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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Stakeholders in Australian football have discussed a range of options to expand the sport’s representative Congress during two days of talks facilitated jointly by a FIFA/AFC mission and the FFA.

FFA’s nine Member Federations, A-League club representatives and representatives of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), which is seeking admission to the Congress, met separately with the FIFA/AFC Mission, FFA Board members and senior management yesterday and in joint meetings today.

The current Congress is composed of 10 members – the nine Member Federations and one representative from the A-League club owners.  While there is agreement among all parties that the Congress should be expanded, there have been different views on what an expanded Congress would look like.

A two-phased approach with an initial expansion to have nine Member Federation representatives, three A-League club representatives and one representative from the PFA (the so-called 9-3-1 model) was rejected in July by FIFA’s Members Association Committee, which then authorised a FIFA/AFC mission to visit Australia to help local stakeholders identify alternatives.

“A wide range of options has been robustly discussed over the past 48 hours,” said FFA Chairman Steven Lowy.

“Everyone, including the FFA Board, A-League club owners, Member Federations and the PFA have shown willingness to move from their original positions and this has been noted by the FIFA/AFC delegation.

“FFA and the FIFA/AFC delegation have agreed not to make public comment on the details of these proposals while discussions continue.  FFA is hopeful that an agreement can be reached to enable the necessary procedural changes to achieve an expanded Congress by the end of November.”

FFA is grateful to the FIFA/AFC delegates for their assistance during the visit and will be keeping them updated on discussions.

Source  :  Football Federation Australia

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