Egypt’s military prosecution detains Geneina for 15 days

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Egypt’s military prosecution ordered on Wednesday that Hisham Geneina, former top auditor and a member of former presidential hopeful Sami Anan’s campaign team, be detained for 15 days pending investigations over statements he made about allegedly possessing sensitive and top-secret documents incriminating senior military figures.

Geneina was arrested on Tuesday, according to statements by his lawyer Ali Taha and family members.

The arrest of Geneina came after he told HuffPost Arabia that he has access to top-secret documents which allegedly prove that army leaders played a role in causing social unrest following the 2011 uprising which saw the ousting of former President Hosni Mubarak.

Geneina threatened to release these documents if Anan, who is currently under arrest, is subject to a threat against his life.

Geneina is being investigated before the military prosecution as his statements relate to the armed forces.

The armed forces issued a statement on Monday saying it would use all rights ensured by constitution and law to protect the national security and retain its honor and dignity.

Anan was arrested in January and is currently believed to be held in a military prison. He is accused of declaring his intention to run in the 2018 presidential election without obtaining permission from the army, driving a wedge between the armed forces and the Egyptian public, and forging official documents.

Edited translation from Al-Youm Al-Youm


Source :  Egypt Independent

TV host Mona Iraqi under investigation for ‘inappropriate’ language on air

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Privately owned Mehwar TV channel on Wednesday said it has opened an investigation into controversial TV host Mona Iraqi for reportedly using “inappropriate” language during her coverage of a rape case on the show “Entebah” (attention).

In a statement on Wednesday, the channel’s management said that the language used by Iraqi contradicts the channel’s regulations, which adheres to “good values and principles,” and that the channel has been seen as “the channel of the Egyptian family” since its launch15 years ago.

“The Mehwar channel apologizes to the audience for the inappropriate words used by host Mona Iraqi, and stresses that the main objective is to publish objective information to every Egyptian family [adhereing to] clear ethical and professional standards that maintain the cohesion of society,” the statement said.

The channel’s management stressed that any announcer who does not abide by the professional and moral rules of the channel does not have a place on screen.

Iraqi was in 2015 sentenced to six months in prison with a LE10,000 bail over charges of “defamation” and broadcasting false news for her controversial filming of a bathhouse raid in December 2014. In January 2016 the verdict was canceled.

Iraqi received wide-spread criticism in 2014 for cooperating with police to raid the bathhouse, located near the Ramses neighborhood in Cairo, accusing the 26 men inside of “debauchery”, a blanket legal term for homosexual activity. As the naked men were being escorted out of the bathhouse by the police, Iraqi filmed the incident for her then undercover TV program “Al-Mostakhbai” (the hidden) on the Al-Kahera wal Nas satellite channel.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


Source :  Egypt Independent

Dead police lieutenant likely took own life: prosecutor

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The North Giza Public Prosecution denied that First Police Lieutenant Mahmoud Raafat was shot dead by unidentified criminals, suggesting that the most likely scenario is that he took his own life by shooting himself as he was known for suffering from depression.

Security sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that police found anti-depressive medication and heart disease drugs in Raafat’s car after he was found dead in Cairo’s Mohandiseen district on Tuesday.

Police investigations ruled out that Raafat was killed by a “terrorist” or a criminal.

Chief of North Giza prosecutors Mohammed Sharf checked Raafat’s body in the Agouza Police Hospital where he discovered that a bullet had penetrated his chest and the front seat of his car.

The prosecution sent Rafat’s pistol and bullets to the forensic administration in al-Abassya for investigation and seized the drugs.

The prosecution demanded that the relevant authorities to reveal the circumstances of the incident.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


Source :  Egypt Independent

EXCUSIVE: Corrupt Messy Situation With Cameroun Soldiers in Mamfe – Generals Accused of Embezzling Allowances

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By Martin Agbor Ndip, Wednesady, January 3, 2018

Southern Cameroons Journal, Mamfe – Agitation is emerging within the ranks of La Republique du Cameroun soldiers deployed in Manyu. A military source in Mamfe disclosed to the Southern Cameroons Journal that junior officers and their Colonel superiors are beginning to grumble that the soldiers deployed to fight in Manyu are not being paid their allowances. “There have been complaints among soldiers and colonels that the Cameroon soldiers sent to fight in Southern Cameroons have not been paid allowances.” The source said.

