Al Garabia exhibition opens at Katara

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04 May 2018 – 4:51

Al Garabia exhibition opens at Katara

Artists whose works are featured at Al Garabia exhibition which opened on Wednesday at Katara Building 18.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Al Garabia, an exhibition of works by a group of Latin American artists based in Qatar, opened at Katara Cultural Village Building 18 on Wednesday.

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Sayed, deputy general manager of Katara and Rossana Cecilia Surballe, the Ambassador of Argentina to Qatar opened the exhibition in the presence of ambassadors of several Latin American countries and other visitors and dignitaries. The exhibition will run until May 14 from 10am to 10pm. The exhibition is titled Al Garabia, after a linguistic expression, rich with cultural and historic meanings.

The term algaravia or al-arabîya is complex in significance giving its many layers, ranging from its colonial origins to the modern Spanish expression Algarabía, meaning a sudden loud situation or troupe of people creating confusion and bewilderment. This definition is also often used to describe the Middle Eastern and Latino American peoples which aside of the cliché highlights the similarities derived from long standing cultural ties between the two worlds.

“We call ourselves Group of Seven, meaning seven Latin American artists based in Qatar. Three more have joined this exhibition and we may change the name to G10,” said Maria Al Badr, one of the participating artists, originally from Uruguay, married and settled in Qatar.

Al Badr said that the basic idea behind the exhibition was to show “what the Arab cultures have given to our countries,” through Arab immigrants who came to Latin America several centuries ago. About 40 artworks illustrating the cultural link between Arabs and Latin American countries are on display at the exhibition.

The exhibits include a painting by Al Badr, titled Bustle of Lights which evoke joyful memories of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.

Juan Miguel Ramirez from Mexico has showcased a blend of photography, installations and paintings, depicting three Qatari “boats” and colourful paintings set in the backdrop of Qatari life and environment.

Other participating artists include Alma De La Barrera from Mexico, Melina Da Moura from Brazil, Angeles Ollarburo from Argentina, Johnathen Machado Tepper from Venezuela, Leonora Benavides from Chile, Maria de las Nieves Ahuad Goya from Mexico, Oscar Mantilla  and Sebastian Betancur, both from Colombia.


Source :  The Peninsula Qatar

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