Tehran sculpture biennial opens after six years

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September 6, 2017

TEHRAN – The seventh edition of the Tehran National Sculpture Biennial opened at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) on Tuesday after a six-year hiatus.

“Art biennials are the beating hearts of the artists’ community in each society,” the secretary of the biennial, Kurosh Golnari, said during an opening ceremony, which was attended by TMCA director Ali-Mohammad Zare’ and groups artists and art aficionados.

He expressed his hope that the event could reach its zenith in six years.

About 80 works are being displayed at the biennial, which will run until October 14.

This year for the first time, the Visual Arts Office entrusted the organizing of the biennial to the Iranian Sculptors Society in the line with the government’s major policy to lessen its involvement in cultural events.

“This same decision was also made about biennials for photography and miniature painting,” Visual Arts Office director Majid Mollanoruzi said.

The office is keen to work on such events but only as a supporter, he added.

The sixth edition of the biennial was also organized with a one-year hiatus in 2011.

Photo: A cameraman covers the Seventh Tehran National Sculpture Biennial at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on September 5, 2017. (Honaronline/Mojtaba Arabzadeh)


Source : Tehran Times

Iranian economy needs local investors supersede foreigners: Fraser’s founder

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September 4, 2017

Professor Michael Walker, the founder of Fraser Institute, believes that Iran should attach priority to motivate its citizens to invest in the country rather than attracting foreigners to do so.

Fraser Institute is a Canadian think tank which is the publisher of Economic Freedom of the World annual survey that attempts to measure the degree of economic freedom in the world’s nations. Index of Economic Freedom measures economic freedom based on trade freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, and property rights.

Addressing a meeting held by Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) in Tehran on Monday on the issue of economic freedom in Iran, the Canadian professor said: “I often say to them [Iranians] why you are concerned about foreigners’ investment in the country and not the citizens investing in the country.”

“You should first of all be concerned for getting investment from Iranians here in the country. As important as it is to attract investment from outside your country, even more important is to keep people in your country”, he added.

‘It’s up to you to keep Iranian partners here’

Walker, who is from West Vancouver, said that there are 500,000 Iranians living there.

He referred to the proper business environment existing where he is living  that have attracted some best business people from Europe and very best ones from Iran and said: “I am proud of that, but it’s up to you to keep your environment attractive to keep your good partners in Iran.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Canadian economist referred to Iran’s economic freedom index and said Iran is ranked 150th out of 156 countries in the world.

He said some people would say it’s because of the sanctions; while he denied it and said sanctions do not have anything to do with the bad policies for example in the country’s labor and also investment sectors.

“These are things that you are going to have to deal with”, he asserted.

‘Do things with least amount of opposition first’

In an exclusive interview with the Tehran Times on the sidelines of the meeting, the Canadian professor said for promotion of Iran’s economic freedom the measures with the least amount of opposition should be taken first.

He said: “We have got 42 different indicators [for measuring economic freedom]. In any movement in any of those, whether its tax rate or tariffs or regulations against employment or regulations against business to higher level of government involvement in the ownership of the enterprises, all of these things are important and as we’ve seen when we look at the other countries in the world who prospered it’s by getting all of those things right that you really get the maximum level of economic development.”

“And so for me to pick any one of those, you have I think in your package got the least of all of those indicators and it’s really you should do the things that can be done right away”, he stated.

“The things that can be done fastest and can be done with the least amount of opposition, do them. And then work on the thing that are going to be more difficult like be more privatizing government enterprises and getting the government out of business and getting the government out of the exchange market and those things are going to be difficult. So do the easy thing first”, the professor concluded.



Source  :  Tehran Times

Iranian worshipers rally in protest at crackdown on Rohingya

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September 9, 2017

Iranian worshipers have staged rallies in Tehran and many other cities to express their outrage at the ongoing brutal violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

During the rally, held after the Friday prayers, the protesters chanted slogans such as “Death to Israel” and “Death to the US” and “Death to Zionists” and “Allahu Akbar” – God is the greatest in Arabic.

