Canberra light rail: First tram leaves Spain from Australia

Flag of the Australian Capital Territory

NOVEMBER 9 2017 – 1:07PM

Canberra’s first tram is en route to the capital.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has shared footage of the eye-catching red light rail vehicle making its way from a factory in Zaragoza to a port in Santander.

The tram, travelling on the Heogh Berlin, is expected to arrive in Port Kembla then Canberra from Spain in mid-December.

The ACT government will spend about $65 million on a fleet of 14 trams, each of which will be 33 metres long with 66 seats and capacity to carry 207 people.

Rolling stock company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles is constructing the vehicles.

The Gungahlin to Civic leg of the $939 million light rail project is expected to be running by late next year.

 Transport Canberra and City Services this week announced a series of closures expected to affect people who travel on Northborne Avenue and Flemington Road between now and December.

The first closure will be at the Barton Highway and Northbourne Avenue intersection from 10pm Friday until 4am on Monday.

Traffic will not be able to turn right onto Northbourne Avenue from the Barton Highway or right onto the Barton Highway from the Federal Highway.

From 8pm on Sunday until 6pm December 10, the Flemington Road intersection of Sandford Street and Morisset Road will be closed to all traffic turning right into Sandford Street and Morisset Road from Flemington Road, and closed to all traffic travelling across Sandford Street and Morisset Road.

From 10pm November 17 until 4am November 20, traffic will not be able to turn right into Mouat Street and Antill Street from Northbourne Avenue. Northbound and southbound traffic will remain unaffected.


Source  :  The Canberra Times

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