Alen Stajcic’s warriors fill us all with hope

Westfield Matildas players celebrate one of Sam Kerr's goals against Brazil in Newcastle.

It’s said in football that it’s the hope that kills you.

That feeling that your club side will ultimately let you down.

In the Westfield Matildas, Australia has something different.

There’s a new hope that stretches way beyond football, beyond sport.

It’s a change in attitude to a team that has deserved recognition for the hard work so many have fought so hard for, for so many years.


In the past week, more than 30,000 fans have spent their hard earned to watch a team clearly on the rise.

On Saturday, in close proximity to an AFL final on the same day, the Westfield Matildas had more people in the stands. A sell out no less in Penrith.

It’s because on the pitch there’s a sense that something special is coming.


Centre-back: Alanna KennedyIn Sam Kerr, the Westfield Matildas have their hero.

A hat-trick against Brazil in the Tournament of Nations and three goals in her last two.

The backflips as common as goalkeepers having to pick the ball out of the net from her feet and head.

Marta has been the Messi of women’s football for so long.

Sam has made her look old in the last three games.

Australian fans didn’t descend on Penrith and Newcastle for Marta, they came for Kerr.

A changing of the guard perhaps.

Kerr may be the most in form Australian in world sport right now.


Sam Kerr celebrates a goal for the Westfield Matildas.No other seems to fulfil that expectation of results so regularly at the moment.

When we think of the greats of Australian sport we just know they deliver when needed.

Tim Cahill has proved it for the Caltex Socceroos for so long.

Outside our sport, Johnathan Thurston always nails a kick to win a game in league.

Buddy Franklin’s left boot always sends them soaring to goal in AFL.

Kerr is expected to score every game, it’s what the fans came to see. And she’s delivering.

But as the cliche goes, it takes more than one player to make a team.

The Matildas have that other so valued coaches cliche.

A blend of youth and experience.

Lisa De Vanna lets fly with a stunning volley to open the scoring for the Westfield Matildas.

In Lisa De Vanna, they have it in bundles.

It was the 32-year-olds incredible strike that set the sold-out Penrith crowd into raptures.

At 29, Lydia Williams was instrumental in keeping the score to 1-0 in the first half in Newcastle.

Caitlin Foord bagged a goal after just four minutes on the field.

Foord with plenty of football to come at just 22-years of age.

So the future is bright and the hope is real.

A hope that stretches beyond the normal bounds of a pessimistic football fan.

11 goals in three games against a powerhouse of football in Brazil has Australia primed.

An AFC Asian Cup to come next year and a FIFA Women’s World Cup 12 months after that.

Alen Stajcic and his warriors are on their way and Australia is behind them.

The Westfield Matildas celebrate a goal in he 3-2 win over Brazil in Newcastle.

Source  :  Football Federation Australia

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