Consolidados Grande SP 21/05/2018

Resultado de imagem para TV aberta

A nova novela infantil do SBTAs Aventuras de Poliana segue em alta. O ótimo desempenho da dramaturgia vem turbinando o público do SBT Brasil, que ontem alcançou maior público desde 2013.

Na Record TV, Power Couple Brasil não supera recorde com expulsão de participantes. O reality apresentado por Gugu mantém o terceiro lugar.

Nos momentos decisivos, Carinha de Anjo abre cinco pontos de vantagem sobre Apocalipse.

Confira, abaixo, as audiências de segunda-feira, 20 de maio:

Hora Um – 4,5
Bom Dia São Paulo – 8,3
Bom Dia Brasil – 9,7
Mais Você – 8,7
Bem Estar – 7,2
Encontro – 7,8
SP1 – 13,1
Globo Esporte – 13,0
Jornal Hoje – 12,9
Vídeo Show – 9,7
Sessão da Tarde: Noiva em Fuga – 11,4
Vale a Pena Ver de Novo: Celebridade – 15,0
Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras – 17,7
Orgulho e Paixão – 21,7
SP2 – 25,1
Deus Salve o Rei – 26,2
Jornal Nacional – 30,8
Segundo Sol – 30,9
Onde Nascem os Fortes – 22,3
Tela Quente: Luna – Em Busca da Verdade – 15,5
Jornal da Globo – 8,8
Conversa com Bial – 5,2
Ponto Cego – 4,3

Primeiro Impacto – 3,9
Mundo Disney – 3,9
Bom Dia & Cia – 7,2
Fofocalizando – 7,1
Casos de Família – 7,1
Coração Indomável – 7,5
Amanhã é Para Sempre – 7,0
SBT Brasil – 9,6
Carinha de Anjo – 13,6
As Aventuras de Poliana – 14,6
Chiquititas – 11,1
Programa do Ratinho – 10,7
Conexão Repórter: Jesus de Nazaré – 6,6
The Noite – 4,6
SBT Notícias – 3,1

Balanço Geral Manhã – 2,0
São Paulo no Ar – 4,1
Fala Brasil – 6,1
Hoje em Dia – 5,0
Minuto do Casamento – 4,8
Balanço Geral SP – 9,4
Luz do Sol – 5,9
Bicho do Mato – 6,2
Cidade Alerta – 10,2
Os Dez Mandamentos – 10,6
Apocalipse – 8,6
Jornal da Record – 7,0
Power Couple Brasil – 8,5
Programa do Porchat – 4,9

Um ponto no Ibope equivale a 71,9 mil domicílios. Esses números servem como referência para o mercado publicitário.

Fonte: IBOPE / MW – Praça São Paulo


Good Samaritan becomes victim as couple with sick baby steal her car while getting a ride

Flag of Thailand.svg

Around Thailand May 22, 2018 19:40

By The Nation

A couple with a sick baby staged a carjacking in Khon Kaen province while getting a lift from a good Samaritan on Tuesday.


Rattana Sriwicha, 39, said the couple had approached her in front of a convenience store at a petrol station.

“They offered Bt500 for a lift to a bus station. But I assured them that I would give them a free ride,” Rattana said. “I could not have imagined that they would turn into robbers.”

Soon after driving out of the petrol station, she said the man – identified later as “Pek” – had pressed a gun against her.

“I was trying to reach my cell phone but his wife then threatened to let Pek stab me with a knife, so I had to quickly get out of the car,” the good Samaritan-turned victim said.

The man then drove the car into nearby Maha Sarakham province.

Chased by police, he and his family fled the vehicle and went into hiding in the forest at the back of a hotel.

Maha Sarakham police chief Pol Maj-General Apisak Dechacumpoo and deputy police chief Pol Lt-Colonel Ittipol Suwanwattana then led a team in surrounding the forest zone and negotiating with the carjackers.

After a four-hour stand-ff, Apisak managed to persuade Pek to surrender, after assuring him that no one would harm him, his wife or his child.

The police chief also stressed to him that his baby was very ill and should have not remained in the forest.

After Pek gave up his gun and surrendered, an ambulance immediately took his wife and baby to Maha Sarakham Hospital.

An informed source said Pek’s child had serious health conditions.

As of press time, Pek was in police detention.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

Teen uses Facebook to locate father she’s not seen for 15 years

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Breaking News May 22, 2018 19:32

By The Nation

A 16-year-old girl in Udon Thani has used Facebook to locate the father who left her and her mother when she was just one year old.


Benjarong Krasaesin told The Nation on Tuesday that she had never met her father during the 15 years since her parents’ separation.

Since then, Benjarong’s mother had left her in the care of her grandmother, Pensri Wisetwoharn, 61, as she had a new family of her own and had moved abroad.