In a statement, the demonstrators condemned the global silence on the ongoing crimes against Rohingya in Myanmar and called on the international community to take action to restore the rights of the oppressed Muslims.

They also asked for the dispatch of humanitarian aid and a fact-finding committee to the region to investigate the atrocities against Muslims.

Pro-Rohingya marches were also held in several other countries including Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Philippines.

Myanmar’s security forces have been attacking the Rohingya Muslims and torching their villages since October 2016 in a bid to push them out of the western state of Rakhine.

The attacks have intensified since August 25, following alleged armed attacks on police and military posts in Rakhine.

Prior to that, the Muslims were frequent targets of Buddhist mobs. Tens of thousands of Rohingya were driven from their homes in another wave of violence in 2012.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, confirmed Thursday that some 164,000 Rohingya Muslims had fled Myanmar’s Rakhine to seek refuge in camps in Bangladesh since the harsh crackdown against them.

The UNHCR spokeswoman, Vivian Tan, said the figure could go up further as thousands were still crossing the border.

In a letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres published on Friday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned about the continuation of the ongoing crackdown on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, urging the international community and the United Nations in particular to take swift action to end the crisis.

“It is expected that the United Nations act swiftly and undertake all necessary measures towards addressing international concerns about the deteriorating situation in Myanmar,” Zarif said.

He added that Myanmar’s government must address the long-standing grievances and the miserable situation of its Muslim community, observe their rights in an effective manner and recognize them as equal citizens while protecting them in the face of violence and discrimination.

(Source: presstv)

Source  :  Tehran Times

Westfield Matildas v Brazil: seven days to go!

Sam Kerr celebrates a goal during the Westfield Matildas triumph at the Tournament of Nations.

Sam Kerr celebrates a goal during the Westfield Matildas triumph at the Tournament of Nations.

There’s just a week to go until the Westfield Matildas are in action on home soil, with the huge clash in Penrith against the might of Brazil.

Here are three reasons to get excited about watching the Westfield Matildas and Brazil in Sydney’s west.

1: Kerr v Marta

The South Americans are bringing a full-strength squad Down Under, including their superstar striker Marta.

The Brazilian no.10 is arguably the greatest female footballer of all time. Just check out her CV.

105 international goals in 101 games while she’s taken out the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year award five times.

But the Westfield Matildas have their own world-class attacker in Sam Kerr.

Short-listed for FIFA’s World Player of the Year, Kerr is scoring goals and setting records almost on a weekly basis for club – Sky Blue FC – and country.

She’s almost unstoppable when in full flight and with a big home crowd behind her, expect Kerr to pull out something special against the Samba stars.

Brazilian superstar Marta has been named to face the Matildas next month in Australia.

2: Chance to make another big statement

If wins over USA and Japan weren’t enough, the Westfield Matildas sent shockwaves around the world with their 6-1 demolition of Brazil at the Tournament of Nations.

It was a devastating performance from Alen Stajcic’s side and one which demonstrated the skill, speed and quality this group possesses.

Brazil are adamant the thrashing was purely a ‘one-off’.

Can the Westfield Matildas replicate that performance and lay down another impressive marker heading towards next year’s AFC Women’s Asian Cup?

Matildas players celebrate a goal in their 6-1 win over Brazil at the Tournament of Nations.

3: See our world-class stars in the flesh

Whether it’s the likes of Kerr, Simon or Catley in the US, Kellond-Knight or van Egmond in Europe or Gorry and Foord in Japan, our Westfield Matildas are dominating around the globe.

So what a treat it’s going to be to have them all together on home soil.

Penrith fans aren’t going to miss the chance to which this incredible team in action, with next weekend’s clash officially a sell-out.

It’s going to be incredible to watch and we only have to wait another seven days!

