Zarif: Iran-Europe talks only on regional issues, not missiles

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Zarif: Iran-Europe talks only on regional issues, not missiles


Referring to recent Western media reports claiming Iran and the West have started dialogue on Iran’s missile program, Iran’s foreign minister said that holding talks on Yemen does not mean starting negotiation on issues in other fields.

Speaking in Tehran after meeting with National Security and Foreign Policy of Iranian Parliament on Sunday, Mohammad-Javad Zarif said “Talks on regional issues, in particular, the issue of the crisis in Yemen is an old one,” adding “We have repeatedly stated that if the European side is serious about negotiating regional problems, we are also ready,” MNA reported.

The foreign minister added said “Regarding Yemen issue, the Islamic Republic of Iran, several weeks after the start of the aggression of the Saudi regime offered a four-article plan that the Europeans also knew about,” adding, “We believe that the Yemeni crisis should be resolved peacefully.”

Zarif added, “In the meantime, we had discussions with Europeans to change way of supporting such aggressive regimes long time ago, therefore, this does not mean that we have entered into negotiations on another area.”

Regarding the nuclear deal, the foreign minister stated that Iran has always abided by its commitments, and it is up to the other party to act according to its obligations.

In response to a question about Reuters’s claim that Iran had had talks with countries such as Germany, Britain and Italy on the sidelines of the Munich Summit, Zarif said Iran has had talks with Europeans since the 1990s on various regional issues

With regard to the issues that are on the agenda in the meetings with vising French foreign minister, Zarif said “With all the countries we are discussing, we share common ground regarding bilateral relations, as well as economic, political, parliamentary, and regional and international issues,” adding, “We will have the same discussions with the French Foreign Minister Mr. Le Drian.”

Referring to the sanctions on Iran’s banking relations. The foreign minister concluded that the other side says that sanctions on Iran’s banks belongs to the private sector, but the Islamic Republic of Iran does not consider these answers to be convincing.


Source :  Iran-Daily

Le Drian, Shamkhani discuss bilateral ties, regional issues

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Le Drian, Shamkhani discuss bilateral ties, regional issues


During a meeting on Monday in Tehran Iran’s SNSC Secretary Ali Shamkhani and French Foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian discussed regional and international developments as well as bilateral ties.

Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) and French Foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian met on Monday in Tehran, MNA reported.

The two officials discussed a host of issues in areas of bilateral ties and regional and international developments.

The French top diplomat arrived in Tehran early on Sunday and met with Mr. Shamkhani as the first program of his visit to Tehran before noon.

He is also slated to hold bilateral meetings with his Iranian counterpart Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and the Speaker of Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani.


Source :  Iran-Daily

Gilan customs overseas transit up 22%

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Gilan customs overseas transit up 22%


Foreign transit from Gilan Customs had a 22 percent growth during the 11 months of the current Iranian calendar year (ending on March 20, 2018), Gilan Customs official Abolghasem Yusefi Nejad said on Monday.

During the mentioned period, 224,427 tons of products have been transited through Gilan customs and from Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine to Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan Kyrgyzstan and free zones, Yusefi Nejad said, IRNA reported.

The transited goods were worth $220,394,561, he said, adding that the products consisted of fuel, steel, wood, industrial machinery, clothes and chemical products.

He went on to say that 454,138 tons of products worth $298,332 were exported from Gilan Customs.

Crops, vegetables, fruit, dates, raisin, tea, mineral products, glass, food industry products, textiles and plastics were among the products which were exported to Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iraq, he added.


Source :  Iran-Daily