Woman claims she was raped, held for prostitution in Dubai

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She lodged a complaint to implicate several men who didn’t pay her.

A prostitute was caught by the Dubai Police after she complained at the police station that she got raped by 12 unknown men.

The 29-year-old Pakistani woman on a visit visa is facing a prostitution charge at the Court of First Instance.

A police sergeant Al Rashidiya police station said the woman came to the station to complain that she had been raped by 12 unknown men in International City on April 21.

“She claimed 12 men raped her at a flat. As we interrogated her, she eventually confessed that she made up the story to avoid being held legally accountable for working in prostitution.”

The sergeant added: “She further confessed her Pakistani boss, who exploited her in prostitution, dropped her at a flat on the morning she filed the complaint. She had sex with one Pakistani man and then with his two friends. But after none of them paid her the money, she lodged a complaint of rape to implicate them.”

The police followed up on the case. “A reliable source later tipped us off about one of the men who had sex with that woman. We traced him to his flat in the Italian cluster,” the police officer said.

Upon his arrest the next day, the accused admitted he had consensual sex with that woman. “He said his two friends also had sex with her and then led us to their flat in the same area.”

The police arrested the other two men on the same day. One of the defendants confessed that he rented a flat from a cleaner to meet the prostitute there.

The woman was brought to him to have sex with her for Dh600. However, he and his friends didn’t pay the money and hailed a cab for her. The woman identified them during a police line-up of suspects. The men admitted during investigation they had consensual sex with the woman for money.

The court will give out a verdict on June 21.


Source :  The Khaleej Times

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