Source :  Football Federation Australia

Consolidados Grande SP 07/09/2017

Resultado de imagem para TV aberta

Feriadão prejudica as médias das novelas da Globo. Com reprodução de momento épico do país, Novo Mundo atingiu uma de suas médias mais baixas. Com proclamação da Independência do Brasil, a produção das seis marcou 22 pontos, de acordo com dados consolidados.

Estreia da nova temporada do Sensacional não altera os índices da RedeTV!

Confira, abaixo, as audiências de quinta-feira, 7 de setembro:

Hora Um – 4,6
Bom Dia São Paulo – 6,9
Bom Dia Brasil – 9,8
Mais Você – 9,0
Bem Estar – 9,3
Encontro com Fátima Bernardes – 8,3
SP1 – 14,4
Globo Esporte – 13,4
Jornal Hoje – 12,5
Vídeo Show – 10,7
Sessão da Tarde – 11,9
Vale a Pena Ver de Novo: Senhora do Destino – 15,9
Malhação: Viva a Diferença – 17,2
Novo Mundo – 21,8
SP2 – 24,5
Pega Pega – 26,5
Jornal Nacional – 28,1
A Força do Querer – 33,3
Copa do Brasil: Cruzeiro x Flamengo – 22,8
Jornal da Globo – 10,2
Conversa com Bial – 7,6
Especial The Voice Brasil: Reencontro – 5,1
Revenge – 4,4

Primeiro Impacto – 2,8
Mundo Disney – 4,1
Bom Dia & Cia – 4,7
Fofocalizando – 4,5
Casos de Família – 4,4
No Limite da Paixão – 4,3
Um Caminho para o Destino – 6,0
O Que a Vida me Roubou – 7,9
Roda a Roda Jequiti – 6,4
SBT Brasil – 6,6
Carinha de Anjo – 9,0
Chiquititas – 9,6
Programa do Ratinho – 9,8
A Praça É Nossa – 8,9
The Noite com Danilo Gentili – 6,4
SBT Notícias – 4,0

Balanço Geral Manhã – 1,9
São Paulo no Ar – 4,6
Fala Brasil – 5,5
Hoje em Dia – 3,8
Balanço Geral SP – 6,8
Ribeirão do Tempo – 5,5
Bicho do Mato – 4,8
Cidade Alerta – 5,9
Os Dez Mandamentos – 5,3
SP Record – 6,0
Belaventura – 6,1
O Rico e Lázaro – 9,0
Jornal da Record – 8,0
Cine Record Especial – 7,5
Programa do Porchat – 3,5

Band News – 0,7
Café com Jornal – 1,1
Dia Dia – 0,5
Sempre Bem – 0,7
Os Simpsons – 0,6
Jogo Aberto – 2,4
Os Donos da Bola – 2,4
Super Bônus – 0,7
Brasil Urgente (Rede) – 4,3
Brasil Urgente SP – 6,5
Jornal da Band – 5,8
Mil e uma Noites (reprise) – 1,8
Efeito Carbonaro (Parte I) – 1,1
Efeito Carbonaro (Parte II) – 2,4
À Primeira Vista – 2,0
Jornal da Noite – 1,5

Você na TV – 0,8
Melhor Pra Você – 1,0
A Tarde é Sua – 2,0
Rede TV News – 0,6
TV Fama – 2,2
Sensacional – 1,2
Leitura Dinâmica – 0,6
Programa Amaury Jr. – 0,4

O Planeta TV

Consolidados Grande SP 06/09/2017

Resultado de imagem para TV aberta

O Especial Chacrinha: O Eterno Guerreiro rendeu à Globo ótimos índices de audiência. O programa monopolizou público e prejudicou o desempenho do Programa do Ratinho e do Gugu.

À tarde, reprise de Bicho do Mato atinge pior média. À noite, o Brasil Urgente SP vence novela medieval da Record TV e mantém a vice-liderança.

