WACA curator Matt Page was taken to hospital after being knocked over by covers

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DECEMBER 19 2017 – 3:52PM

Justin Chadwick

The WACA pitch debacle was a big headache for curator Matt Page – literally.

Page was taken to hospital with concussion on Monday after being wiped out by his own pitch coverings during the recently-concluded Ashes Test in Perth.

In video footage that has since gone viral, Page was standing to the side of the wicket when a big gust of wind blew away the huge centre square covering.

As it became airborne, he took a step towards it in a bid to stop it from blowing away.

Rain and a wet pitch delayed play on Monday.

But he instantly realised he was no match for the giant tarpaulin, and was violently bowled over by it.

England captain Joe Root was also near the pitch at the time, and hid behind burly umpire Paul Wilson to avoid being cleaned up.

WACA chief executive Christina Matthews revealed Page had to be taken to hospital later that day.

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