Civil defense transfers remains from mass grave to Idlib Syria

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Civil defense transfers remains from mass grave to Idlib Syria

Idlib (Syria News) Civil Defense Directorate in Idlib Province announced, on Sunday, that the prisoners’ affairs committee in the province has transferred remains from a mass grave in al-Hamediyah Base, in the countryside of Ma’ret al-Numan, to another grave in Idlib Syria.

The Spokesman for the Civil Defense in Ma’ret al-Numan, Mostafa Gharib, said in a press statement that the remains belong to regime members (soldiers and officers in Assad forces), who were killed in 2014.

The prisoners’ affairs committee transferred the remains without explaining the reasons, and also prohibited the Civil Defense forces from filming the process or giving any statements to the media, Gharib added. The grave contained remains of Assad troops that were killed during the ongoing battles with the rebels, while the latter was trying to capture the base.

It is noteworthy that Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (Previously Nusra Front) and other rebels factions captured the military base, located on Damascus-Aleppo road, after fierce battles with the regime forces.

The area of Aleppo has joined the de-escalation areas after Astana 6 peace talks in September 15, to become the fourth area besides the northern countryside of Homs, Eastern Ghouta and the Syrian south.


Source  :  Syria News media

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