The agitation is particularly strong amongst the colonels directing the war effort for La Republique and they are pointing accusing fingers at the Generals. Some of them are reported as saying “many are hungry and cannot fight on an empty stomach.” The Colonels say funds dispatched to them in the warfront have been swindled and “have not reached the soldiers on the front.”

The Journal gathered that Yaoundé has instructed Sylvester Jiofack, the Director of Military Justice, and the Deputy Director of Budget and Equipment, Simon Etonde, to investigate if funds intended for soldiers have been embezzled by Generals leading the war.

They are also charged with finding out the morale of the troops on the ground in the face of these complaints. “They do not want the soldiers to turn their guns on their officers or mutiny as they did in Ngaoundere last year.” Our source disclosed.

In La Republique’s official communiques, they turn to code name Mamfe, where the war is ongoing as ‘Pretoria,’ (capital of South Africa). “It is a messy situation with the corruption in the army. Even equipment is lacking.” Our source said.

He added that in some situations, soldiers are having to literally sleep on hard floors, go and look for food in town and then get ready to fight. The situation has greatly affected the moral of the soldiers, adding to the daily ambush and killings that they are increasingly subjected to by the mysterious appearance and disappearance of Odey-Shi boys.

Our informant said, the regime in Yaoundé is secretly carrying out burials of their soldiers killed in Mamfe for fear that news of the many fallen will cause disaffection from within the ranks. He disclosed that so many soldiers have been killed to the extent that gov’t is afraid families of the soldiers may get the news. “Recently, the killings in Ndian, Manyu and Bafaka have been so many that they are afraid families of the fallen soldiers will strike.” Our source said.

Speaking about Mamfe, he said “everybody is in fear that spiritual gun (Odey shi), can come. They (Cameroon soldiers) have come with Pigmies from the Eastern Region to exercise their medicine in traditional way to fight the Ambas army. Our informant disclosed.

He also disclosed that the French are conducting military reconnaissance of the area. “France has a camera to map the whole Mamfe and to detect every movement anywhere,” he said.


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BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen Abduct President Ayuk Tabe, Plus Nine Others

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President Julius Ayuktabe.

Press Statement from the Interim Gov’t

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia Strongly condemns the abduction of President Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine other officials by gunmen from la Republic du Cameroun at about 19:30 pm in Nera Hotels, (Ekwueme Road),   Abuja Nigeria on January 5, 2018. This criminal abduction happened during a meeting being chaired by H.E. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

Those arrested along with the President H.E. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe include;

Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC)

Dr. Fidelis Nde Che,

Dr. Henry Kimeng

Prof. Awasum

Dr. Cornelius Kwanga

Mr. Tassang Wilfred

Barrister Eyambe Elias

Dr. Ojong Okongho and

Barrister Nalowa Bih.

The President and his team were in a High Command meeting in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria at the time the Cameroun Gunmen showed up at the Hotel. The meeting started at around 5pm, Nigerian time. At around 7:30PM, the gunmen came into the Hotel and abducted all of them including the President.

The meeting was scheduled to discuss the Southern Cameroons Refugee crisis in Nigeria and to galvanize relief support for housing, medical and feeding in anticipation of the approaching rainy season.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has been notified of the incident and it is currently investigating the situation. The Interim Government of the Southern Cameroons calls on all Southern Cameroonians to remain calm as it pursues investigations.

Southern Cameroonians continue to be victims of extra judicial killings orchestrated by President Paul Biya and his henchmen.

President Paul Biya and his henchmen must know that Southern Cameroonians will continue to assert their right to self-determination and will hold Paul Biya to account on all the killings of Southern Cameroonians.

