APEC Will Boost PNG’s Economy

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Papua New Guinea Minister for Treasury Charles Abel is confident that the economic prospects for the country will be boosted with a rebound in resource prices and PNG hosting of APEC meetings this year.

“Through 2018 and beyond, with the rebound in resource prices, and as we move towards the construction phase of the Papua LNG project, we can be confident, but we must also continue to exercise discipline starting with the delivery of the 2018 Budget.

“The 2018 year will be very important for Papua New Guinea as we host more than 15,000 delegates, ministers and leaders from the APEC region.

“APEC provides an opportunity to showcase the trade and investment potential of Papua New Guinea.

“While also provides our economy with the opportunity to make a positive contribution to regional economic growth and development.”

Mr Abel said this when welcoming the 2017 Article IV country report from the International Monetary Fund, that provides analysis of economic governance in the nation, including the initial policy decisions of the new Government.

Referring to the latest IMF country report, Mr Abel said the Government, working through the Department of Treasury, has seen increased engagement with development partners including the IMF who provide important economic advice and support.

“The Article IV report is frank in acknowledging the challenges facing the PNG economy, but is predicting improvements in 2018 on the back of a 2.4 per cent growth in GDP, up from 2.2 per cent in 2017,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“The IMF recognises that this outlook does not factor in any of the emerging resource projects such as the Papua LNG, PNG LNG project expansion, Stanley Gas, Wafi Golpu or Frieda River. Press Release


Source: http://news.pngfacts.com/2018/01/apec-will-boost-pngs-economy.html#ixzz54G000Izk

PNG PM O’Neill issues warning after second volcano eruption

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Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has directed that all relevant State resources be made available to support the evacuation of people at risk due to volcanic eruptions on Kadovar Island in East Sepik Province.

Mr O’Neill also issued a warning for all coastal communities in the north of the country to be on alert for the risk of tsunami resulting from volcanic activity.

“National Government agencies, led by our disciplined services, have been stood-up to respond to volcanic activity on Kadavor Island,” the Prime Minister said.

“Volcanic activity has been building up and we need to keep our people safe.

“I have authorised the additional deployment of personnel and assets to assist in the transfer of any people who are in the broader vicinity of the volcano.

“National Government resources are being fully engaged, and are working together with the support of provincial officers, to ensure our people are looked after while there is a risk of eruption.

“Flights in the area have also been cancelled and ships and boats warned to stay away unless they are part of the response to the volcanic activity.”

Mr O’Neill has warned all coastal villages and towns, even those hundreds of kilometres away, to be vigilant to the risk of tsunami.

“The terrain around the volcano is very steep, so this increases the risk of a large landslide that could trigger a tsunami,” he said.

“Tsunamis can travel hundreds and thousands of kilometres across open water, so communities must be ready if there is a landslide.

“I call on all media outlets, particularly radio stations, to carry tsunami warnings and help people to be ready in the event of a landslide causing a tsunami.

“Tsunami poses a serious threat and all coastal areas in the north of our country must be on alert.”


Source: http://news.pngfacts.com/

Teacher coulpe and two children killed in Morobe Province

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Two primary school teachers serving in rural Kabwum district were killed instantly along with their two children and an elderly woman relative, in what is now considered one of the worst road accidents in Morobe province, NBC reports.

With the unofficial and unconfirmed death toll last registered at seven, the Nasupum crash is one of the worst road accident in Morobe province, following the worst national road accident in 2010 where 40 people died after two Route-100 Coaster buses crashed into each other at Ragiampum village near Watarais junction in the Markham valley.

Among the dead, is the Munga family of four, parents Yaing and Brenda Munga both serving primary school teachers and their three-year-son Nathaniel and two-year-old daughter, Justline.

The two teachers of Tauga Primary School in Komba Local Level Government Area in Kabwum district, were travelling from Lae to Nadzab ariport to catch a light aircraft flight to go back to Kabwum with the intention to settle in and resume duties early.

They were accompanied also by an elderly woman relative who was the children’s babysitter, and were travelling in a five-door Toyota Landcruiser vechicle which collided with a 15-seater bus near Nasuapum village, located halfway between Lae and Nadzab.

They were part of the first seven dead bodies rushed down to Lae along with some other occupants of both vehicles, most of whom were in serious conditions.

Michael Gerson, who oversees the districts’ eduation standards as the Provincial Examinations Cordinator, says the two teachers who were killed in that tragic road accident were part of the team of hardworking and committed teachers serving in Kabwum, whose contribution resulted in the district topping the province academically in 2017.

Relative and colleague teacher, Kevin Panpan, and Mr Gerson described their deaths as unexpected and unnecesary and say it is a big loss to the people of Kabwum and the Education division.

(Pictured are relatives reacting upon seeing the bodies of the two teachers and their children, lying outside the Angau general hospital morgue)

Source: http://news.pngfacts.com/

Waimarama drowning victim named

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Police have released the name of the man who died at Waimarama Beach on Sunday evening.
He was 26-year-old Hemin Vinubhai Limbachiya of Napier.

Emergency services were called to Waimarama Beach at about 7pm on Sunday after a married couple and a male relative got into difficulty in the water north of the Waimarama Surf Life Saving Club.

