A350 XWB: the world’s most modern and efficient jetliner

A350-1000 First Flight – air to air

The widebody A350 XWB entered commercial service in January 2015 as the world’s most modern and efficient jetliner. Drawing upon Airbus’ heritage as an innovative aviation leader, the family of twin-engine jetliners feature a revolutionary adaptive wing design inspired by birds that morphs during flight to achieve maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Like its predecessors, the A350 XWB family benefits from the use of advanced materials, combining the extensive us of carbon composites along with titanium and modern aluminium alloys. Together, they create a lighter and cost-efficient jetliner that also boasts reduced maintenance requirements. The combination of these advantages results in 25 percent lower operating costs, fuel burn and C02 emissions compared to previous-generation aircraft – highlighting Airbus’ commitment to protecting the environment while remaining at the cutting edge of air travel.


Source : Airbus Website

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