Brisbane Roar 1-2 Adelaide United #HyundaiALeague20172018

Two goals in the last few minutes helped Adelaide United pick up a stunning 2-1 win on the road against Roar on Friday night at Suncorp.

Thanks largely to a classy display from Italian import Massimo Maccarone, it looked like Roar would hold on for a 1-0 win.

But two late goals to a fast-finishing United ensured a dramatic finish as the super-fit Reds made a statement with this win as they look forward to Melbourne Victory next week in Adelaide.


  • Maccarone showed his finishing quality to give Roar a lead inside 10 minutes, his first in the A-League.
  •  With Peter Skapetis providing the ammunition for the Italian, the pair was a constant threat.
  • Maccarone looked a class above showing great energy and guile throughout while both keepers Izzo (Reds) and Theo ((Roar) made key stops at vital times.
  • Reds striker George Blackwood hit the post early in the second half before he was subbed off.
  • It got feisty as United pressed hard in the final 20 minutes
  • And the super-fit Reds found a way back with  Kitto and Absalonsen powering home the equaliser and winner in the final few minutes to ensure a dramatic ending to a hard-fought clash.
Reds v Roar
Action from Friday night’s clash at Suncorp between Roar and the Reds


Maccarone, Brisbane Roar 8’: 1-0

An attack broke down but Joe Caletti found himself in possession in front of the box, he sprayed the ball wide to Corey Brown and his deep first time cross found Maccarone who powered it downward and past Paul Izzo.

Kitto, Adelaide United 87’: 1-1

The Reds sub powered into the box and blasted the ball under Theo to equalise.

Absalonsen, Adelaide United 92’: 1-2

Adlung found Absalonsen, who smashed the ball in off the crossbar to complete a stunning comeback.

Source: Football Federation Australia Website


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