Police offered their sympathies to Mr Limbachiya’s family.
The death has been referred to the coroner.

What Americans really think of New Zealand

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Many Kiwis believe the world loves New Zealand.

Our pristine beaches and Hobbiton film set are something to celebrate.

But it has now been revealed what Americans really think of us.

And while some of it would make you giggle, a number of New Zealanders aren’t happy at the findings.

Entitled “worthless observations from an American tourist”, one US citizen took to Reddit to detail his time in New Zealand, including mass culture shock and trying to understand how Kiwis talk.

In the thread, he discussed our food choices, fashion sense, our language and “lack of black people”.

Here are his top observations:

“Kiwis really love to say ‘aw yee?’ and ‘yea yea yea’, which together comprise 25% of the Kiwi language.

“You guys loved lord of the rings so much you put the Tower in the middle of Auckland.

“You guys don’t have any Black people, except for the one homeless guy I saw rapping outside McDonald’s in Wellington.

“Most New Zealand houses come in one shape and size, which is about two trailer homes side by side. There are no second floors in your homes. Many of your more rural homes are identical to those in West Virginia. They are almost purposely anti-architectural. (the homes are actually extremely comfy and I love the design).

“For some reason you guys love coffee and are really good at it. The best latte of my life was on a ferry (or as you guys call it, a fee ree), it was honestly amazing.

“You do not have one one-hundredth of the homeless problem as in the States. Wellington seemed like the most liveable city in the entire world. In the States, especially San Francisco and New York, you usually can’t go two blocks without seeing a drug addict on the streets – but yours are all absolutely pristine.

“Fish and chips are really good, and also chips are just really big French fries.

“Your internet is really, really, really, really bad. Most cafes in the US, as well as accommodations, give you fast internet for free. You guys are like 1/4th as fast, and you have to pay.

“Your public libraries are really, really, really, really f***ing nice. I’ve never been in a public library in a city with young white people inside, and it was nice to see. You also had cafes and what looked like attendants, and the bathrooms were even clean. I cannot describe my jealousy.

“Maybe it was because you were all on holiday, but I didn’t see any fashion — everything was for function and comfort. This was pretty cool to see.”

He also took the time to make fun of the people of Rotorua with a quirky question about the locals.

Source  :  New Zealand Herald

Drowned man’s last actions at Waimarama were to save his wife

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With his last words, a drowning man told rescuers to save his wife after they were caught in a flash rip and taken out to sea.

The man died at Waimarama beach on Sunday evening. With patrols over an hour before, members of the public who swam out to rescue the pair have been credited with saving the woman’s life.

A third person in trouble got back to shore by himself.

Police this evening named the dead man as 26-year-old Hemin Vinubhai Limbachiya of Napier.

First to reach the struggling couple was Hastings teenager Cameron McCallum. When he and his friends heard someone was in distress, the 16-year-old said they acted on instinct and rushed into the water.

He was the only one to reach the couple, with Limbachiya trying to keep the woman afloat. Cameron grabbed Limbachiya, as the woman “looked like she was already gone, she was under the water”.

But Limbachiya told Cameron to take her, saying “she’s still alive”.Caution tape cordons off an area on Waimarama beach where local Maori have placed a Rahui after one person drowned yesterday and two were rescued. Photo/Warren Buckland

“Then I grabbed her, pulled her to him and told him to hold her, and I was just there holding them both.”

For five minutes he kept the pair and himself afloat, before brothers Sam and Will Coltart, and their friend Julien Thery paddled out to help.

The brothers were inside their bach – near the lifesaving club – when Will spotted Cameron’s arm raised in the water. Sam grabbed a surfboard and went to help while his brother raised the alarm.

When he got close Sam saw the teenager holding on to the woman, trying to keep Limbachiya afloat, while “struggling to keep his own head above the water”.

“He was crying out a bit by the time I got there because there was so much body weight for that young guy to try and keep afloat.”

Sam pulled the woman on to his board, while Cameron used the surfboard to keep himself, and Limbachiya’s head, above water.

“If the guy with the surfboard hadn’t come out when he did, I would have gone down as well”, Cameron said. He got back to shore on Thery’s board.

Battling a current, and choppy seas, Sam and another young man brought the woman back to shore, while Thery and Will tried to rescue Limbachiya, and bring him in on a paddleboard.

“With the surf crashing over us we were scared we were going to lose our grip on him,” Will said. “We tried to do some CPR on him but it was impossible.”

Police and Surf Lifesaving have praised the rescuers’ quick action, without which they feared the woman would have also drowned.

The beach was deserted today after the drowning, with a rahui in place. Photo/Warren Buckland

The rescuers had no life-guarding experience – the Coltart brothers are locals with experience of the Waimarama beach, while Cameron described himself as an “alright” swimmer.

Yesterday his mum, Pauline, said she was “very, very proud” of her son, and grateful to the Coltarts and Thery for rescuing him.

“I could have so easily lost my son if the surfers hadn’t gone out to help,” she said.

Cameron said he was glad to have helped the woman, but his heart went out to the couple’s families.

The brothers said they were grateful to help the woman, but “gutted” Limbachiya had not survived.

She and Cameron were treated by paramedics onshore. Limbachiya was given CPR for 20 minutes but died at the scene.


Source :  New Zealand Herald

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