Kaaba cover folded up to avoid damage

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Saudi Gazette report

Makkah — As is the custom every year during the Haj season, the Kiswa (the black cloth covering the Kaaba) has been folded up from the ground by three meters.

The folded portion of the Kiswa has been covered on all four sides with a white cloth approximately two meters wide.

Director General of the King Abdul Aziz Complex for the Kaaba Ahmad Al-Mansouri said the measure was meant to keep the Kiswa clean and protect it from damage as many pilgrims try to touch it or even cut pieces of the cloth to take with them as souvenirs.

He said a team of specialists and technicians are working to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the Kiswa.

Mansouri said the Kiswa will be brought back to its original position as soon as the Haj season ends.


Source :  Saudi Gazette

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