Thailand to host Amour Asia Pacific 2018

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Travel log February 05, 2018 15:45

Show will boost Kingdom’s reputation as world-class honeymoon destination


Thailand will host the first ever Amour Asia Pacific 2018, a luxury travel trade event that will cement the Kingdom’s reputation as the destination of choice for lovers and honeymooners from around the world. To be held from February 14-17, 2018, at the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, Amour Asia Pacific 2018 will help spur continued growth in the elite romance travel market.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said “TAT is proud to support the Amour Asia Pacific 2018. We are confident it will help to underscore Thailand’s reputation as a world-class romance and honeymoon destination, building on the success of the Destination Wedding Planner Congress 2017, which we also hosted. As a leader in this sector, we will continue to increase our competitive advantage in the romance and honeymoon market by innovating to deliver the latest products and services that couples value, while providing opportunities for Thai operators to meet with sellers from across the globe through platforms such as, the Amour Asia Pacific 2018.”

Thailand’s reputation as a host for honeymoons and weddings helped the Kingdom attract 1.1 million international romance travellers in 2016, representing 3.37 percent of all international visitors, and generating 1.65 billion USD for the Thai economy (or approximately 1,500 USD per visitor, per trip).

The Amour Asia Pacific 2018 is a luxury travel trade event specifically designed for the elite romance travel market, including honeymoon curators, destination wedding planners and romance travel designers. Organised by Big Worldwide Limited, a leading international tourism promoter behind major events such as M&I Forums in 2016 (including Europe, the emerging markets, and the Americas), PRIVATE Luxury Forums in 2016 (the Americas and Europe), and the Amour Europe Forum 2016.

The Amour Asia Pacific 2018 will welcome 77 high-quality buyers including both Romance Travel Buyers and Destination Wedding Planners. The show will also feature 84 exhibitors, ranging from hotel and accommodation providers to destination management companies from across the Asia Pacific including 15 from Thailand.

As a co-host, TAT will ensure that Thailand’s hospitality is extended to every delegate, from seamless on-ground transportation, to networking activities, and an exclusive gala dinner and after party at the Nai Lert Park Heritage Home. As a TAT partner, Thailand Elite (Thailand Privilege Card) will welcome delegates on arrival, provide fast-track immigration services, and offer access to a Welcome Lounge.

To enrich the delegates’ experience and offer them a glimpse into the various shades of Thai heritage and culture, TAT is also hosting pre- and post-tour activities. Pre-tour activities include a Thai Boxing Class – The Legend Thai Boxing, a Thai Cooking Class at the Blue Elephant Cooking School, a Bangkok Food Tour – Historic Bang Rak Food Tasting and Culture Tour, a tour of Khlong Bang Luang (Royal Barge Museum + Baan Silapin), and a tour of Rattanakosin Island. Ensuring guests will leave Thailand with memories to last a lifetime, TAT’s post-tour trips are to the island paradises of Krabi and Ko Samui, two of Thailand’s key wedding and honeymoon destinations.

Amour Asia Pacific 2018 will be held from February 14-17, 2018, at the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. For more information, visit


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Dressed for the fastival

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national February 08, 2018 20:15

By Chalinee Thirasupa

The Nation

Visitors at the royally-initiated winter festival Oon Ai Rak Klay Kwam Nao at the Royal Plaza and Sanam Suea Pa in Bangkok wear traditional Thai clothes and take selfies amid the flowers and picturesque structures that were prepared for the event.


Admission was free and traditional Thai attire available for people to rent at Bt250 per day per person.

Given royal wishes for Thai people to be joyful and overcome the sadness of the past, as well as to pay tribute to the great achievements of King Rama V and King Rama IX, the grounds of Dusit Palace and Sanam Suea Pa have been transformed for a grand exhibition. Admission is free for the event taking place from Thursday until March 11, but proceeds from associated earnings will be donated to royal charity projects.


Source :  The Nation Multimedia

PM2.5 air pollution up to four times safe upper limit in Bangkok

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national February 08, 2018 15:39

By The Nation

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Bangkok’s level of PM2.5 particulate matter reached well into the harmful zone on Thursday morning, leading to health warnings from officials and environmental organisation Greenpeace.


According to an international website over 200 micrograms of the particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or smaller (PM2.5) was recorded in the nation’s capital, posing a health threat to city dwellers. Meanwhile, local authorities put the measurements in the low-to-mid 100 micrograms – still high above official “safe” limits.

The Pollution Control Department (PCD) and Greenpeace issued an air pollution alert for residents of Bangkok other major cities in the upper part of the country, after measurements showed that the level of PM2.5 has risen beyond safe limit in many provinces.

According to an air pollution report at, the PM2.5 level in Bangkok reached peaked at 203 micrograms at around 7am, a level considered “very unhealthy” and leading to calls for children, adults, and people with respiratory disease to avoid all outdoor exertion.

The PCD sets 50 micrograms as Thailand’s safe level, while the World Health Organisation’s limit is 25 micrograms.

