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Les Murray.

Monday, 31 July 2017 

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Football Federation Australia (FFA) is saddened to learn of the passing of legendary football broadcaster Les Murray AM who died today after a period of illness.

Murray was inducted into the FFA Hall of Fame in 2003 and was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia in 2006 for his services to Football as a radio and television producer, journalist and presenter, and through national and international football organisations.

Born in Hungary in 1945, Les Murray’s early years were spent following the famous Hungarian team of the 1950s. His playing career was interrupted when his family migrated to Australia in 1957. They settled in Sydney where Murray resumed playing with Sydney club St George Budapest. He moved into journalism with the Fairfax Group until 1980 when the opportunity arose to join SBS Television.

In 1984 Murray toured with the national team to China and Europe. He presented regular weekly programs on football for SBS, including acting as compere for major awards nights. Murray was also the author of articles and books on the world game.

FFA Chairman Steven Lowy AM, expressed condolences on behalf of the Australian football community.

“This is a very sad day for football. Few people become synonymous with their sport…but Les was one of those few,” said Lowy.

“He made an immense contribution to football in Australia through his professional work but above all through his passion…..he literally brought the game to millions and connected us to the biggest sport in the world.

“I’ve been seeing his face and hearing his voice since I was a teenager and I am sure I speak for many when I say that football is not going to be quite the same without him around,” concluded Lowy.

FFA CEO David Gallop, in the United States with the Westfield Matildas, said Les Murray had made football accessible to many people who were new to the game.

“Les turned the term “the world game” into a reality for millions of Australians. He had unmatched passion along with his great friend the late Johnny Warren MBE OAM for what football could be and how to take it there, ” said Gallop.

Football Federation Australia extends its condolences to Les Murray’s partner Maria and his daughters Tania and Natalie.



Source  :  Football Federation Australia

Melbourne Victory sign Caltex Socceroo Mark Milligan as marquee

Sunday, 30 July 2017 

Melbourne Victory have confirmed the signing of Caltex Socceroos midfielder Mark Milligan as their marquee for the Hyundai A-League 2017/’18 season.
►With 81 games (all competitions) in the navy blue already to his name, Milligan will occupy the vacant marquee player slot on the club’s Hyundai A-League roster next season.
►Milligan joins fellow Socceroo Rhys Williams and New Zealand international Kosta Barbarouses as new signings to Kevin Muscat’s squad.
►Milligan has been playing in the Middle East for the past two seasons with UAE club Baniyas.
“To say we’re delighted is an understatement,” Victory boss Kevin Muscat said.
“Mark is a player who loves our club and to be able to secure him for next season is a massive shot in the arm.
“He’s still a pivotal member of the Socceroos set-up and will be an invaluable addition to our squad as we prepare for a busy campaign that also includes AFC Champions League commitments.
“I’m sure our fans will be thrilled with this news as the build up to next season continues.”
“This really couldn’t have worked out any better for me,” Milligan said.
“Playing in the Middle East was a great experience and one I’ll look back on very fondly. It certainly became home for my wife and family.


Could Mark Milligan be a candidate to return to the Hyundai A-League next season?

“When the opportunity to come back to Australia presented, Melbourne Victory was the only choice.”


Source  :  Football Federation Australia

Why these are two massive games for Australia

The Caltex Socceroos are just over a month away from two massive games – 180 minutes of football which are absolutely pivotal to the next 12 months.

Here’s why…


Pos. P W D L GD Pts Form
Japan 8 5 2 1 9 17
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia 8 5 1 2 7 16
Australia 8 4 4 0 6 16
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates 8 3 1 4 -3 10
Iraq 8 1 2 5 -3 5
Thailand 8 0 2 6 -16 2


Australia’s World Cup qualification group is extremely tight with the top three separated by just one point.

Each nation has two games left.

Tomi Juric in action for the Caltex Socceroos against Japan in October.


AFC has 4.5 spots in qualification for the next FIFA World Cup.

Only the top two in each group earn automatic entry to Russia 2018.

Third place in each group square off in a home-and-away showdown with the winner moving into a home-and-away intercontinental playoff against a CONCACAF nation.


Japan v Australia in Saitama on August 31

UAE v Saudi Arabia in Al Ain City on August 31

Australia v Thailand at AAMI Park in Melbourne on September 5

Saudi Arabia v Japan in Jeddah on September 5


Thursday 31 August 2017

07:35 Japan Japan   v   Australia Australia
09:00 Thailand Thailand   v   Iraq Iraq

Tuesday 5 September 2017

06:00 (TBC) Australia Australia   v   Thailand Thailand
06:00 (TBC) Iraq Iraq   v   United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
06:00 (TBC) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia   v   Japan Japan


What if Australia and another nation finish on equal points at the end of the group stage?

