Greece’s oldest educational institutions has placed their first smart benches. Hellenic Naval Cadets Academy are the latest to adopt Include’s popular Steora smart benches.

Include says that they have sold 39 benches to their partners in Greece which 28 benches already installed around the country, including at the Hellenic Naval Cadets Academy.
Croatian smart benches at the Hellenic Naval Cadets Academy (Photo: Include)

Founded by young innovator Ivan Mrvoš in Solin near Split on the Croatian coast, Include has quickly become one of Europe’s leading producers of smart street furniture with over 855 smart benches now in 250 cities on 5 continents.

Include are also involved in many major ‘Smart City’ projects and late last year launched a brand new product – Monna cycling point – which is a solar-powered point with multiple functionalities – bike racks and electrical sockets for charging electric bicycles, bike repairing tools, wireless charging pad and charging ports for wired phones, night illumination and data collection.

Monna cycling point (Photo: Include)

More details about the company and products can be found on their website here.


Source : Croatia Week

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