People detained for undermining Saudi Arabia’s security confess their crimes

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Public Prosecution

Saudi Gazette report

Jeddah — Those accused of violating the security of the Kingdom admitted their contact with hostile individuals and organizations and the recruitment of persons in a sensitive government body, the Public Prosecution said in a statement.

The accused admitted that they had:

1. Communicated and cooperated with individuals and organizations hostile to the Kingdom;

2 – Recruited persons in a sensitive government entity to obtain confidential information and official documents to harm the higher interests of the Kingdom;

3. Provided financial and moral support to hostile elements abroad.

A total of 17 individuals have been arrested in this case. Temporary release orders were issued for eight suspects, five women and three men, until the completion of their procedural review.

Nine individuals, five men and four women, are still under arrest due to sufficient evidence against them, as well as, their confession to the charges brought forth, which require their continued detention.

The Public Prosecution said it is committed to complete the investigation procedures in a manner that achieves justice without undermining the security and safety of the country, its regulations and interests.

It said that it is also committed to continue due process of the accused in a manner that ensures their dignity, guarantees their rights, provides access to their families and prepares appropriate places for their detention and provides them with the necessary health and social care, as stipulated in Article (26) of the Basic Law of Governance and Article (36/1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which ensures all guarantees and fundamental rights are provided to all accused in such cases.


Source :  Saudi Gazette

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