If both teams have the same points then goal difference will be the deciding factor.

Central Midfield: Tom Rogic

If the teams still can’t be separated, the side with the most goals scored in the group will book a place in Russia.

Still tied after that?

Then it’s the greatest number of points gained in games between the teams concerned.

In the case of Australia and Saudi Arabia, the Socceroos have four points and the Saudis one point from their two meetings.

The Caltex Socceroos players celebrate Tom Rogic's second half strike against Saudi Arabia.


The Caltex Socceroos know they will secure World Cup qualification with two wins.

A win and a draw might also be enough depending on other results.

However, both Japan and Saudi Arabia can also secure their spots with successive victories.

Regardless of what happens against Japan, Australia won’t be definitely in or out when they return to Melbourne for their clash with Thailand.

The Caltex Socceroos and Japan players shake  hands following their WCQ in Melbourne.

But a win in the September 5 clash at AAMI Park may well see the Caltex Socceroos punch their ticket for Russia.

It could well be a night to remember.


Source  :  Football Federation Australia

Consolidados Grande SP 30/07/2017

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Média Dia: 16,8

Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios 5,7
Globo Rural 8,5
Auto Esporte 9,4
Fórmula 1: GP da Hungria 10,5
Esporte Espetacular 10,6
Popstar 12,0
Temperatura Máxima 13,8
Campeonato Brasileiro – Corinthians x Flamengo 28,6
Domingão do Faustão 20,4
Fantástico 23,6
Domingo Maior 12,9
Sessão de Gala 6,5
Corujão 4,4
Hora 1 6,3


Média Dia: 6,7

Série – Milagres de Jesus 0,5
Record Kids 3,0
Domingo Show 7,0
Hora do Faro 8,7
Domingo Espetacular 9,5
Câmera Record 4,6
Chicago Fire 2,3


Média Dia: 6,7

Acelerados 2,2
Tô de Férias 3,5
Chaves 5,7
Mundo Disney 5,3
Domingo Legal 4,1
Eliana 6,9
Roda a Roda 9,3
Programa Silvio Santos 10,5
Conexão Repórter 6,5
SBT Notícias I 3,6
SBT Notícias II 2,7


Média Dia: 1,9

Pé na Estrada 0,7
Band Esporte Clube 1,5
Documentário BBC 1,7
Sessão Livre 1,8
Terceiro Tempo 3,2
Só Risos 3,3
Pânico na Band 4,5
Canal Livre 0,8
Show Business 0,4
Vídeos Incríveis 0,4


Média Dia: 1,0

Sensacional 0,4
Conexão Models 0,9
Encrenca 4,1
João Kleber Show 2,2
O Céu É o Limite 1,0
Bola na Rede 0,4

Tele Portal TV

Consolidados Grande SP 29/07/2017

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Média Dia: 15,1

Via Brasil 4,4
Como Será? 6,8
É de Casa 7,9
É de Casa II 7,6
SP1 11,6
Globo Esporte 12,7
Jornal Hoje 13,4
Sai de Baixo 12,5
Estrelas 11,0
Caldeirão do Huck 14,2
Novo Mundo 22,6
SP2 25,6
Pega Pega 26,4
Jornal Nacional 27,5
A Força do Querer 32,8
Zorra 23,7
Altas Horas 15,0
Zero1 9,4
Supercine parte 1 8,3
Supercine parte 2 7,3
Corujão 5,8
Corujão II 4,6


Média Dia: 4,0

Religioso 0,5
Fala Brasil 3,3
Esporte Fantástico 3,8
Escola do Amor 2,2
Record Kids 3,2
Cine Aventura 4,6
A Casa 3,5
Dancing Brasil 3,3
Cidade Alerta 4,6
Jornal da Record 5,1
Programa da Sabrina 5,6
Super Tela 4,1
Fala que Eu te Escuto 1,8


Média Dia: 5,7

Chaves 3,2
Sábado Animado 4,4
Parque Patati Patatá 5,4
Mundo Disney 5,9
The Thundermans 6,2
Kenan e Kel 6,3
Programa Raul Gil 5,7
Supernanny 6,0
SBT Brasil 5,2
Esquadrão da Moda 7,4
Fábrica de Casamentos 7,0
Arrow 5,0
Operação Mesquita 2,5
SBT Notícias I 2,1
SBT Notícias II 2,2


Média Dia: 1,8

Os Simpsons 0,6
Sessão Livre: O Caçador de Dragões 1,7
Brasil Urgente 3,8
Brasil Urgente Local 5,1
Jornal da Band 4,4
Mil e Uma Noites 2,1
Mr. Bean 1,0
Top Cine 2,8
Show Business 0,9
Cinema na Madrugada 0,6
Big Time Rush 0,6
Power Rangers 0,5