Confira, abaixo, as audiências de quarta-feira, 6 de setembro:

Hora Um – 4,8
Bom Dia São Paulo – 10,8
Bom Dia Brasil – 11,6
Mais Você – 9,0
Bem Estar – 7,5
Encontro com Fátima Bernardes – 7,5
SP1 – 12,5
Globo Esporte – 12,8
Jornal Hoje – 12,6
Vídeo Show – 10,9
Sessão da Tarde – 11,0
Vale a Pena Ver de Novo: Senhora do Destino – 17,6
Malhação: Viva a Diferença – 20,6
Novo Mundo – 25,2
SP2 – 28,5
Pega Pega – 29,5
Jornal Nacional – 34,0
A Força do Querer – 41,5
Especial Chacrinha: O Eterno Guerreiro – 28,5
Profissão Repórter – 15,7
Jornal da Globo – 10,2
Conversa com Bial – 7,4
The Voice Brasil: Reencontro – 5,7
Revenge – 4,7

Primeiro Impacto – 3,6
Mundo Disney – 4,6
Bom Dia & Cia – 6,6
Fofocalizando – 4,9
Casos de Família – 5,1
No Limite da Paixão – 4,7
Um Caminho para o Destino – 6,3
O Que a Vida me Roubou – 7,2
Roda a Roda Jequiti – 7,0
SBT Brasil – 6,4
Carinha de Anjo – 9,9
Chiquititas – 9,5
Pra Ganhar é Só Rodar – 7,3
Programa do Ratinho – 5,8
The Noite com Danilo Gentili – 5,2
SBT Notícias – 3,2

Balanço Geral Manhã – 3,0
SP no Ar – 5,3
Fala Brasil – 4,7
Hoje em Dia – 4,0
Balanço Geral SP – 6,8
Ribeirão do Tempo – 6,3
Bicho do Mato – 5,4
Cidade Alerta – 5,7
Os Dez Mandamentos – 5,2
SP Record – 5,9
Belaventura – 6,2
O Rico e Lázaro – 9,7
Jornal da Record – 5,1
Gugu – 4,4
Programa do Porchat – 3,2

Band News – 0,5
Café com Jornal – 1,3
Dia Dia – 0,7
Sempre Bem – 0,5
Os Simpsons – 0,7
Jogo Aberto – 3,2
Os Donos da Bola – 2,2
Super Bônus – 0,7
Brasil Urgente (Rede) – 4,4
Brasil Urgente SP – 7,3
Jornal da Band – 6,0
Mil e uma Noites – 2,2
Os Simpsons – 0,6
Cine Band – 2,5
Jornal da Noite – 1,3

Você na TV – 0,5
Melhor Pra Você – 0,8
A Tarde é Sua – 1,8
Rede TV News – 0,5
TV Fama – 0,8
Superpop – 0,9
Leitura Dinâmica – 0,6
Programa Amaury Jr. – 0,4

Um ponto no Ibope equivale a 70,5 mil domicílios. Esses números servem como referência para o mercado publicitário.

Fonte: IBOPE / MW – Praça São Paulo

O Planeta TV

Egyptian renewable energy projects get $210 million boost

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has announced as much as $210 million in debt financing in order to “tap” the renewable energy potential of Egypt.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Beijing headquartered AIIB said the project would comprise 11 solar power plants with an “aggregate” capacity of 490 megawatts and would help the country to meet its pledges under the Paris Climate Agreement.

“Investing in clean, renewable energy is a big part of our strategy to promote a sustainable and low-carbon future for Asia,” D.J. Pandian, the AIIB’s vice president and chief investment officer, said.

“We are supporting this project because it contributes to Egypt’s renewable energy capacity, and it will help position the country as a regional energy hub, which will have economic benefits for the entire region,” Pandian added. In terms of its environmental benefits, the AIIB said the solar plants would help avoid over half a million tons of CO2 annually. Worldwide, the potential of solar is significant. The World Energy Council has said that solar energy has a “big part to play” in cutting future carbon emissions and “ensuring a sustainable energy future.”


Source  :  Egypt Daily News