Iranian researchers manufacture crude oil disposal reinjection units

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April 17, 2018

TEHRAN – Researchers at a knowledge-based company in the city of Mashhad designed crude oil disposal reinjection units which improve the quality of crude oil.

The company was recognized as the second laureate in research and development section for their research work on crude oil disposal reinjection units at the 31st Khwarizmi International Award, which was held on February 24 in Tehran.

Crude oil usually contains dissolved salty water in extraction process and over the time, as the volume of gas and crude oil decrease, the amount of salty water increase, Alireza Nasseri Hosseini explained in an interview with the Tehran Times on Wednesday.

Desalting systems are designed to eliminate or reduce dissolved salty water to 8 P.T.B. (8 pound in 1000 barrel), he added.

He named the advantages of desalting units, which reduce corrosion, prevent obstruction in equipment, protect catalyst and improve the quality of crude oil.

In this way, the maximum capacity of units are used and the efficiency of refineries are increased, he explained.

He said that separated salty water enter a wastewater treatment system for isolating oil particles and then are injected to a dead-well near the plant.

The units include hydro cyclone, which is used for isolating oil particles from salty water(from 1000 ppm to 100 ppm), nutshell filters, which is used for completing the isolation of oil particles of up to 25 ppm and extracting solid particles bigger than 100 µ, storage tanks, main pumps and booster pumps.

Crude oil disposal reinjection units of the company support maximum capacity of 10,000 BPD with the injection pressure of 1,600 PSIg, he concluded.

All hydraulic data in this system are saved and can be sent to the data center wirelessly. Shorter time of overhaul in compare to the similar system, compact design of unit with no cavitation, local explosion proof control panel are other advantages of this unit.



Source :  Tehran Times

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