Média Dia: 0,7

Documento Verdade 0,7
Mariana Godoy Entrevista 0,5
Superfaixa do Esporte 0,7
Campeonato Brasileiro – Série B: Londrina x Guarani 1,6
Ritmo Brasil 0,6
Amaury Jr. 0,6
RedeTV! News 0,7
Operação de Risco 1,7
O Céu É o Limite 2,0
Encrenca 1,6

Consolidados Grande SP 28/07/2017

Resultado de imagem para TV aberta


Média Dia: 17,4

Bom Dia São Paulo 8,3
Bom Dia Brasil 10,0
Mais Você 9,0
Bem Estar 7,8
Encontro 8,1
SP1 12,7
Globo Esporte 12,2
Jornal Hoje 11,8
Vídeo Show 9,9
Sessão da Tarde 14,7
Senhora do Destino 20,4
Malhação 21,3
Novo Mundo 24,5
SP2 27,5
Pega Pega 29,1
Jornal Nacional 30,8
A Força do Querer 35,8
Globo Repórter 27,9
Os Dias Eram Assim 18,3
Jornal da Globo 11,0
Conversa com Bial 8,0
Lições de um Crime 6,9
Corujão 6,2
Corujão II 4,3


Média Dia: 5,6

Balanço Geral Manhã 1,9
SP no Ar 3,8
Fala Brasil 4,7
Hoje em Dia 4,0
Balanço Geral SP (12h às 13h42) 5,5
Balanço Geral SP (13h45 às 15h) 7,9
Ribeirão do Tempo 6,0
Vidas em Jogo 5,7
Cidade Alerta 6,1
Os Dez Mandamentos 5,3
SP Record 6,3
Belaventura 6,8
O Rico e Lázaro 8,7
Jornal da Record 5,3
Legendários 5,2
Fala que Eu te Escuto 1,9
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 0,4


Média Dia: 6,4

Primeiro Impacto 3,7
Mundo Disney 5,2
Bom Dia & Cia 6,5
Fofocalizando 4,6
Casos de Família 4,7
No Limite da Paixão 5,6
O Que a Vida me Roubou 7,2
Roda a Roda 6,4
SBT Brasil 6,8
Carinha de Anjo 10,4
Chiquititas 8,8
Programa do Ratinho 8,2
Tela de Sucessos 8,4
The Noite 5,4
Operação Mesquita 3,2
SBT Notícias 3,0


Média Dia: 2,3

Band News 0,3
Café com Jornal 0,9
Dia a Dia 1,0
Sempre Bem 0,7
Os Simpsons 0,7
Jogo Aberto 3,1
Os Donos da Bola 2,4
Super Bônus 0,5
Brasil Urgente  3,9
Brasil Urgente Local 6,7
Jornal da Band 5,0
Mil e Uma Noites 1,6
Pânico na Band 1,5
O Mundo Segundo os Brasileiros 0,9
Jornal da Noite 0,8


Média Dia: 0,5

Você na TV I 0,3
Você na TV II 0,6
Melhor pra Você 0,8
A Tarde É Sua 1,8
Top Game 0,2
RedeTV! News 0,3
TV Fama 0,5
The Tudors 0,3
Mariana Godoy Entrevista 0,4
Leitura Dinâmica 0,2
Amaury Jr. 0,3

Rede Globo renova registro do Linha Direta



No começo de julho, a Globo renovou domínio da marca “Linha Direta”. A volta do programa vem sendo ensaiada já há algum tempo e até roteiros foram escritos, mas entrar em produção que é bom, nada.

Considerando também a proximidade de mais uma Copa do Mundo e Eleições, fica difícil cravar essa estreia na programação de 2018. Em todo caso…


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Dança dos Famosos de 2017 já tem elenco fechado


Time fechado

O “Dança dos Famosos” já tem todo o seu quadro de participantes fechado para a próxima edição que começa em agosto.

O diretor Henrique Mathias fará todos os esforços para segurar esses nomes até os 45 minutos do segundo tempo .


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Raul Ferreira Netto é a nova voz oficial do Mundo Disney

Voz oficial

Locutor desde os 19 e já há três anos como voz oficial do canal por assinatura E!, exclusivo para TV fechada, Raul Ferreira Netto foi escolhido para ser a voz oficial do “Mundo Disney”, do SBT.

Um alguém que, embora jovem ainda, se preparou desde cedinho para tudo isso.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Flávio Ricco divulga a próxima etapa do desligamento analógico , onde e quando será

Resultado de imagem para Bom Dia CE alta definição


Próxima etapa

Depois de Recife, na semana passada, a próxima etapa do desligamento analógico será nas praças de Salvador, Fortaleza, Juazeiro e Sobral. No dia 27 de setembro.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery