Moussa’s presidential candidacy gives voters choice on the ballot

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But who is the relatively unknown presidential contender?

The beginning of the 2018 presidential elections witnessed various prominent figures demonstrate interest in competing against current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for the presidency.

Strong figures such as former army chief of staff Sami Anan, rights lawyer Khaled Ali, and former-Prime Minister and 2012 presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafik, among others, appeared as potential contenders to Egypt’s current leader.

But election developments over the past two months saw the light of democracy dim, as potential candidates disappeared one by one. Between those who were arrested and those who abruptly withdrew their bid, Sisi emerged as the only viable candidate in the upcoming election.

However, in order to avoid a one-man race, Ghad party pushed forward a last-minute candidate, Moussa Mustafa Moussa, who submitted his official papers minutes before the 2pm deadline. But, who is Egypt’s new presidential hopeful?

Moussa, 65, became vice-chair of the Ghad Party under the auspices of Ayman Nour, the former leader the party. However, in 2005 the relationship between the two turned sour as they both eyed the position of party leader. Moussa became one of four people suspended from the party by Nour.

Fast-forward to 2011, the Committee of Parties acknowledged Moussa as the rightful chair of Ghad Party. In 2012, Moussa merged Ghad with 25 other parties to form ‘Hezb Al-Moatamar Al-Masry’ (Egyptian Congress Party), which operated under his leadership.

When interviewed by ‘Youm7′, Moussa claimed his presidential bid had been long-discussed in the party, saying Ghad had a coherent plan to push Egypt forward.

Moussa was keen to emphasize that the party will not serve as a show-contender against Sisi, saying “we wont stand by watching, and will perform our active role in the elections,” believing that the party has generated enough ground to actually make a difference in the election’s outcome.

In an interview with Al-Watan, Moussa said that contrary to accusations, he was not “running on borrowed time.” The party, he says, has been working for two weeks to “get the required signatures from parliament and the people,” adding that his candidacy is also a good opportunity for his party to showcase their program to a massive number of people.

Moussa added, “I’ve already undergone the medical check and have gathered 26 parliamentary members’ approvals.”

However, some have questioned the seriousness of Moussa’s candidacy, as he seems very fond of rival Sisi. In September 2017, Moussa created the ‘Moayedoon’ (Supporters) campaign, which called upon Sisi to run for a second presidential term.

On top of this, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that Moussa’s Facebook cover photo, until Monday at least, showed Sisi with word ‘Moayedoon’ next to it.

In another post from January 23, he writes “Long Live Egypt… President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for presidency,” with a campaign photo of Sisi attached.

Source : Egypt Independent

BBC International School reports indefinite closure after next semester, parents furious

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BBC International School in Egypt has released a statement announcing that this school year will be their final one 32 years since the school was established, citing financial losses over the past five years as the key reason for shutting down activities.

“We were against raising the tuition fees, we preferred carrying the burden of any additional costs on us, rather than on the parents,” the statement said, while pointing out that other schools’ decision to raise their tuition fees by 60-70 percent was the “right thing to do.”

Many parents, however, are demanding swift interference by Egypt’s Ministry of Education.

“How can we find a proper replacement, at the same financial and educational level, which would admit 600 students at once on such short notice? Are we supposed to react to the closure of a school as nonchalantly as we would when a store shuts down without considering the students’ future which is tied to the establishment?” some of the parents said to Al-Masry Al Youm.

Parents further noted that they were not the ones in charge of putting up the curriculum, deciding on the expenses and the school’s level of services.

“The school decided on everything and we, as parents, decided to agree on such criteria and put our children to that school. How can a school take a major decision that affects the futures of more than 600 students all of a sudden, after we trusted them with our kids,” one parent said.

“This move can harm our kids both psychologically, and on an educational level. Will our ministry of education give the green light for a private school to take an unprecedented step like this one?”

Last week, the school’s administration sent the parents a follow-up statement, noting that BBC International School will become unaccredited after the graduation of this year’s seniors, reaffirming the school’s indefinite closure.

“We all agreed on the 30 percent increase of the school’s tuition between 2012-2014. We now pay a tuition ranging between LE45,000-50,000, excluding bus fees and the school uniforms. We were fine by that and no one opposed the decision when it was implemented,” another parent said. They added that the school’s administration never asked for another tuition raise, denying the school’s claims that there were negotiations.

In September, Egypt’s Ministry of Education took action to control private and international schools’ rising fees for the academic year 2017/18.

The measures included controlling the increased fees of international schools to 14 percent for new and old students for the academic year 2017/2018, and then, seven percent annually.

According to the Ministry’s new measures, the educational directorates are committed to monitoring private and international schools to ensure the fees of the school uniforms go unchanged. Schools are prohibited to increase bus fees above 10 percent.

Private and International schools which violate the Ministry’s measures will be warned and notified to remove the violations.


Source :  Egypt Independent

Red Sea farm established to produce low-cost organic stock

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The Red Sea governorate opened the Wadi al-Quaih farm in Qussair City on Monday as the first agricultural project in the governorate under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to claim 1.5 million acres nationwide.

The farm seeks to plant vegetables and fresh food products free from chemical fertilizers, and breed goats and sheep, in order to curb increasing prices in the local market.

At 130 feddans in size, with 11 open feddans irrigated by four solar-wells dedicated to planting vegetables, the farm will have 40 farmhouses and 2,500 palm trees, in addition to planting mango, tangerine, lemon, and guava.

The governorate aims to maximize the benefits of available natural resources, such as the highly saline land in the mountain valleys, notably Wadi al-Quaih, one of the largest valleys, by planting 25 crops which can be irrigated with saline water.

Meanwhile, Chief of Qussair City Youssef al-Shahed added that the governorate will construct a factory to pack the farm’s organic products and distribute them in the markets, in addition to establishing an integrated housing complex besides the farm.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


Source :  Egypt Independent

Cameroun – Extradition des sécessionnistes: Le Gouvernement félicite les autorités nigérianes pour leur collaboration

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Rene Sani et le VP du Nigeria VP Nigeria
Le Nigéria et le Cameroun n’ont jamais accepté pour que leurs pays respectifs servent de base arrière pour des terroristes selon le porte-parole du Gouvernement camerounais.

Dans un communiqué de presse publié ce lundi 29 janvier 2018, le ministre de la Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakari, indique qu’un groupe de « quarante sept terroristes » se trouve entre les mains de la justice camerounaise depuis quelques heures.

Ces personnes qui sont du mouvement séparatiste anglophone, Ambazonie, ont été interpellées au Nigéria en début d’année et extradées au Cameroun. « Le Gouvernement Camerounais saisit cette occasion pour se féliciter du caractère excellent de la coopération multiforme qu’entretiennent le Nigéria et le Cameroun notamment au plan sécuritaire », se congratule le porte-parole du Gouvernement.

Le ministre souligne par ailleurs que les Gouvernements des deux pays ont réaffirmé leur engagement « à ne jamais que leurs territoires servent de base à des activités de déstabilisation dirigées contre l’un d’entre eux ».

Le communique

Cameroun : La Fédération camerounaise de boxe confie la commercialisation de ses droits marketing au Buro-services.

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A travers la signature de cette convention de prestations marketing, la Fédération Camerounaise de Boxe souhaite redonner à la boxe ses lettres de noblesse, rendre un vibrant hommage à Joseph BESSALA et mieux préparer les prochaines compétitions.


Le cabinet Buro-Services a signé une convention de prestations marketing avec la Fédération Camerounaise de Boxe ( FECABOXE) le mercredi 24 Janvier 2018.

Ainsi, Buro-Services devient le mandataire chargé de prospecter et de négocier la participation des entreprises aux compétitions organisées par la FECABOXE. En plus de commercialiser les droits marketings, ce cabinet s’occupera aussi de la communication de cette fédération sportive déjà deux fois médaillée aux Jeux Olympiques.

A travers la signature de cette convention de prestations marketing, la Fédération Camerounaise de Boxe souhaite redonner à la boxe ses lettres de noblesse, rendre un vibrant hommage à Joseph BESSALA et mieux préparer les prochaines compétitions.

Il est également question dans cette convention d’assurer une meilleure visibilité et traitement à ses boxeurs. C’est ainsi que la FECABOXE s’est engagée au Programme Olympiade Sponsoring dont les prestations marketing sont le deuxième acte après la convention de soins signée avec le centre médical le Jourdain de Yaoundé le 19 Décembre dernier.

Simplice FOTSALA, Wilfried SEYI,Clotilde ESSIANE et Christelle NDIANG veulent briller et invitent les entreprises nationales et étrangères  win-win où les performances   rythmeront avec   mobilisation de leur personnel, fidélisation de leurs clientèles et augmentation du chiffre d’affaire.



Cameroun – Assainissement semi-urbain: Des engins d’une valeur de près de 32 milliards de FCFA alloués à 19 communes dans 7 régions

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Les tracteurs F. NONOS
Fruit de la coopération Cameroun-Banque africaine de développement (BAD), ces équipements ont été remis le 26 janvier 2018 à Douala pour renforcer l’assainissement de ces communes.

33 tracteurs 4×4 avec chargeur frontal, 161 bennes basculables tractées, 170 kits de petits materiels de collecte d’ordures et 340 jeux d’équipements de protection individuelle. Le don d’une valeur de près de 32 milliards FCFA, est destiné à 19 communes selectionnées dans sept régions du pays. Il est financé par la coopération Cameroun-BAD avec contrepartie des communes via le Fonds d’équipements et d’intervention intercommunal (FEICOM). « Tout ce que nous sommes entrain de faire consiste à aider le gouvernement en terme d’amélioration des conditions de vie », a rappelé Kevine Loumbila, representant de la BAD.

De son côté, a justifié Claude Bile Bile, directeur du projet, le choix des locations est canalisé en fonction des besoins établis sur la base d’une évaluation préalable qui a eu lieu en 2009. Le projet d’alimentation en eau potable et d’assainissement en milieu semi-urbain permettra grâce à ce materiel d’améliorer le cadre de vie des populations.

En présence des responsables du ministère de l’eau et de l’énergie et de la BAD, les responsables communaux bénéficiaires n’ont pas caché leur satisfaction. « C’est un très bon sentiment, ça a fait l’objet de nos préoccupations tout au long de nos cinq ans, ce d’autant que nous avons ce problème d’ordures », a apprecié Charles Ebako, maire de la commune de Manjo. Ainsi, les régions du Littoral, Centre, Ouest, Sud, Sud-Ouest et Extrême-Nord bénéficient une fois de plus de ce projet qui s’était dejà affirmé par le passé.