All air-quality monitoring stations in Bangkok found levels higher than 50 micrograms, according to a report from the PCD. The department advised those at high-risk, such as patients with heart disease and respiratory disease, to wear a facemask or avoid outdoor activities and consult their doctor immediately if they feel ill.

Greenpeace also warned on its Facebook fanpage that people living in Rayong, Lampang, Chiang Mai, and Khon Kaen, in addition to Bangkok, should be aware of the harmful air pollution level. The level of PM2.5 rose beyond 150 micrograms in all of those provinces.

PCD said that the severe air pollution in Bangkok was a result of moist and cool weather trapping pollution within the city, The Meteorological Department predicted that the cold and misty weather in Bangkok would continue until Sunday.

Due to this weather pattern, officials predicted that air pollution will remain a serious problem in Bangkok until at least this coming weekend.


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Resumption of Syrian-Iraqi trade exchange, press

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Syrian press sources expected the resumption of trade exchange with Iraq through Albu Kamal border outlet. 

Syrian Al-Watan daily reported that the visit of the Syrian trade minister Mohammed al-Sha’ar to Iraq yesterday denoted the nearness of trucks movement between the two countries.

The paper expected that both countries will make joint  actions along the borders between them.

Both countries, since the liberation of Albu Kamal area in both sides, are busy to rehabilitate the border outlet in preparation to resume trade exchange.

Syrian customs sources expected, last  month, that the trade exchange with Iraq will be very high.

Before the Syrian crises, the trade exchange with Iraq reached 3.5 billion dollars, mostly Syrian exports.


Source :  Iraq Trade Link News

Iraq utilizes produced gas, minister

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Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Lu’aibi disclosed the start of utilizing the gas produced with oil operation with an average of 50-70 million standard cubic feet per day.

This was contained in a telegram sent to Premier Haidar al-Ibadi, that included some of the achievements of the ministry.

The minister pointed out that the ministry achieved funds of 252 million dollars for exporting 80 shipments of liquid gas to foreign markets.


Source :  Iraq Trade Link News

Iraq plans to buy 30.000 tons of rice

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Economic sources reported that the Iraq Trade Ministry is planning to buy not less than 30.000 tons of rice in an international tender.

The final date of the tender shall be 18 February instant.

During January 2018, Iraq bought 30.000 tons of Argentinean rice.


Source :  Iraq Trade Link News

Dubai to impose ‘waste disposal fee’ starting May

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Staff Reporter/Dubai
Filed on February 8, 2018 | Last updated on February 8, 2018 at 02.33 pm

The decree also determines license fee for activities related to waste as well as the violations and fines.

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council has issued a decree on the waste disposal fees and fines in Dubai that will come into effect in May.

Starting May 17, Dubai Municipality will apply fees for the disposal of general waste, unwanted materials such as papers, tapes, CD-ROMs, fee for hazardous and medical waste treatment, depending on the quantity of waste carried by the transporter.

The decree also determines license fee for activities related to waste as well as the violations and fines.

Eng. Abdul Majeed Sifaie, Director of Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality, noted that residential establishments do not come under its purview. The decree includes commercial establishments, factories, and private and public institutions in the emirate of Dubai.

He said the decree aims to encourage all categories and segments of the society to enhance the culture of sorting waste from the source and increase the quantity and quality of recycled materials. Therefore, it will provide a safe working environment to encourage investment and create new competitive opportunities in the field of waste management and treatment in Dubai.

The new decree seeks to regulate the waste management sector in the Emirate and to consolidate the principles and foundations of achieving sustainable development in this sector, namely the principle of segregating waste from all domestic, commercial and industrial sources, he said.

“Dubai is the largest business and economic center in the Middle East that attracts visitors and tourists, especially after being nominated to host Expo 2020, the world’s leading economic event. The emirate is also an ideal destination for the world’s leisure and medical tourism sector. Hence, the rates of all types of waste generation from all sectors of the society will increase steadily and will increase significantly unless legislation is adopted to contribute to the promotion of integrated waste management in the Emirate,” said Sifaie.

He said the implementation of the new decree will lead to significant achievements in the field of integrated waste management, environmental and social sustainability, reduced carbon footprint, and reduced waste generation from the source.

“It is worth mentioning that many industrial and commercial companies have already begun to implement waste reduction plans. The number of these companies and institutions are expected to increase after the adoption and implementation of the new decree,” said Sifaie.

Source :  The Khaleej Times

Drunk supervisor slashes roommate’s finger with chair

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Filed on February 8, 2018 | Last updated on February 8, 2018 at 04.20 pm

The drunk supervisor had allegedly been playing loud music that disturbed his roommate’s sleep.

A supervisor has been charged in the Court of First Instance after he allegedly assaulted a roommate with a chair, resulting in a permanent injury.

The Indian supervisor, 56, was allegedly drunk when he attacked the victim, a Sudanese man, with an old metallic chair that had sharp edges, severely injuring one of his left fingers.

The complaint was registered on August 4, 2017, at Al Raffa police station.

The 37-year-old taxi driver said that he shares a room with the defendant and other men.

“I was sleeping when I suddenly woke up to the loud music coming from the accused’s mobile phone. He didn’t care that I was very exhausted. He was aware I had been working all night long.

