Dialogue of colors, various new themes in 30 paintings by 6 prominent Syrian artists

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Damascus, SANA – 30 paintings by 6 prominent Syrian artists and of different themes and techniques were showcased in the art exhibition hosted by Tajalliyat Art Gallery in Damascus after being  showcased  first in Kuwait city.

In a statement to SANA, Assistant Minister of Culture, Ali al-Mubaiyed, said that the exhibition reflects the situation of the plastic art movement in Syria since it exhibits the paintings of elite artists who were able to depict the concerns, pains, aspirations and hopes of the Syrian people through deep creative visions.

He stressed the Ministry’s keenness on organizing such exhibitions with the aim of spreading the real Syrian culture in society.

Artist Nizar Sabour’s 11 paintings featured different experiences and depicted images from the Syrians’ life during the years of war, while artist Edwar Shahda has chosen the archeological ruins of Palmyra which have been subjected to devastating destruction and sabotage acts at the hands of terrorists to be the main theme of his artworks.

In his four paintings, artist Ghassan Na’anae’ used new techniques, styles and color contradiction to express the pain and sorrow.

Visitors noted the dialogue of colors and new themes presented in artist Asmaa Faioumi’s 4 paintings, about which Faioumi said that she attempted to provide a powerful image of the Syrian suffering due to current crisis, adding that the red color symbolizes the blood of martyrs who sacrificed their souls to defend the homeland.

Art, according to her, helps establish new relations among people and open doors for dialogue, noting that the new generation of plastic artists have a lot of creative talents who will contribute to the future of art movement in Syrian.



Source  :  Syrian Arab News Agency

Amounts of narcotic substances meant for smuggling to armed groups seized in Homs

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Homs, SANA-Authorities in Homs seized a car loaded with large amounts of hashish and Captagon pills in the northern countryside of the province.

The competent authorities managed to seize large amounts of hashish and Captagon pills placed inside a car intended for smuggling to the armed groups in the northern Homs countryside, according to SANA reporter.



Source  :  Syrian Arab News Agency

Syrian athletes’ achievements and stories of success continue to make all Syrians proud of their nation

Damascus, SANA – Syrian athletes’ achievements and stories of success continue to sow the seeds of hope inside everyone in the country and make all Syrians proud of their nation.

For 13 years, para-athlete Mohammed Khalid Mohammed, born in 1984 and started his sports career in 2002, participated in several regional and international para athletics championships and crowned his journey to achieve success with victory as he won a number of gold medals.

In an interview with SANA sports bulletin, Mohammed recalled his first participation with the Syrian national para-athletics team in the Arab Para Games held in Algeria in 2004 where he ranked fifth after which he won the gold medal in the Asian Para Games in Tunisia 2005.

Regarding his international participation, Mohammed said that he took part in the 2nd Asian Para Games hosted by Incheon city in South Korea in 2014 and won the gold medal of shot put competition.

He pointed out that his last participation was in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic Games where he gained the fifth place in shot put competition.

Mohammed said that he keeps up training to maintain his physical fitness with aspirations to achieve higher records in regional and international tournaments.

It’s worth to mention that Mohammed raised the Syrian flag so high when he broke the world record with a throw of 14.12 m in shot put completion and won the gold medal at the IPC Athletics World Championships which was held in Lyon, France 2013.

R. Raslan/Ghossoun


Source  :  Syrian Arab News Agency

Iran military commander vows strong response to enemy

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Iran military commander vows strong response to enemy

Iranian Armed Forces will respond with an iron fist any plots by the enemies, said the commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is quite prepared to defend the Islamic Revolution, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said in a gathering attended by Iranian students on Thursday, IRNA reported.

General Hajizadeh also praised ‘precious achievements’ made by the ‘devoted and faithful’ Iranian young experts and scientists.

Today, as a result of the hard work and faith of our young scientists, we are self-sufficient in developing missiles and drones from concept to the final product, the IRGC General said.

Hajizadeh also said that Iran’s capabilities in the defensive area are ‘intimidating our enemies.’


Source  :  Iran-Daily

18th Research Expo underway in Tehran

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18th Research Expo underway in Tehran

The 18th Research and Technology Fair and Seventh Techmart Exhibition is being held in Tehran, with participation of nearly 200 domestic and foreign research centers. (MEHR NEWS AGENCY)

Science & Technology Desk

Over 2,400 high-tech products have been produced in scientific parks of the country since March 2016— 50 percent of them have been commercialized, said Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mansour Gholami.

Speaking at inauguration ceremony of 18th Research and Technology Fair and Seventh Techmart Exhibition in Tehran, he added that this exhibition is an opportunity to have a look on activities of scientific institutions and universities in the past year.

He said, “Production of knowledge and knowledge-intensive commodities increases our hope day by day.”

The minister added that 470 inventions have been registered in the past year.

The 18th Research and Technology Fair and Seventh Techmart Exhibition is being held in Tehran, with participation of nearly 200 domestic and foreign research centers.

It kicked off on December 13 and will run until December 17.

The exhibition aims at a systematic technology trading of technical and expertise services between technology suppliers and clients.

The event provides an opportunity to strengthen and facilitate international technology exchange and commercialization, pave the way for the introduction of technologies and technological capabilities in various domains, particularly specialized advanced technologies (high-tech), create the right environment for commercialization of applied research and development achievements and support knowledge-based economic development by providing new opportunities for investment.

Some 193 research centers and representatives from other countries concluding Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan have participated in the event.

Sixty four research achievements have been picked to be unveiled at the exhibition and 65 workshops are being held on the sidelines.

Technology parks across the world and Muslim countries have been invited to take part in the event.


Source  :  Iran-Daily