Man, 83, accused of raping 4-year-old girl

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Around Thailand February 13, 2018 17:13

By Krissana Thiwatsirikul

The Nation

An 83-year-old man was arrested in Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Muang district on Tuesday morning over an accusation that he allegedly raped the four-year-old daughter of an in-law niece on February 2.


The girl sustained such serious injuries from the alleged rape that she had to be treated at Maharat Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital, and was only discharged on Monday.

The suspect, who maintained he was innocent, was arrested on charges of raping a girl under 13 and “taking away” a minor from her parents/guardian for a lewd act, said Muang Nakhon Si Thammarat superintendent Pol Colonel Adisak Thepawan.

Maintaining that he didn’t rape or molest the girl as accused, the suspect only admitted to police that he took the girl to visit his home to play games that day.

The girl’s mother told police on Monday that she left her daughter at the home of her elderly mother, when the suspect, who is a relative of her new husband, stopped by and picked up the girl to visit his home. When the girl was returned hours later, the grandmother noticed she was bleeding and rushed her to hospital.

The girl then told them what the suspect had done to her. The mother waited until the girl recovered and was discharged before filing the compliant that resulted in the suspect’s arrest.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

Air quality in Bangkok improves, but still deemed unsafe

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national February 13, 2018 17:05

By The Nation

Despite the continued absence of rainfall in Bangkok following a rain-making operation that began on Monday, the level of particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) in the city’s air was lower on Tuesday.


In the afternoon, the PM2.5 measurements from the capital’s air-quality monitoring stations reported a declining trend, but the level of PM2.5 in the capital as a whole was still considered unsafe.

Only the monitoring station in Pathumwan district reported a safe daily average PM2.5 level of 44 micrograms per cubic metre of air based on the Thai PM2.5 safe daily standard of 50 micrograms, but the figure is still considered unhealthy in relation to the World Health Organisation standard, which is 25 micrograms.

Meanwhile, the PM2.5 daily averages at three of the other monitoring stations were all higher than both the Thai and WHO safe standards, with Thon Buri district recording 57.76 micrograms, Bang Na district measuring 54.98 micrograms and Wang Thonglang district with 52.34 micrograms.

The monitoring station in Phaya Thai district was still unable to measure air quality, having had a technical issue since January 31.

Although the Royal Rain-making and Agricultural Aviation Department on Monday launched a rain-making mission for the Bangkok Metropolitan area with a view to reducing air pollution in the city, the rain radar of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Drainage and Sewerage Department failed to find any sign of rain in the Bangkok area since the operation began.

The operation will continue until the coming weekend, or until the air-pollution situation in greater Bangkok is resolved.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

Minister says he won’t resign over watches comments

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Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin says he will not resign following his comments on Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon’s luxury watches scandal. Dr Teerakiat told reporters on Tuesday he had met Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Gen Prawit and to “clear the air”. “I apologised to Gen Prawit for my bad manners. We’ll work smoothly together from now on,” he said.

He added he did not resign and would continue to help Gen Prayut. “I still have every confidence in him. I’ll stay until the prime minister thinks I’m not suitable.”

Last week, Dr Teerakiat was in England where he met Thai students and businessmen on Friday. He told them when they finished their studies and returned to Thailand, they should bear in mind that law enforcement and conscience of politicians in Thailand were very different. Rule of law doesn’t really exist, he said. He cited as an example Michael Bates, a member of the House of Lords who quit his government post. after showing up late to answer questions. Prime Minister Theresa May later rejected his resignation. “But in Thailand, having 25 watches is okay,” he said.

