Military Thrash Bamenda Teachers On Their Way To Celebrate Youth Day

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By Ignatius Nji

A better Youth Day celebration in Bamenda as compared to last year was clouded by unfortunate news of military having beaten teachers. Some ten teachers from Government School Menfibie in Mankon, Bamenda reportedly received merciless beatings from the military while going to participate in the Youth Day march past.
Nine of the ladies who could not bear the pains went back home from the food market spot where they unfortunately fell in the hands of the military and only Madam Che Loveline braved it to the Grandstand in tears with soiled dresses and recounted their ordeal to some curious  officials.

SDF National Chairman, Fru Ndi, who was present at the ceremony condemned in strong terms such military brutality on unarmed civilians. He wondered aloud that for teachers coming to participate in the Youth Day celebration receive beatings from the military is not normal.
“Do you think these ladies can come again to

participate next time?” He asked. Fru Ndi said the spirit of Youth Day has been killed given that he saw parents marching instead of youths.
“There is need to rekindle that effervescence that used to characterise Youth Day celebration in the country,” he said.
The Chief celebrant, Governor Lele L’Afrique Adolphe expressed his satisfaction by thanking all the stakeholders who did not miss out any opportunity at making the event as grandiose as it was.
He cited the head of State’s resolve that everybody should work towards bringing to normalcy the situation in the North West and South West regions.
“Youths who are leaders in the making should work in the spirit of multiculturalism and bilingualism to have a better future,” Lele L’Afrique said.
Other activities that characterised the heavily guarded event included the handing over of prizes of excellence to outstanding youths who excelled in entrepreneurship, sports or other vocational trade.
Azanwi Terence, a designer by profession, told Eden that he started off with little and today his efforts have been recognised and a prize given to him which means any youth who is willing can also make it.
As for political party participation only a handful of CPDM youths, who took advantage of the presence of students from higher institutions transformed them to militants making a good number.



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