Qatar builds largest water storage facility

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15 Nov 2017 – 12:06

Qatar builds largest water storage facility

Screen grab from an Al Jazeera video on mega water project in Qatar

The Peninsula

The Water Security Mega Reservoirs, an ambitious Project of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) with one of the largest storage capacity in the world is being implemented smoothly at a total cost of QR17bn to meet the growing demand of water in the country, said Kahramaa Chief.

“Phase 1 project that will increase the water storage capacity to about 1,400 million gallons, enough to meet the demand of water in the country till 2026 is expected to start operating by mid next year,” said President of Kahramaa, Issa bin Hilal Al Kuwari.

A Kuwari said that the water storage capacity in final phase will reach to 2,300 million gallons adding that the project will cost a total of QR17bn.  “Kahramaa is working in full swing on the Water Security Mega Reservoirs at five sites including Umm Salal, Umm Birka, Rawdat Rashid, Abu Nakhla and Al Thumama”.

He added that the project includes 15 water storage facilities, the largest in the world with the capacity of 100 million gallon water in single storage facility. The interconnecting network of large diameter water pipelines in an stretch of 650 kilometers is being also laid, said Kahramaa Chief in a statement issued on the occasion of the speech delivered by HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani yesterday at the opening of the 46th ordinary session of the Advisory Council. “On this occasion we retreat our commitment to work on implementing the directives of The Emir,” said Al Kuwari.


Source  :  The Peninsula Qatar

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