After the 15-minute meeting, Dr Teerakiat told BBC Thai: “There’s no way [this will happen in Thailand]. We are not trained from a young age to be ashamed. It will never happen. Thick-skinned is more like it here. As for the timepieces, if it was me, I would resign after being exposed about the first watch. People dare not comment. What do they fear? Will they fire me if I say so?” he said. His comments were widely shared in social media, raising the question whether he would resign or be fired.  Dr Teerakiat said on Tuesday the clip on BBC website showed him sitting during the talk but the voice-over came from a conversation he later had with a BBC Thai reporter. “I didn’t  know I was on record so I don’t count it as an official interview. I admit that it’s not the best manners to mention a cabinet minister and I already apologised,”he said. After returning to Bangkok on Tuesday, he went to meet Gen Prayut and Gen Prawit at Government House but did not attend the weekly cabinet meeting in the afternoon.  Also on Tuesday, Ruangkrai Leekijwattana, a former Pheu Thai member and senator, said he would send Dr Teerakiat a letter asking him to consider resigning. According to his asset disclosure to the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the psychiatrist held 5,000 Siam Cement Plc shares (SCC), worth 2.4 million baht based on the closing price on Tuesday. The Constitutional Court ruled in 2010 that SCC shares were “concession shares”were “concession shares” since the company operated on state concessions. The 2017 constitution prohibits a cabinet minister who has such shares from taking the position, Mr Ruangkrai said. NACC spokesman Worawit Sukboon said on Tuesday the NACC would consider the complaint and look into facts before deciding whether to set up a panel to handle the investigation.

Source :  Bangkok Post

Ubon Ratchathani man arrested for allegedly selling drug to teens

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Breaking News February 13, 2018 15:15

By The Nation

Police arrested a man on Tuesday in Ubon Ratchathani’s Muang district for allegedly selling methamphetamine pills to teenagers, some of whom reportedly traded firearms and grenades for the drugs.

Sakda Khamdaeng, 29, was arrested at his rented room in an apartment building at 12.30pm.

Police also seized 200 methamphetamine pills, an M26 grenade and four rounds of ammunition that were found in the room.

Sakda was arrested after he left his apartment to deliver drugs to undercover police. When he learned that the buyer was a police officer, he returned to his room and locked the door, but police used a spare key to open it and arrested him.

They conducted the arrest after learning that Sakda had allegedly been selling drugs to teenagers in the neighbourhood.

Sakda admitted that he had ordered batches of 2,000 pills from an unidentified distributor via the Line application. He said he did not know the real name of the seller.

He allegedly resold the drugs to local teenagers, some of whom paid with grenades and guns, which he sold on Facebook.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

Chiang Mai zoo puts white tiger cubs on display

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Breaking News February 13, 2018 16:49

By Patinya Srisupamart
The Nation

The Chiang Mai Night Safari on Tuesday introduced its new additions of three white tiger cubs ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations.

The three-month-old cubs were two males named Fufu, or wealth, and Facai, good luck, plus one female, Ping-an, peace, acting zoo director Netnapa Sutthithamdamrong said.

The cubs were presented with a special frozen meat cake treat.

The zoo also announced that the cubs would join others on display in the “Tiger World” zone, where a Chinese lion dance and a Wushu martial art show would be performed on Friday.

Netnapa also said the Chiang Mai Night Safari had eight male and nine female black Indochinese leopards in enclosures meant to mimic their natural habitat, which was hoped to encourage their reproduction in line with species conservation efforts.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

Four arrested at Hat Yai airport for alleged drug smuggling

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Breaking News February 13, 2018 15:47

By The Nation

Police on Tuesday arrested a couple and their two accomplices for allegedly smuggling 23,408 methamphetamine pills and 52.75 grams of crystal meth aboard two flights from Don Mueang International Airport to Hat Yai in Songkhla.

The couple – Thananaj Chaikhunthira, 31, and Kulpakorn Chaijit, 36 – were arrested at Hat Yai International Airport, along with Chatchai Benjapitporn, 31, and Chattraporn Jaidee, 28.

Police said the four suspects had split up and travelled on two flights, with each of them carrying some of the illegal drugs.

Police said that after receiving tip-offs, they had been monitoring the group for five days and made the arrests when they were about to leave Hat Yai airport.

They added that the couple were allegedly major drug dealers in Hat Yai, who had hired Chatchai and Chattraporn to help them transport the pills and crystal meth from Don Mueang International Airport to Hat Yai.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia