Adventurer finishes 600-km journey on foot around Qatar

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20 Dec 2017 – 18:38

Adventurer finishes 600-km journey on foot around Qatar

Photos credit: Qatar Youth Hostels Twitter @qataryha

The Peninsula Online

Doha: Qatari adventurer Salman Al Khunji has completed his 14-day trip on foot, which took him all around Qatar.

Al-Khunji started this 600-km walk to introduce and promote domestic tourism through his visit to archaeological and tourism sites.

The journey, sponsored and supported by Qatar Youth Hostels, was also aimed at promoting youth tourism.

Qatar Youth Hostels said in a statement today that Al Khunji chose to walk around the country, linking the north of Qatar to the south, a distance of more than 600km, to explore the country deeply and make youth interested in exploring the country. During his walk, he toured Qatar’s historic, environmental and heritage landmarks, museums, gardens and natural reserves.

He started from Abu Samra and went on to Al Mashabiya, Ariq reserve, Mashash, Bin Shafi, Al-Qallayel, Al Amriya, Al Kharara, Al Wukair, Al Wakrah, Doha, Al Thumama, Al Markhiya, Al Luqta, Education City, Old Al Rayyan,  Celebrations Street, Umm Salal, Barzan Towers and from there to Al Khor, Al Zubara fort, Al Jumailiya, Al khuzan, Al Shehaniya, Rawdat Rashed, Umm Tagah, Dahl Al Misfir, Mukaynis, Al lal Valley,  Turayna up to Khor Al Odeid.

Salman Al-Khunji, 26, said that through his journey, he sought to encourage young people to travel in Qatar, to visit historical areas, to learn more about the country, have experiences and adventures different from daily routine and city lifestyle. “Everyone has to discover the abilities in his body and challenge himself to discover new skills.”

He expressed happiness with his experience, saying that “there are many areas in the country which are known by the name and history of the place. But during this trip I had meetings with many residents of these areas and they explained the reasons for the name of these areas”.

The Qatari adventurer praised the support of the Qatar Youth Hostels for his journey.


Source  :  The Peninsula Qatar

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