Iran’s embassy in London protests media hype in UK

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Iran's embassy in London protests media hype in UK

Iran’s embassy in London in a letter to the Office of Communications, known as ‘Ofcom’ objected to the media hype by some Persian-language media in Britain during the recent unrests in Iran.

An informed source at the embassy told IRNA on Thursday that the letter pointed to the clear violation of domestic law in Britain as well as international laws by some UK-based Persian-language media have tried in recent days to persuade Iranian protesters for a riot and armed conflict.

The letter asked to stop unhealthy news making by such media with the aim to protect professional dissemination of information and take necessary measures.

Iran’s Ambassador to Britain Hamid Baeedinejad wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday that in these days all are talking about the negative dimensions of Iran’s street protests, but this positive point of the developments were ignored that people, generally, did not support violent move and in spite of a great deal of economical and social demands were not eager to follow them through violent acts.

Iranian people marched in the streets on Wednesday and Thursday, January 3-4, to condemn recent unrests and interferences of aliens in Iran’s domestic affairs.


Source  :  Iran-Daily

Tehran complains to Ofcom over UK media propaganda over Iran events

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Tehran complains to Ofcom over UK media propaganda over Iran events

Tehran has complained to the UK media regulator, Ofcom, about a propaganda campaign launched by some British media outlets, in defiance of Britain’s own law, with the aim of fueling the recent wave of unrest in some areas in Iran.

According to, in a letter of complaint to Ofcom, Iran’s Embassy in London denounced the propaganda campaign launched by UK-based Persian-language broadcasters covering the recent riots in Iran, IRNA reported, citing an informed source within the diplomatic mission as saying on Thursday.

The letter, the source said, pointed out that the outlets had acted in clear contravention of the British and international media regulations by trying to incite the protesters in Iran to resort to riot and armed violence.

It further called for an end to such pernicious media practices as a means of protecting the principles of professional broadcasting.

Last Thursday, some towns and cities in Iran witnessed peaceful protests against recent price hikes and the overall economic conditions.

The protests soon took a violent turn as rioters, who were later revealed to have received the support of foreign intelligence agencies, entered the fray and started to cause violence.

Upon calls by Iranian authorities, the original protesters soon left the streets to make it easier for security and law enforcement forces to deal with the vandals and rioters.

The situation has now returned to normal in most parts of the country.

Since Wednesday, people have also come out in force across the country in support of the Islamic establishment and in condemnation of the violence and riotous elements.

On his Twitter page, Hamid Baeidinejad, the Iranian envoy to UK, said “every one talked about the negative aspects of the street protests in Iran, but the positive aspect went unnoticed.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said people are free to criticize and hold protests to express their views according to law, but the manner of expressing criticism must help improve Iran’s conditions.

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani has said certain countries are waging a “proxy war” against the Islamic Republic via social media and the Internet.

He said Britain, along with the US and Saudi Arabia, are behind the recent riots in Iran.


Source  :  Iran-Daily

Two held in Egyptian anti-gay crackdown are freed on bail

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Two people detained in Egypt in October after allegedly waving a rainbow flag, a symbol of same-sex rights, at a concert have been freed on bail, a lawyer representing them and a human rights NGO said on Tuesday.

Sarah Hegazy, 28, and Ahmed Alaa, 21, were released and fined LE 2,000 ($113) each, lawyer Amr Mohamed said.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information also reported their release on its Twitter account. It was unclear when their trial would resume.

Hegazy and Alaa were among dozens of people detained in the conservative Muslim country last year on charges that included “promoting sexual deviancy.” The crackdown was a response to a rare show of public support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Egypt.

At a September 22 concert packed with 30,000 people and headlined by Mashrou’ Leila, a Lebanese alternative rock band whose lead singer is openly gay, a small group of concertgoers raised a rainbow flag.

Local media said homosexuals were receiving foreign funding, and hosted callers who compared their threat to Islamic State.

Egypt, a key Western ally in the Middle East, has been under fire internationally for its human rights record.

Police, state-aligned media and the religious establishment all regard it as a public duty to combat the spread of homosexuality.


Source :  Egypt Independent

Army kills 2 takfirists, demolishes hideouts in Sinai

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In cooperation with the Egyptian Air Forces, Egypt’s Third Field Army killed two high-risk takfirists (those who abide by an extremist Islamic ideology) and arrested another two in Central Sinai over the past few days said the official spokesperson of the Armed Forces Tamer al-Refai, on Thursday.

Refai added that the army demolished two hideouts used by the takfirists, and confiscated a 4×4 vehicle and a motorcycle.

In an unrelated confiscation, the army also seized a store containing large quantity of drugs, Refai added.

The statement indicates that the Third Field Army continues efforts to eliminate takfirist and criminal gangs in Central Sinai.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


Source  :  Egypt Independent