Nguti Councilors Hail Mayor’s Development Drive, Adopt FCFA 500M For 2017

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By Jude Njinjuh E.
Councilors of Nguti council in Kupe-Muanenguba Division have hailed the Mayor, George Tong Enoh, and his team for the high rate of project realisation in the municipality in 2016, and have urged him to continue with such development strides so as to transform the municipality before the end of their mandate in 2018.
The twenty five councilors that form the deliberative arm of the council took upon themselves commitments to work in close collaboration with the mayor to see that all the projects earmarked for 2017 are fully executed.
The councilors resolved during a session devoted for the deliberation and adoption of the 2017 budget of the council. The session chaired by the Mayor, George Tong Enoh, took place at the council chambers on Tuesday 20 December 2016, in the presence of the Senior Divisional Officer for Kupe-Muanenguba Division, Handerson Quetong Konge.
The draft budget drawn to balance in revenue and expenditure at the sum of FCFA 500 million has been described by the Mayor as being realistic as it will be greatly realised and ambitious since it focuses on the improvement of the social and economic needs of the population. According to the mayor, the revenue will be generated from support from the National Community Driven Development Programme, PNDP, FEICOM, state allocations, local collections. Some of the projects to be executed in 2017 include construction of a guesthouse at Nguti town, purchase of the tipper for the council, maintenance of rural roads, construction of bridges and culverts, assistance to schools, disabled and health centres, updating of the council communal development plan, among others.
Some of the projects realised in 2016, as explained by the mayor, included the constant grading and maintenance of council roads, assistance to the needy population, construction of culverts to link up streets, construction of classrooms and supply of didactic materials and benches, among others.
The councilors, who see the mayor’s balance sheet as being very positive did not hesitate to adopt the budget ,as they consider the mayor and his team as agents of development. Though without some difficulties like the enclaved nature of Mboh hinterlands, the impassable Nguti –Bangem-Tombel road, the mayor assures the population that development is a gradual process .He also assures the population of solar electricity project in the pipeline, the upcoming construction of Fuel station in Nguti, relocation of the Motor park, establishment of council palm plantation and other giant projects that will help transform the municipality.
The session wrapped up with the award of prizes to best performing farmers in Nguti sub Division, where some six poultry and pig farmers received cash prize ranging from FCFA 55000 to FCFA 80000,plus wheel barrows, spades, and bags of feed.


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