We call on Nigerian authorities to address this issue immediately and ensure that the Cameroun Government does not do any harm to them. We also call on the Nigerian authorities to investigate this threat against its sovereignty by La Republique du Cameroun.

We call on the Nigerian government to guarantee the security of the more than 20,000 Southern Cameroonian refugees in various camps in Nigeria.

Ambazonians will “Live Free or Die.”


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More Refugees Fleeing Southern Cameroon – UN Refugee Agency

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Cameroonian families seek refuge in Utanga, Obanliku, Nigeria, after fleeing insecurity in English-speaking parts of their homeland. Photo: UNHCR/Elizabeth Mpimbaza

By Tando George, Saturday, January 20 2018

Southern Cameroons Journal, Mamfe – 19 January 2018 – As swelling numbers of people flee English-speaking areas of Cameroon for Nigeria, the United Nations on Friday expressed concern over the precarious situation of women and children, which make now up about 80 per cent of the approximately 10,000 registered refugees in eastern Nigeria’s Cross River state.

Some of these are boys and girls who fled to Nigeria alone,” William Spindler, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told reporters at the regular press briefing in Geneva, adding that unaccompanied and separated children are particularly vulnerable.

“UNHCR has received numerous reports that children have to work or beg to survive or to help their families,” he added.

Many reported that they were unable to attend school, for lack of time and money. Thousands more are among the population of unregistered Cameroonians in neighbouring states, where some of the children are unaccompanied and vulnerable.

“UNHCR is working with the Nigerian authorities to assist with the reunification of separated children with their families, to provide unaccompanied children with protection services and to restore the basic right of all children to education,” Mr. Spindler said.

Some of the children fleeing to Nigeria told UNHCR that they had been out of school in Cameroon for all of 2017.

“For women, the lack of work combined with the over-stretched reception facilities, creates a higher risk of sexual and gender-based violence, particularly from survival sex,” he continued.

While only a limited number of cases have been recorded, mainly in the Amana community of Cross River state, UNHCR is concerned that many more go unreported or are referred only to community elders.

“Incidents of domestic violence, as well as cases of teenage pregnancies involving girls as young as 14, have also been reported,” the spokesperson elaborated.

In Nigeria’s Benue state, two school buildings are serving as temporary refugee accommodations, where women and their families sleep inside communal school halls – deprived of private space and the right to family dignity.

“For them, and for the rest of the population living in temporary tents hastily built next to local residences, sufficient and appropriate shelter is key to ensure adequate registration, systematic aid distribution and reduced protection risks,” Mr. Spindler underscored.

UNHCR and the Nigerian authorities are currently working to identify sites away from the border, where the refugees can live according to international standards.

“We are also establishing offices in the towns of Calabar and Adikpo to better provide assistance and protection to the women and children,” he said, noting that support includes food, basic relief items, water and sanitation facilities.

Since mid-2017, Cameroon’s Anglophone regions have seen demonstrations as tensions have mounted over what the country’s English-speakers see as discrimination against them in favour of the majority French-speaking population.


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Cameroun – Organisation de la CAN 2019: Paul Biya rassure, Ahmad Ahmad menace

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Paul Biya – 10/02/2018 CIN
Dans son adresse du 10 février 2018, le Chef de l’Etat confiant a demandé aux joueurs de se mettre à la hauteur de leur réputation pour la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations 2019.

Si du côté de la Confédération africaine de football (CAF) le doute persiste encore sur la capacité du Cameroun à pouvoir organiser la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations (CAN) 2019, Paul Biya le Chef de l’Etat lors de son discours à la jeunesse s‘est montré plutôt confiant. Il a même demandé aux joueurs d’être à la hauteur de leur réputation. «2018 sera aussi une année décisive pour la préparation de la CAN 2019. L’Etat y a injecté des moyens considérables. Il reviendra par la suite à nos footballeurs d’être à la hauteur de leur réputation et du palmarès élogieux de leurs illustres devanciers. Ils ont montré par le passé qu’ils en sont capables», a déclaré le Chef de l’Etat.

