Ange Postecoglou Socceroos exit talk not ideal, says David Gallop

The Ange Postecoglou imbroglio looks set to fester after Football Federation Australia boss David Gallop failed to end speculation about the Socceroo coach’s future.

Reports surfaced afteor the last World Cup qualification game against Syria that Postecoglou would quit after next month’s play-off matches against Honduras.

“Obviously I’ve spoken to Ange a number of times, a number of factors go into this kind of thing.

“He’s made no secret of the fact he wants to coach week in, week out again, but his focus is on November and knuckling down to the task which is to qualify for our fourth consecutive World Cup.”

Postecoglou has yet to address the initial report, that suggested he would pull the pin regardless of whether the Socceroos qualify for the World Cup or not.

Reports surfaced that he had tired of what he perceived to be incessant criticism of his tactics.

“I would hope it’s not player power,” former Socceroos coach Paul Wade told AAP.

“He’s been copping it from the media who are asking for him to be sacked, but Ange is big enough to handle that.

“The key word for me is undermined, as a coach, if you’re being undermined by whoever, then I would find it untenable.”

Wade was frustrated by the lack of a definitive answer on Postecoglou’s future, but said he understood why it wasn’t forthcoming.

“I’d rather say nothing and get it sorted out rather than being a bitching session,” he said .

“Maybe they’re letting it calm down a little bit in-house and then they’re going to tell us.”

Gallop conceded the timing of Postecoglou’s reported departure wasn’t great. and stopped short of giving him total endorsement when asked if he still had faith in him as the national coach.

“Very confident in the fact hat he’s focused on these games and we don’t get much time to prepare in these situations,” Gallop said.

Asked who might be contenders for the post should it fall vacant, Gallop said, “I’m not in a position to give you names but I can tell you that we’re constantly making sure that we know what’s out there and what the positions might be”.

Quizzed over whether any replacement for Postecoglou would be Australian, Gallop said, “not necessarily”.

“But it’s been a strong point in the last few years is to have that connection to Australian football and understanding the A-League and an ability to look below the Socceroos at what our structures are where we’re at with our junior national teams.

“So I certainly I think it’s always in our interests to look to Australian coaches if we can.”


Source: The Canberra Times

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