Ooredoo network offers ‘best coverage’ in Qatar

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 25 Jul 2018 – 2:11

Ooredoo network offers ‘best coverage’ in Qatar

The Peninsula

DOHA: Following Ooredoo’s announcement that the company has been voted as the leading telecommunications company in Qatar for both data and voice services by consumers, Ooredoo announced yesterday that it is the leading operator in terms of coverage in Qatar.

According to the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) audit report, which was conducted from May to December 2017, Ooredoo offers Qatar’s best coverage, including 2G, 3G and 4G.

On top of this, Ooredoo recently launched the only commercially ready 5G network in Qatar, and the world, which will be available across the country as soon as commercial devices are made available.

The CRA Audit tested the coverage of 2G, 3G and 4G networks across Qatar, including frequently accessed off-road routes popularly used for the fishing and camping season.

Talking about the results, Waleed Al Sayed, Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “Ooredoo has invested heavily to ensure our network covers all of Qatar and we’re delighted to officially have the best network coverage to help more people enjoy the internet more than ever. We’re also the only network to provide VoLTE services in the country – which gives a superior sound quality and enables faster call setups – as well have the majority of Ooredoo base stations upgraded to 4.5G”.

“We welcome the CRA’s KPI targets and audit, as we work with them to ensure the most reliable and seamless telecommunications services for the people of Qatar. Ooredoo’s Supernet team work tirelessly to ensure any network issues are fixed ahead of problems where possible, and we’re delighted to have had no major service disruptions in 2017 and beyond, which makes us unique in the market,” added Waleed Al Sayed.

Yesterday, Ooredoo released figures by leading research firm Nielsen showing that Ooredoo was voted the best in ‘Overall Network Quality for Voice, SMS and Data’ services by 17,500 users from 2012 to Q1 2018 in Qatar.

The company has vowed it will continue to invest in ensuring all of Qatar’s people are connected to the Supernet network, as well as continue to advance Qatar’s network with its first in the world 5G technology.

Source :  The Peninsula Qatar

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