Ministry of Economy spots 119 violations in August

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 17 Sep 2017 – 15:28

Ministry of Economy spots 119 violations in August


Doha, Qatar: The inspection campaign held by representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in August resulted in the seizure and issuance of 119 violations, which include the non-compliance with prices of vegetables and fruits bulletin, non-display of product and service prices, non-display in Arabic and non-issuance of receipts in Arabic.

The violations also included failure to display the original prices alongside the discounted prices approved by the concerned management, not complying to recording all explanatory statements relating to the offered commodity, not describing, advertising or displaying the item in a manner that contains false or deceptive data, non existence of receipts and failure to add cards on discounted products.

The intensive inspections are part of the Ministry’s keenness to regulate and monitor the markets and commercial activities in the country with the aim of controlling prices and detecting violations to protect consumer rights to monitor if suppliers were abiding by the obligations stipulated by Law No. (8) of 2008 on consumer protection.

The penalties included administrative closure and financial fines which vary between QR 5,000 and QR 30,000 according to the laws and decisions governing the work of consumer protection departments.

The Ministry confirmed it will be firm against all those negligent to those not complying to the consumer protection law and its executive regulations. It also confirmed it will intensify its inspection campaigns to control such practiced and refer all violators to the concerned entities to take the appropriate measures against them.

The Ministry called on all consumers to report any violations to the Ministry through its difference communication channels such as phone, emails, social media or application available on smartphones.


Source  :  The Peninsula

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