When she was young, she did not miss her father because she received good care from her grandma, whom she called “mom”, she said.

Later, however, she did miss him because she saw her friends with both parents, so she asked her grandmother about him and eventually learned his full name.

She decided to start searching on Facebook for her father two months ago, using his name, Thawee Krasin, as key words.

After locating a Facebook user with Thawee Krasin as an account name, she sent a greeting message and showed him a photo taken with her dad when she was just one year old, and he replied: “Are you Por, my daughter?”

“I was startled and very happy. He immediately knew it was me, after 15 years,” Benjarong said.

Her father told her that he was working in Bangkok and would be free to travel to Udon Thani in two months’ time during Buddhist Lent, when he could get time off for a holiday.

Her grandmother said that although the father had never visited the girl since she started taking care of her 15 years ago, she was happy that her granddaughter had been able to locate him after all this time.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

Police raid Chachoengsao plant in crackdown on foreign e-waste disposal

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national May 22, 2018 18:00


POLICE SEARCHED a waste management plant in Chachoengsao’s Plaeng Yao district on Tuesday, responding to an allegation that hazardous industrial waste had been smuggled from abroad to be burned at the facility, spreading toxins in the area.

National police deputy chief Pol General Weerachai Songmetta led the raid by police and officials at 9am against WMD (Wai Mei Dat) Thai Recycling Co Ltd’s 100-rai factory in Tambon Plaeng Yao. The action came in response to Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan’s directive to the Royal Thai Police to crackdown on such wrongdoers.

Officers found the factory was operating normally when they arrived. Huge piles of electronic waste such as keyboards, electrical wires and computers were sitting ready for workers to recycle or discard by burning or other methods.

Most of the workers handling the toxic waste were found to be undocumented and untrained Lao and Myanmar migrants being paid Bt9,000 a month.

Burning electronic circuit boards to extract heavy metals risked contamination of the surrounding environment, while hard plastic parts were toxic when burnt or would take millions of years to disintegrate when buried, said Weerachai, adding that this hazardous industrial waste required specific and proper disposal methods.

Weerachai and deputy chief of the Tourism Police Bureau Pol Maj General Surachet Hakpan led a search involving five ministries – Natural Resources and Environment, Public Health, Industry, Justice and the Ministry of Finance.

Weerachai said the unnamed Chinese owner of the facility was accused of importing potentially dangerous electronic waste under false Customs declarations.

“Thailand is now among the world’s top-ranked countries in terms of volume of electronic waste because foreign investors are smuggling the trash here – declaring it as second-hand goods – for disposal,” Weerachai said, citing a report that Hong Kong had over 100,000 tonnes of electronic waste pending distribution to other countries for disposal.

Source :  The Nation Multimedia

Iraq sentences Belgian Islamic State member to death

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Baghdad ( An Iraqi criminal court sentenced on Tuesday a Belgian member of the Islamic State to death for involvement with the group and threatening attacks in Europe.

Tarek Jadoun, aka Abu Hamza al-Baljiki, of a Moroccan origin, was sentenced to death by the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad, said Abdul-Sattar al-Bayraqdar, a spokesperson of the High Judicial Council.

He pleaded innocent of the charges at the opening of his trial in May 10th.

According to Bayraqdar, al-Baljiki was found guilty of involvement in IS operations, as well as acting as a trainer for the group’s so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate”, a division of underage fighters.

Iraq has sentenced several foreign nationals to death and life in prison over operating with the militant group which occupied a third of the country in 2014 to establish a self-styled “caliphate” rule. Iraq declared the recapture of all territories under the group’s control in December 2017.

In November, the newspaper of the Iraqi judicial council published an interrogation of Jadoun, in which he elaborated on his induction into IS and promotion through its ranks.


Source :  Iraqi News

Iraqi security arrest three foreign Islamic State women in Mosul

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Nineveh ( – Iraqi troops arrested on Tuesday three foreign women of Islamic State in Mosul city while trying to flee the country into Syria.

Captain Khalil Ibrahim, from the 15th division of the Iraqi army, told SNG agency that the trio, including two Syrians and a Turkish, were found to have been working for Islamic State’s Hisbah “vigilantism” Diwan during the terrorist group’s capture of Mosul in 2014.

They were taken to the Nineveh operations command for interrogation over crimes they committed against Mosul residents, Ibrahim pointed out.

Iraqi courts have sentenced tens of Islamic State members, including a big number of female members, to death over joining the militant group. The exact number of detained militants is still unknown, however, it’s estimated to be at thousands. It’s also unclear how many members are likely to face death sentences.

Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul from the militants last July, and declared an all-out victory over the group in Iraq last December. Despite the group’s crushing defeat at its main havens across Iraq, Islamic State continues to launch sporadic attacks against troops with security reports warning that the militant group still poses a threat against stability in the country.


Source :  Iraqi News