FFA hails Westfield Matildas emphatic tournament win

Westfield Matildas players celebrate Tameka Butt's goal in their 1-0 win over USA.

Football Federation Australia Chairman, Steven Lowy AM, says the Westfield Matildas have become one of the country’s best sports teams following their Tournament of Nations win in the United States earlier today.

The Westfield Matildas went unbeaten through the tournament, defeating the world champion United States team 1-0 for the first time in the first match, beating Japan 4-2 in the second match and demolishing Brazil 6-1 in their third and final match today [Friday].

“Huge congratulations to the players, coach Alen Stajcic and staff on behalf of the entire football community in Australia.  This week of outstanding performances has been long in the making and proof of the development in women’s football in this country,” Mr Lowy said.

“The players showed great technical skill and teamwork combined with guts, determination and Aussie spirit.  They executed Alen Stajcic’s tactics with perfection.  To see them chasing down every ball and putting in strong challenges right into the 90th minute against Brazil while leading 6-1 says everything you need to know about this group.

“The great news is that they will be playing Brazil again right here in Australia in the very near future and I hope everyone who can will get out and support them.”

The Westfield Matildas will play Brazil in two matches, the first in Penrith on 16 September and the second in Newcastle on 19 September.

Tickets are available from  www.matildas.footballaustralia.com.au/tickets

Mr Lowy said the team’s success boded well for qualification to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France and lent credence to FFA’s intention to bid the 2023 event.

“More and more people here and around the world are beginning to understand just how good these players are,” he said. “On and off the field they are an example for young players and will inspire more kids to get into football.

“Women’s football is the fastest growing part of a fast growing game with more than 270,000 women and girls playing. We are working with everyone else involved in running football to improve coaching and facilities as well as pay and conditions for our professional players.”

Source  :  Football Federation Australia

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