“He did not care and would not stop the music even though I told him it was annoying me,” the taxi driver told the prosecutor.

“After I stood up and told him to turn the music off, he left the room. I thought he did it in response to my request. But he came back holding an old metallic chair with sharp edges.

“He hit the door with that chair and then threw it on me. I tried to avoid it but it landed on my left hand, causing a deep cut.”

The victim closed the door after the defendant walked out of the room.

“He then threw something on the door again. He was obviously drunk and was arrested after I called the police,” the victim recounted.

The forensic examination report showed the victim was left with a permanent finger injury due to the assault.

The supervisor admitted during the Public Prosecution’s investigation that he was drunk when he assaulted his roommate with the chair.


Source :  The Khaleej Times

Dubai announces fees for ambulance services

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Web Report/Dubai
Filed on February 8, 2018 | Last updated on February 8, 2018 at 04.06 pm

A transfer to the nearest hospital will cost Dh800.

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) is imposing a self-funding programme to cover basic operational costs starting from Dh600 and going up to Dh1,200 for emergencies, after a law on the same was approved by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council.

An amount of Dh6,770 will be the stipulated compensation for traffic incidents resulting in bodily injury or death.

As per the details of the decree, the basic fee is Dh600 for treatment at the site of the injury without transferring the person. With a transfer to the nearest hospital it will cost Dh800.

First and second level ambulatory services will cost between Dh1,000 to Dh1,200.

The ambulatory services are to be covered by the insurance company of the recipient.

The second accompanying table to the decree specifies fees for preparatory emergency training and evacuation services for non-government entities between Dh400 to Dh2,150. This includes services like fire drills which require vehicular assistance.

Emergency ambulance fees are not applied if injuries are caused by traffic accidents.

This is in line with the fee structure specified in the Executive Council Resolution No 2 for 2016, which allows Dubai Police and the Dubai Ambulatory services to charge Dh6,770. This is in compensation for transferring each person affected by a bodily injury or death of individuals after traffic accidents, from the insurance provider of the offending party.


Source :  The Khaleej Times

Brisbane City Council registers illegal dingoes as pets

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By Ruth McCosker

Brisbane City Council has launched an investigation after it was revealed it had issued permits to residents to illegally keep dingoes as pets.

Council dog registration data revealed six Australian dingoes had a current dog registration permit. The publicly available data sheet was dated October 18, 2017.

Brisbane City Council is investigating after it was found residents had registered dingoes as pets.
Brisbane City Council is investigating after it was found residents had registered dingoes as pets.

The dingoes are registered to addresses in Murarrie, Bardon, Chelmer, Ashgrove, Tingalpa and Bald Hills.

In Queensland, dingoes are considered restricted invasive animals and cannot legally be kept as a pet.

Talking points

The dingo is a restricted invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Dingoes must not be moved, kept, fed, given away, sold, or released into the environment without a permit.

The origin of the dingo is not clear, but it is thought to have arrived in Australia 3500-4000 years ago.

The dingo is related to wolves and can grow up to 60 centimetres tall and weigh up to 25 kilograms.

They are known to attack and kill other animals and there are also several known instances where they have attacked people.

When Fairfax Media asked lord mayor Graham Quirk’s office about the registrations, it confirmed dingoes could not be kept as a pet without a state government permit, but had no explanation for the dingoes the council had registered.

A spokesman for Cr Quirk said seven owners attempted to register their dog’s breed as a dingo in the past year. However, he did not comment on the the six dingo registrations listed as “current” in the council’s own data.

Cr Quirk’s office also could not confirm the outcome of the seven attempted registrations which the council claimed to have investigated.

A Biosecurity Queensland spokesman said the council confirmed to them it was investigating whether the registered dogs were, in fact, Australian dingoes or another breed of domestic dog.

“If the dogs are confirmed as being Australian dingoes, they will be seized by the Brisbane City Council and attempts will be made to re home them into wildlife sanctuaries or into other jurisdictions,” the Biosecurity Queensland spokesman said.

Under the Biosecurity Act, anybody found keeping a dingo could face a fine of up to $63,075.

The only way an Australian dingo can be kept in Queensland is if it is kept in a licensed zoo or wildlife park or if it is kept under a restricted matter permit for research or educational purposes.

The only permitted dingo in the Brisbane local government area is at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

The Biosecurity Queensland spokesman said dingoes posed a threat to the safety of humans and domestic pets when kept in urban areas.

“Dingoes tend to present a greater public risk in places where they are being intentionally fed, or in urban areas where pets and other food resources encourage closer encounters between dingoes and people,” he said.

Council opposition leader Peter Cumming said he thought dingoes were beautiful animals, but they were also wild and dangerous.

“You wouldn’t want one living next door,” he said.

“The council’s own biosecurity plan adopted just last week rates dingoes as a ‘high risk’ animal – did anyone in council even read it?

“There should be an urgent audit to see where these six dingoes are and what else is on the list.

“There’s clearly a basic flaw in the council’s registration system.”

Source :  The Brisbane Times