Dans son édition du 13 février 2018 le quotidien Le Jour souligne que, «seulement les assurances de Paul Biya tranchent avec ce qui se dit au niveau de la CAF». En fait il se trouve que le 2 février 2018 à Casablanca à la conférence de presse qui a suivi la 40e assemblée générale ordinaire de la CAF, Ahmad Ahmad le président de l’instance faîtière du football en parlant de la capacité du Cameroun à pouvoir organiser ce grand rendez-vous sportif et de la mission d’inspection qui venait de séjourner au pays a déclaré «vous savez très bien qu’on a nommé un auditeur indépendant, qui a déjà fait une première visite d’inspection avec quelques experts. Ce que je peux vous dire, évidemment sans aller dans la polémique, je ne vous dirai pas ici les vrais rapports. Il y a des gens qui veulent mentir. Entre le rapport et le cahier de charges, il y a encore un déficit énorme. On demande au Cameroun de rattraper dans la mesure du possible».

Ahmad Ahmad a réitéré qu’étant un homme de parole, la réglementation sera appliquée dans toute sa vigueur. Aussi il a précisé que ce que la CAF demande au pays de Paul Biya ce sont les infrastructures à savoir les stades, les hôtels, les hôpitaux «beaucoup de choses».



Cameroun – SDF: Le bureau national du parti sera renouvelé au congrès du parti prévu les 22 et 23 février 2018

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John Fru Ndi, SDF Archives
Les listes des candidatures aux différents postes du National Executive Commitee ont été publiées le 9 février dernier.

Lors de ses assises du 9 février 2018, le Social democratic front (SDF) a décidé de se réunir les 22 et 23 février 2018 dans le cadre du congrès du parti politique. Notre confrère Le Jour rapporte dans son édition du 13 février 2018 en kiosque, que ce sera au cours de ces assises que le bureau national du parti, le National Executive Commitee (NEC) sera renouvelé. La rencontre du 9 février dernier qui a eu lieu à la résidence du Chairman à Bamenda, au Nord-Ouest a permis d’adopter le rapport de la Commission nationale des investitures et de publier la liste définitive des différentes candidatures au poste du NEC.

Aussi lors des assises de vendredi dernier, il a été dit qu’après la tenue du congrès du 22 et 23 février 2018, suivra un congrès dit extraordinaire. Il se tiendra le 24 février 2018. Et c’est lors de cet autre congrès qu’on connaîtra enfin le candidat qui représentera le SDF à la Présidentielle prévue en octobre 2018. Rappelons que sur ce point, jusqu’à ce jour trois candidatures ont été déclarées. Celles de l’Honorable Joshua Osih, Simon Fobi Nchinda et Joseph Mbah Ndam. Ni John Fru Ndi le fondateur du SDF qui a toujours représenté sa formation politique à la Présidentielle, ne sera pas de la partie cette fois-ci. C’est une certitude. Toutefois il est candidat à sa propre succession à la tête du parti.

Sur l’élection du président national du SDF, premier parti d’opposition au Cameroun, le mois dernier il y avait déjà des candidatures déclarées à l’instar d’Olivier Mfegue. Coordonnateur départemental du SDF dans la Mvila, il a exprimé son désir de diriger sa formation politique. Toutefois ce dernier avait indiqué qu’il se retirerait de la course si le Chairman se portait candidat à sa propre succession.



Cameroun – La Fête au Palais: “Joyeux anniversaire Monsieur le Président”

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Paul Biya 85 ans – 13/02/2018 P R C
Le Chef de l’Etat célèbre ce mardi 13 Février 2018 son 85ème anniversaire. Et cette année encore, comme les années précédentes, la première dame, Mme Chantal Biya, a tout prévu…

Joyeux anniversaire monsieur le Président:

Paul Biya 85 ans – 13/02/2018