Bill to stop overseas speculators ‘by Christmas’ – Jacinda Ardern tells CTU conference

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A bill to stop overseas speculators from buying existing homes will be introduced by Christmas, Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern told a workers’ conference in Wellington today.

Speaking to the Council of Trade Unions conference to rapturous applause today, Ardern outlined a number of incoming workplace policies, including higher minimum wages, and restoring the right to meal and rest breaks.

She said the incoming Government would hit the ground running.

“We will introduce a law to ban overseas speculators from buying existing homes, and we’ll do it by Christmas.

“In fact, we’ve already ticked off one of our 100 day commitments. Andrew Little will be Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-entry, in keeping with the commitment I made to the families in August.”

She cited a number of other incoming proposals for the 100-day programme, including:

– lifting the minimum wage to $16.50 an hour from April, and to $20 an hour by April 2021.

– restoring the duty to conclude bargaining, and the right of union access to members at their workplace

– removing the ability of employers to deduct pay for work to rule and other low-level protest action

– tightening the rules regarding pass-on

– bringing back the right of workers to initiate collective bargaining

“I want to see an end to the race to the bottom on wages. Right now we have bus drivers in Wellington set to lose their jobs or take pay cuts. The company they work for has lost the contract to a different firm, which has offered a lower cost to the regional council on the basis of reducing staff pay packages.

“That’s not the way forward for New Zealand.”

She repeated comments from this morning that she will look into a lower company tax rate for small businesses through a tax working group.

She said she wanted to fight wage discrimination “against a low-pay, overwhelmingly female workforce” while also maintaining flexibility for employers, adding that policy detail still needed to be worked out.

“We purposely did not seek to lock in the details of these agreements from opposition. It is work that must be done by government, businesses, and unions, sitting around the table together. That is exactly the way I intend to do.”

Greens leader James Shaw then took the stage and said that there was something “deeply wrong” with the welfare system, citing the overhaul that is promised in the Labour-Greens agreement.

He spoke on the issue of gender equity, noticing that three of the four Green members of the executive are women, including Julie Anne Genter as Women’s Minister.

“Come on. It’s 2017 … women deserve more than they currently get. And the Government, and we, are going to start by looking at our own ministries.

“Now we have a Government that will level the playing field.”

Shaw said the Crown Law office paid men 33 per cent more than women, and the State Services Commission paid men 22 per cent more than women.


Source  :  New Zealand Herald

Audrey Young: Jacinda Ardern takes job of assembling cabinet in her stride

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Forming a ministry is a delicate job but Jacinda Ardern made it look easy.

Navigating her way through hierarchies, talent, egos, expectations and political considerations is a minefield.

But she has done a remarkable job in balancing those in her ministerial appointments and has come up with a very credible ministry.

Andrew Little, David Parker and Chris Hipkins have huge workloads, along with Grant Robertson in Finance.

Little has been handed a demanding set of portfolios – including responsibility for the spy agencies, the GCSB and the SIS, with which he has some familiarity from his time on the oversight committee as Opposition Leader.

It would be simplistic to think Little was being rewarded for having stepped aside in the interests of the party.

His other appointments point to him being one of the safest pairs of hands in cabinet, having been given Justice, Treaty Negotiations, and Minister in charge of the Pike River Re-Entry.

Chris Hipkins has not just a heavy workload but a powerful position.

He will be Education Minister, including tertiary education, and Leader of the House as well, which oversees the Government’s legislative agenda.

Hipkins will also be in a uniquely pivotal position to keep an eye on potential problems in ministries and ministerial offices as State Services Minister and Minister Responsible for Ministerial Services.

It means that any ministerial staffing or travel or expenditure issues will come to his attention, rather than the Prime Minister who has traditionally held the Ministerial Services oversight role.

One of the few appointments worthy questioning was why she would give two of the three significant foreign-related portfolios to New Zealand First. Out of Trade, Foreign Affairs and Defence, the latter two have gone to a small coalition partner known more for its nationalism than internationalism.

Ardern made the point that the party was sitting at the cabinet table, implying that New Zealand’s foreign relations were not going to be driven by New Zealand First but always in concert with Labour.

One welcome innovation was her decision to appoint Kelvin Davis in charge of Crown-Maori Relations, a portfolio that concentrates on the Government’s relationship with iwi after their Treaty of Waitangi settlements.

Her decision to make herself Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage was one appointment she could have done without given its lack of originality – although there is no one else in cabinet who is remotely more qualified than her in that area.

The most commendable appointment was to make herself Minister for Child Poverty Reduction.

It is more than just symbolism.

It is a bold move which directly links her leadership to a commitment to reduce child poverty as a primary goal.

Failure on that front won’t be an option for her government.


Source  :  New Zealand Herald

Marco Luza Segundo es trasladado al penal Castro Castro [FOTOS]

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Acusado de violar a una empadronadora cumplirá prisión preventiva por el delito de violación sexual a una empadronadora durante el Censo 2017.


Actualización 20:00 p.m.

Marco Luza Segundo es trasladado al penal Castro Castro a raíz de que el Poder Judicial dictara seis meses de prisión preventiva por el delito de violación sexual a una empadronadora durante el Censo 2017.

Nota original

Marco Luza Segundo, acusado de violar a una empadronadora durante el Censo 2017, se encuentra en la carceleta del Instituto Nacional Penitenciario (INPE) en Palacio de Justicia y será trasladado al penal Castro Castro.

Durante la audiencia del último lunes, el Poder Judicial dictó seis meses de prisión preventiva por el delito de violación sexual.

La jueza Carmen Ruiz Díaz explicó que la víctima de alias ‘Fiorella’ sí presenta lesiones de dígito presión en los brazos y las mamas. La agredida se mantiene en una clínica local.

La víctima habló por primera vez para el programa ‘Beto a saber’ y contó los minutos de terror que vivió en Villa El Salvador. Ella narró que el acusado la tomó con violencia y prendió la radio para que no se escuchara el acto.



Dos mineros mueren tras caer de una chimenea de más de 150 metros

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Ambos trabajadores de la compañía VIJICSA, estaban a punto de realizar trabajos de instalación de tuberías de termo-fusión.

Caso de mineros

El accidente ocurrió a las 4:00 a.m. de hoy. (Getty images)

Dos mineros fallecieron tras caer al interior de una chimenea de más de 150 metros, luego de que se rompiera el cable que sujeta al ascensor. Esto se produjo mientras descendían al nivel 1220 de la mina de la unidad San Cristóbal, en el distrito de Yauli en La Oroya.

Las víctimas del accidente fueron identificadas como Aydano Fabián Antonio Corilla (31) y Roy Nerlen Falcon Melo (29), ambos trabajadores de la compañía VIJICSA, quienes estaban a punto de realizar trabajos de instalación de tuberías de termo-fusión en la Cabeza del RB 043.

A raíz de una orden del fiscal provincial Jürghens Markin Isaak Aicardi, efectivos policiales de la comisaría de Morococha levantaron los cadáveres y los trasladaron a la morgue de la ciudad.

El accidente ocurrió a las 4:00 a.m. de este martes.