Chiang Mai zoo puts white tiger cubs on display

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Breaking News February 13, 2018 16:49

By Patinya Srisupamart
The Nation

The Chiang Mai Night Safari on Tuesday introduced its new additions of three white tiger cubs ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations.

The three-month-old cubs were two males named Fufu, or wealth, and Facai, good luck, plus one female, Ping-an, peace, acting zoo director Netnapa Sutthithamdamrong said.

The cubs were presented with a special frozen meat cake treat.

The zoo also announced that the cubs would join others on display in the “Tiger World” zone, where a Chinese lion dance and a Wushu martial art show would be performed on Friday.

Netnapa also said the Chiang Mai Night Safari had eight male and nine female black Indochinese leopards in enclosures meant to mimic their natural habitat, which was hoped to encourage their reproduction in line with species conservation efforts.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

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